My packages!

So I finally got all of the packages I mentioned in my last post. Which ended up being 7 since Marvel Collector Corp didn't send the boxes together. 

So that list was this-

-watch band from Amazon- I have to return this because it didn't fit my watch. The measurement was 12 mm which fits my watch. But the leather on the new band was wider than what my watch had before. So while I could the springs to fit I couldn't squeeze the leather into it. I ended up finding one the night the package got here. It came from Kohl's. I didn't know they sold watch bands, I was in the jewelry section trying to find a replacement watch. So Walmart and Kohl's sells watch bands. Target does. Replacing the band and the battery is cheaper than having to buy a new watch every time one of those dies. I've been doing this for YEARS. At least for 10 years. I think I get 12 months out of a leather band and 18-24 months from a battery. I think I've bought 3 watches in the last 10 years. Watch bands are less than $10 and batteries are also less than $10. It is getting hard to get the battery replaced though. It was so easy before. I could go to Walmart and someone in the jewelry section would replace it for the cost of the battery which were $3. Walmart doesn't seem to have someone in that section all the time anymore though or someone trained to replace batteries. Sears has a watch repair place and I think it was $8-$10 to get it done there. A kiosk in the mall is a rip off. It's like $25 dollars. I can replace my watch for $25-$35. The batteries have gone up in price at Walmart though. It was $5 I think then $8? I'm not sure. I couldn't get the battery done last time so I ended up just buying a new one.

So there's all the information on watches you didn't know you wanted!!

-marvel packages. I signed us up for the subscription to get the December Guardians of the Galaxy box and saw that you could order past boxes. I ordered Ant-Man (for me) and Secret Wars (for J) and they ended up being shipped in December but a week before the December box was shipped. We've now received all 3 boxes though at the time of my last post only the old boxes were on their way. I have some pictures and will write a separate post on it. 

-rainbow honey mystery bags. I got the Just Soaps bag that I won and the soaps are big. Way bigger than I thought. I just am not a fan of any of the scents. Everyone got Carnival Candy (this scent was from Feb 2015) and Peachy Sangria (this was from a Bliss Set in the spring of 2015). Then the third and final soap was different for everyone. There were four possible scents and you would get one of those. It was all from their summer drinks collection. I really wanted Pina Coco-colada and I got Juicy Orange Pop which ended up not being that great. I love oranges and thought I'd like it but I guess I don't because it's orange SODA which to me is a "fake" Orange scent whereas regular orange is the citrus type of scent that I love. I didn't even take photos of the soaps. 

The other bag is my subscription bag of the mini bag. (Which I've canceled as of now, too many disappointments since the September bag). It took over 10 days for my bag to actually get to me. It had the label created for it on the 9th and it got here today. Never mind that they shipped them out later then normal anyways. So yeah I got my bag today and I didn't take pictures of it either. But I will since I always post at least one picture of it. 

-Zoya mystery box from Cyber Monday, it got here on Friday. I guess I like the box?! Not sure, lol. I don't think I'll ever reach for the polishes. At least for 2014's I use the polishes for nail art. They were just basic cremes but nail art! This year? I will probably not use them. I have pictures of it and will post the contents in another post. 

-my Black Friday purchase from Pahlish also arrived last week. I like most of my colors but feel like they misrepresent what the colors look like. It's sometimes hard to post accurate color photos but I feel like their swatchers all end up taking and posting photos that are not correct and then Pahlish uses them. I like what the photos show but then I get colors that are slightly different and it's a disappointment. Plus I ordered 2 mystery polishes (because they're cheaper!) and one of the colors is almost an exact match to one of the mystery polishes I received in my first order. Any normal person would say they were the same. I can see differences and I don't even like the color and now I have two of them. I'm sure that they are the same color but since they are test batches they end up being slightly different because the creator has tweaked the recipe to try to get the polish to look how she wants it to look. I bought 8 colors and haven't taken pictures yet of the bottles. I guess I'll wait until Saturday to take pictures because I want to do it when there is sun and I doubt I'll be able to take them before then. Well maybe on Christmas Eve? 

Then I ended up getting 3 (4?) PinchMe sample boxes last week PLUS my Ipsy bags. Yup, bags. I signed up for a year subscription during Black Friday weekend and prepaid for the whole year and I haven't canceled my monthly sub yet because I am trying to use up my points before I cancel it. I got my new sub bag on Friday and the old sub bag on Saturday. But both bags were shipped without me getting an email with tracking. I don't have pictures of these either but I will take them and write a post about them too. Plus I want to make a post about products I've used from past bags. 

Plus now I have a new list of packages I'm waiting on. My dad sent me and J stuff for Christmas. J got his four Pop Vinyls out of five today that are from my dad. He has one more on the way from my dad and then I have stuff from my dad too but they're being shipped tomorrow. My mom ordered stuff on Amazon too for us and had a $100 Target gift card that she wanted to use on us. I picked out an assortment of stuff that was all basically for me because J didn't want anything. Plus two of my Christmas gifts from J are still on the way. My three gifts for him are on the way too and my dad's calendar is on the way. I have bought him a calendar for Christmas every year since I was in high school. I don't think I have skipped a year and at this point, it's a tradition! This year he got chickens which is a totally new calendar topic, lol. In the past I've given him movies (Christmas story, wizard of oz), bands (Beatles), cars (sports, mustangs), Alaska was 2013, sports (Dolphins, hurricanes) and TV shows (stooges) and some of them get repeated. I think he's had about 3 different stooges calendars and probably 2 or 3 Dolphins and Hurricanes ones. So this year?!?!?!?! Completely different!!! But he likes chickens and so I know he'll like this one. He had a pet chicken when he was growing up and will still talk about his pet chicken to this day. And whenever we go to the fair we look at the farm animals they have and the chickens are always his favorite. I hope it gets here in time for our trip there on Christmas Day. 

What other stuff do I have on the way?? More PinchMe boxes probably. I have a Walmart box on the way but I already saw unboxing pictures and it is a disappointing box. The boxes are always "boring" but it's always stuff I'll use. I LOVED the deodorant I got in the first box and it is now my favorite and the only one I'll buy. It was full size too ($5 box and that is an $8 deodorant) and I actually now have two more FS back ups of it and they were actually FREE from PinchMe. I also have (had?) a travel size of it too but I don't remember what box it came in. Maybe PinchMe. I'm pretty sure I used it all up. I bought a FS of this stress release version from Target when my first FS ran out. But it ended up being completely broken and then I couldn't twist it up anymore. I think that's when I used up my travel one. I was going to exchange it at Target but never did. I ordered a new one of the stress release scent from Amazon and that's what I'm using right now. When I got the FS ones from PinchMe I just threw away the broken one. I knew it was going to take me months to ever remember to exchange it and I had two free (FREE) ones (that were full size!!!!!!!) so I figured the world exchanged it for me and I could throw it away. I thought that when I got the "samples" of the deodorant on PinchMe that they were going to be travel sizes but nope. That was a happy surprise since the site is for free samples. 

Yeah so where was I? Idk. My hand is cramping. Lol.



I've got 6 packages on the way. Hopefully they all get here this week.

I ordered a watch band on Friday from Amazon and it'll be here tomorrow. So yay, I'm almost ready to lose my watch.

I signed J and I up for Marvel's Collector Corp box and we ordered two previous boxes. Secret Wars and Ant-Man which is the one I wanted. J wears a 2XL and that's the size our sub is for but we got to pick our sizes for the two older boxes. He told me to get his size for both of them. But Ant-Man didn't have a 2X, so I went with a medium for me. 

 I think every box comes with a shirt and an exclusive Pop Vinyl which we've collected so many Pops the past two or three months. We got 3 just in the 2 Marvel boxes! We both have some on our wish lists.

I have two rainbow honey mystery bags coming my way. I have my mini bag (I canceled this sub but I'm sure I'll sign up again in January) and I have my free Just Soaps! bag that I won. 

Then I ordered the Zoya cyber Monday mystery box and a duo of their lip repair balm (which spoiler alert is in the mystery box) and the Qtica nail strengthener. The mystery box was $20 and the lip balm and Qtica base coat was $20. 

I also placed a Black Friday deal with Pahlish. I am completely having second thoughts on this order now. Sigh. 

I need to get ready for bed.


It's time to paint my nails again.

But I'll probably just do base coat and top coat, aka clear and clear. 

I've got so much nail polish on the way but I am still in a funk. 


November's Rainbow Honey's mystery bag

November 2015 was an interesting bag. It's the third month where they didn't have the 7.5ml bottles again and it's the first month that there were differences between the large and mini bag. 

So everyone got the lotion but different sizes. 1 oz for minis and 4 for large.
Everyone got the lip scrub in different sizes too but I don't remember what they are.
The nail polishes... They put them all in large 15 ml bottles this time. Large subbers got all 3 colors and the minis got two colors.  I got Interstellar Ice and Bloody Weapon. The third color is Pyro Bot. 
Then the cuticle balms.... The large bags got 3 different scents of the cuticle balm and we got 1 of those 3. I went ahead and placed an order for just nail polishes from them for the Nov bag. It's $16 but is still cheap if I ever have to buy full price. I'll sell bloody weapon and possibly even the extra I stellar ice. It was pretty but I wasn't enough by it like I am to diamond dust. 

The little package at the top with the ribbon is a prize. It's a box of magic button soaps and it meant I was a winner. The prize is a free month to their new sub they're starting called just soaps. I haven't received my present yet. 

December bags should be on their way soon. My order from Black Friday is supposed to be here on Tuesday. I hope it gets here a day early. Last December, they did my favorite color, Woland. 


October's Rainbow Honey's mystery bag.

I get the mini mystery bag from Rainbow Honey and it's $12.95 a month with shipping. There's a large version for $25 with free shipping.  

So my review is for the mini of course. 

We got 3 colors again this month but they were in the old mini bottles again. The blue looking color is called My Midnight Garden. Purple is La isla morada. Orange brick shade is magic Brix. We got a bubble bath called Fall Bouquet which as you can see mine leaked a little. I didn't care too much so I didn't say anything this time, but they are super helpful and kind and quick to respond and resolve the issue. The scent is supposed to be fall fruits I think like pears and apples? I don't remember exactly but I seem to like it so I ordered the lotion. Then the two tubes up there are both scented Bubbly but I have no idea what that is supposed to smell like. It's an old scent so I guess they expected people to know. One is a solid perfume balm and the other is a lip balm. I might open the perfume balm bc I'd use it before the lip balm and people are more likely to buy that if it's been used rather than a used lip balm. I've not use the colors yet in a manicure and I don't have a favorite. I like them enough that I'll keep them and used eventually. I'll probably try to sell the non polish items this month. 


Wish lists.

People are asking what do I want for Christmas. So I've cleaned up stuff on my Pinterest account and I'll be adding stuff to it that I want. I just added a ton of books to my Amazon list and I sent it to J's mom. I'm giving everyone many options that vary in type and price. 

I'm sleepy. I have to wake up at 6am and I took my pill at 10pm and I've just been fighting it the past 3 hours. Time to pee and then I'll go to sleep. I'm done working on stuff tonight. 

What do you want for Christmas?


It's been rough.

I haven't been in the mood to post for a while now and all these things have been happening in our life the past few months (I posted about our car accident in September) and then October 21st happened and I really haven't wanted to post anything. I don't want to go into details but our dog Kreasy passed away that day. It was completely unexpected and our hearts were broken. I have struggled with my emotions a lot since then and I haven't even been able to cry that much because after my wisdom teeth surgery it was physically hard to cry. It was painful at first and then it was strange because I still don't have full feeling in my lower jaw yet and I didn't realize that that would effect my crying. I don't know how to explain it. I guess it's helped me in a way? I haven't been in the mood to paint my nails either. I was already not painting them as much since September then that happened but I also wasn't allowed to have painted nails for the surgery and that was on October 26th. I had the surgery and for a few days after that I wasn't in any shape to care about painting my nails. Once I was "okay", I was STILL not in the mood. I think I have painted them twice since October 21st? Maybe 3 times, not sure. 

So I had my surgery. I had all four wisdom teeth taken out. I'm still not back to 100%, it sucks. I'm still slightly numb in my bottom jaw. I'm still swollen and the top left tooth broke I guess when he removed it and about a week after the surgery a piece of that tooth appeared and was stabbing me everywhere. I called to ask about that and if I should be concerned about the numbness, they scheduled me for the 17th to come in and remove that piece at no charge. They said if it started hurting really bad to call in the morning and they'd see me as an amergency case later in the day. I called on day 10 and the 17th was 22 days after. The piece of tooth broke at some point and I pulled part of it out of my mouth but I could still feel something up there but it wasn't sticking out as much and it kept moving around and stabbing me in different places. But by the time my appointment rolled around, it was gone. The doctor said that it must have fallen out and that he didn't want to go digging around for it and cause me unnecessary pain since he couldn't see it. If it appears again or another piece appears, he'll remove it. I have another appointment on Tuesday the first to check on everything. He already checked to see if I have nerve damage and I don't so that's great. It means the numbness will go away. He said once the swelling is gone. Tonight after work, I realized that it's possible that I have feeling back on the right side but it's hard to tell where it starts and ends. It's definitely different than how it all felt yesterday but the left side feels the same. It's really difficult still to eat most everything. Food gets stuck in the incisions and I have to squirt it out with this syringe thing I have. I fill it with water and then I stick it behind the tooth and squirt. It's kind of gross when I spit the water out and food particles appear. It means I'm doing it right. Soooo when food particles DON'T appear, I worry because then I think I have food still stuck in there!! Which is bad because it can cause an infection. Sigh. Having HEALTHY teeth pulled just sucks! I had to get two pulled when I was about 13 and it was the worst thing ever and I said I wouldn't do it again and I went 20 years without doing it but OF COURSE the day would come that I have to again have healthy teeth pulled!!!! I'm just really glad I had to get knocked out and didn't have to feel anything. I can 100% handle getting an IV stuck in me but do noooooooot stick a needle into my gums. 

So yeah. Painting my nails was a way for me to deal with my depression and helped distract me from the bad emotions so it bothers me that something I used to enjoy and was an outlet hasn't been able to help me. I painted my nails last night but I don't like how they look so I want to redo them. I take that as a good sign. I also have placed two orders today with the two indie companies I shop from and so I'm excited now to see my new goodies. One of the colors I bought was one that I had wanted in early October. I mentioned it in my October 9th post about Pahlish polish. It's called Ace of Fours II and when I saw it was available tonight I was happy and excited and I put it in my cart and bought some other ones too. 

Hopefully I'll start posting again. I'll work on some future posts this weekend. And of course when I get my orders, I'll post them. I've taken so many pictures of things I want to post about so I have the photos to go with the posts! I need to at least post photos of my October, Halloween and November mystery bags this weekend. 

Well I wanted to keep rambling about things but uuuuhhh I have to pee, lol, so I'll go and pee and end this post soon.

I hope everyone had a great and tasty thanksgiving day. I had my favorite vegetables yesterday and while I love turkey normally, it was hard for me to enjoy it yesterday because of my annoying numbness. It was getting difficult to chew and so I just gave up. This happens a lot and I hate it! I started with the corn and it was difficult too but easier to do than the turkey. The green beans and mashed potatoes were great though because there wasn't much chewing involved, lol. When we go out to eat, I try to always get mozzarella sticks and while I look goofy as hell trying to consume them, they've been the easier food choice at most places. 

Alright I have to pee!!! Good night. 


All about that bass, no treble.

Yeah so they're playing all about that bass at work! They did a change with our music the other day and I guess we're playing all types of music now. J said there were country songs playing yesterday. I only worked 3 hours today and half of it was spent out of the store so I didn't notice a change and then I've been waiting for J to get off work the past few hours and didn't notice anything different playing. Until just now! They've never played All About That Bass before. 



It's 7 days in and I want to decorate for Halloween!!!! But I don't know where my decorations are. I wonder if J will open the trailer so I can see if we can get to my Halloween tote at all. 

And I don't know if I mentioned this yet. When we go to Orlando this month, we're going to Seaworld!!!!! Finally J says we can go. 

On our way home from work tonight he said we should try taking a vacation in February. And that we needed to think of a place..... I suggest Washington DC and he said he was just going to suggest it. So that's where we're going. Now we need to find out what do we want to do, how close everything is and if we can get a hotel close enough to where we might not need our car as much. I know DC has a subway so we could give that a try too! 

So if you've ever been to Washington DC, let me know and let know me know too what did you like, where did you eat, what didn't you like, what should you have skipped, what was more fun for adults than for kids? We don't have kids so things that aren't fun for kids but fun for adults is okay. Let me (us) know all the details!!!

Pahlish nail polish.

Pahlish is an indie nail polish company that I stumbled upon s few weeks ago. I love the mystery polishes the best. Every month there's a collection of polishes she sells for $11-13 I think. Then every so often she releases older polishes on I think Sunday. I'm not sure of her releasing habits. But I do know that once in a while, she'll sell some mystery polishes and those were $6.50 when I bought my first two but the third order was $7 each. I've placed two orders with them so far and the packaging is great. The envelopes are purple!! I love purple. 

The above picture was my first order and I'd like to add right now that both of these orders came really quickly. I want to say within a week? The purple shade is a mystery color ($6.50) and just has a question mark on the bottom. Then the green ($11) was the one I really really really wanted but I was disappointed by it instead. =(  It's called The Dawn Patrol  and I thought it was going to be more of a pretty teal aqua color. But I got a color that is more hunter green to me. I'm still not sure what to think of the color. I also decided I'd just keep ordering mystery colors bc you can't get disappointed that it doesn't match the blog photos since there wouldn't be any!!

Then my second order I got 3 mystery polishes but two of them had names as you can see. I wore Dwemer and it has small rainbow flakes in it but I wish they were bigger and/or more of them so that you could actually get a bunch on your nails. I haven't tried the other colors. But I need to paint my nail this weekend so maybe I'll try one of them. Unless I get polish in the mail from one of my subs. I didn't get tracking for my RH bag but other girls have. So it could just show up soon. 

Here's a link if you want to look at her colors, they change often! I don't even remember to look when she changes sometimes. Like a few weeks ago there was a really pretty white polish with blue glitter/flakes maybe in it and I was going to go against my new mystery only policy and buy that one but I missed the release date and then when I went back it was gone and new colors were in the place.


September's Rainbow Honey mystery bag.

September was better but was still a disappointment. Other people weren't happy either. 

I was excited when I opened the package.... 

Do you see why I was excited???? Stars!! The label has stars on it and I love stars. 

Then I opened it and was immediately so disappointed I didn't even take a picture of what was included. 

So I just took some pictures now. 

 Do you see the major problem?? The polishes are smaller than the size that the minis have been since December. This is the size they were when I first signed up. I didn't sign up for the mini because I didn't want small bottles like that. December was the first month I got a mini bag, it was my first order from them and the bag was free with my order. Well the polishes that month were their new minis and they were 7.5 ml. I was like awesome and I made it a point then to get a mini bag every month. Then in June I even switched my sub to the mini because the sizes were great now. Then this happens. These are 5 ml and so tiny. 

I took this picture twice and apparently both are blurry. Oh well. I really like both polishes and would have loved to have them in the 7.5 size because I know I'll use them often (especially the star one) and I would even want to buy the large to get back ups but now I'm frustrated with the company and don't know if I should. I've used Underwater World twice and you can see how much is gone already. 

I love the stars!!! 

There's everything altogether. There's a full size cuticle oil in their new scent truffle cappuccino and it's actually not that strong of a coffee bitter smell so I could probably use this. I have other cuticle oils though that I prefer and I don't use them that much, I prefer the cuticle balms. Plus they didn't give me a box! Some people got boxes and other people didn't. The perfume (yes, another perfume) is called Way Cooler and I like it but again, I'm not a perfume person. Well technically this is called a body mist but yeah, I don't use scented items often and certainly not when it's only purpose is to make you smell nice. Like lotions, cuticle oils and balms are fine when they're scented but they serve a purpose other than to make you smell better. The thing that says Vanilla Plains smells really good but it's a cooling gel and I don't get sunburned enough to need another cooling gel and when I am sunburned, I don't use anything usually. I wish this was a hand sanitizer. We got one in November and I like it and would use it more if I liked the scent enough. Maybe I'll put it in the car to try to use it more. Anyways. That was the only one we've received and they've done 3 cooling gels in the past 12 or 13 months. They had midori last summer and then this summer they had twisted ice tea and now vanilla plains. The final item is soap and the scent is chocolate mint. But it's brown. It's poop brown soap! Who's going to want to use dark brown soap?! I won't use it because it's mint even though the mint doesn't seem to be that strong but if I did like mint, I wouldn't use it because it's POOP BROWN. it should have been green or even green and light brown marbled. 

I still liked the September bag better than the August bag despite not getting a box, getting products I won't use and getting the old minis. I still liked it better! 

August's Rainbow Honey's mystery bag

The mystery bag for August wasn't that exciting for me. I subscribe to the mini bag which is $10 a month and $3 for shipping or as I say $13 a month. 

So the scent was fruit juice and the items were perfume, bath oil and bath tea. The scent is nice, I like fruit scents so this was sort of a win for me. It wasn't super special like Pomme rouge and pomelo are to me but it's alright. I'm just not a perfume person as much as I try to be and I don't have a bath tub so the other two items are pointless for me right now. I think we're getting a hotel room for one night this month so maybe I'll bring the bath tea with me and use it just to use it. 

The nail polishes are called Mr. Saturn (the peach) which is too pale for me to like but it does have shimmer. And Jelly Red Sandals which is just a red jelly polish. I don't like red and only use it for holidays so it won't get much use from me. But it is a preview for a collection that I think is coming out next year and I am excited for that because I'm hoping that they're going to be a collection of jelly polishes. And Mr. Saturn is going to be a part of the summer of 199x collection which is being rereleased summer of 2016 and it's going to have new polishes and Mr. Saturn is going to be part of that. So that's cool too because I loved that collection and bought almost all the polishes. I think I'm missing three (lumine hall, pink cloud and I miss you) and I'll be able to get them next year. I don't need I miss you but I need the other two for sure. Especially lumine hall. 

The final product is a full size of their base coat. I wasn't a fan of it so I'm like blah that I got yet another bottle. It makes my nail polish peel off when I use it so I just avoid it. 

So yeah, I wasn't excited by August and I haven't used anything yet. 


September is over!!

The stupid month of September is finally over. I'm going to write up some posts tonight for August and/or Septembers bags and boxes. I also just remembered that I need to write my monthly post about my samples. 

It's now October! Well obviously since I just said September was over, lol. But anyways. What this means is it is finally the best month ever. It's the Halloween month. I love Halloween. I love the costumes, I love the colors.... The typical Halloween colors, black, purple and even neon green are some of my favorite colors. Orange is cool too when it's paired with purple. I love all the scary events that happen this month like howl o scream and Halloween horror nights but I think we're skipping them. Maybe. I don't think I can skip doing at least one of them. There's also zombie con in downtown fort Myers which every year is a different theme and this year's theme is 1985! Which means 80s!!! Oh and the year J was born. I love all the decorations, the scary, the spooky, the gothic, the cheesy and everything in between. I love buying Halloween items that I can use all year round. 

For years now (since high school!) I've wanted to decorate my house to be gothic. I was always trying things out in my apartment. I had black couches that were perfect for this.... Then they were thrown away. Sad face. I have black end tables and coffee table but I switched out my coffee table when I inherited my grandparents coffee table. My day bed frame is awesome. It's metal and is black and green with leaves. My dad and I went shopping for day beds when I was a senior and I looked at soooooo many of them and kept saying let's try somewhere else. When I saw that one, I knew it was perfect for me. It was the most gothic looking one there was. The other ones were wood or metal and then the colors were mostly white or girly or brass themed. It was ridiculous. I also love trees and plants so the leaves were perfect! Most of my picture frames were black. I always had plans for when I had a better job but I've basically dropped out of college so the better job never happened. I used to have this entertainment stand and I wanted to dismantle it and then paint it and just use part of it. I ended up taking it apart when we were at the house but then for about two years I didn't have my TV hooked up and we got to a point where we didn't use the living room so I never painted it and then I just threw it away. I've wanted to paint my dresser and change the handles. I can still do that one, I still have the dresser. I can't remember exactly when I bought it but it was from Target and is probably 13-15 years old. Crazy. My entertainment center was bought in 1998, maybe 1997 and I kept it until 2013 I think so it was about 15 years old. But I was going to keep it and just make it fit my lifestyle better. Oh well. 

So yeah. I love October bc of the gothic items out there right now!!! One day I will have my own house and we'll be financially okay and then I'll decorate my house dark and gothic and scary. 



There's no undo option on the blogger app. 

October 13th.
Consultation with an oral surgeon. 
Need to have wisdom teeth removed. They're all four impacted and under the gums. Therefore they have to be surgically removed as opposed to getting pulled. Which means I get an IV to knock me out. 

I can deal with that. 

I'm done typing this post. I'm angry. I don't know if I'll post anything else. We'll see. 


September sucks.

So much has been happening this month and basically J and I just want the month to friggin end. 

September 4th this happened....

We're both okay. I hit my head pretty hard on the head rest and it was sore for about a week but I'm all good. The insurance company deemed the car a total loss. So then this happened....

That's our shiny new 2012 Nissan Sentra. We like it. We already have a flat tire though. J is getting it replaced today at 4pm, I made an appointment. It's under warranty and it doesn't appear to have been our fault (like if we ran something over). 

Other stuff has happened that I'm still trying to fix. I still need to write all the posts that I promised but October is going to be here soon so I better hurry up. I have August and September boxes and bags to write about now!


Upcoming posts.

I have to write about my August subscriptions (Ipsy, Allure and Rainbow Honey) plus I received my September Allure box today so I need to write about that.

I need to write about the two orders I placed with Pahlish. 

I should also post some pictures of the Fortune Cookie Soap Company. It's a seasonal sub box and I got my first box last month which is the Fall box. Winter box will get charged on the 12th I believe and I have no idea when its get shipped. But I'm pretty sure I want to cancel it or at least skip Winter. I'm not going to like Winterery scents. 

I need to post some pictures of the manicures I've had lately. 

I can write about life but my life isn't that exciting. 

In the meantime I need to go to sleep.

That was the sunset the other day and I wish I had grabbed the regular camera and then gone outside. Instead I used my phone and I sat on the bed for some of the photos and then got up to take some photos standing at the sliding glass door but I never opened it because I didn't want the bugs to come inside. 


Samples update!!!

So let's see what I got from July 22nd to August 21st!! 

I'm not sure what day I got these QuickStick hooks but I got them and was excited and then not so much. I put two of them up and now two of them has fallen. They're reusable so if I picked them up off the floor, I could restick them but I'm not that excited about it anymore. The nails were from a trade I did so not exactly free.

On August 9th I got these things for free. Free cat food is awesome and I was able to get the shirt for free and pick my size so I went with a large so I could sleep in it. I don't need people seeing me wear a shirt advertising, lol. It's like a wholesale club I think? Then the Sally Hansen airbrush legs was sent from influenster for review purposes. I've not done a review yet though because I don't really wear shorts that often since I work 5 days a week and stay at home usually on my days off. 

On August 14th I received these goodies. I signed up for several free magazine SUBSCRIPTIONS. Not just one or two but a year's worth or 18 months and I think one of them is for two years. Teen Vogue is the first one I got and this was actually my second issue. I used to love going through magazines in high school and tearing out awesome ads and then I would stick them on my walls and at some point I had two walls covered in ads and it was awesome. I took photos before I tore everything down but I have no idea right now where those pictures are but as soon as I find them, I'll definitely post them online. So I'm hoping to start a collection of nail polish ads and anything that is just plain awesome. So free magazines are perfect for tearing up and teen magazines have a ton of make up ads. Of course I threw away July's issue before I tore out the ads. But I didn't forget this time! By the end of this post you'll see three of my other free magazines I'm getting now. Plus I think I have 3 or 4 more to come and will have 7-8 different magazines every month!!!!!!! 

I got a coupon for a free toothpaste from Walgreen's, but this is an employee only promotion. Then Kreasy got a chicken breast jerky treat and a coupon for $5 off and I'll use it if I can find it and it's cheap enough. So we'll see. He liked it but I don't think there's many treats he wouldn't like, lol. 

The other item in this picture is my August Rainbow Honey mystery bag which I pay for so I won't go over what was in it in this post. But that reminds me, I need to write up a post for my August subs. 

On August 17th, I received one of my PinchMe boxes. This box was for my 2nd account but I got it first because I was able to do a sneak peek thing with it where I could pick out my samples a day early so not everything was gone. I got several coupons along with some decent samples. The lotion is a repeat from my June box and actually I got it in all four accounts plus the first account got it twice. I'm going to have 5 samples of this lotion and then 2 of the purple kind. I think? The ACT mouthwash is an AWESOME size. It's 3 oz which is travel friendly and I bought a travel size from Walgreen's one time (it's ACT but I think it was alcohol free and this one has it) and it was just a 1 oz bottle. I refill them since I am having to brush my teeth 3 times a day now so this will be great to refill and bring with me to work. The sponge is smaller than what you'd buy but is still big enough to use it and know if you like it or not. And in fact, I'll cut it in half and use it for things that are super dirty and I throw the sponges away for those items (the garbage can, dog food container for instance) and won't reuse it so I cut them in half. Then I got one dental floss pick but I prefer the picks over the rolled floss so these will be great to put in my work cosmetic bag (I got this sample more than once). I got a sample from Summer's Eve, it's for nighttime?! It's lavender bc your vajaja wants to relax before you got to sleep?!? It's a liquid cleanser and a cleansing towelette. This sample was "sold out" by the next day so it was either very popular or they didn't have as many of them as they did the lotions, sponges and mouthwashes. A foil packet of No7 protect and perfect serum which is supposed to be really awesome and I'm happy to try it out since No7 is a Boots brand and now Boots and Walgreen's are one big global company and I got 3 waterproof band aids. I'm not a big band aid person so I might give these to Jacie or someone at work. 

On Tuesday August 18th, I got my second July PinchMe box (which is for my first account) and it's all the same samples I got the day before. I don't mind getting a second bottle of mouthwash or a second sponge. Or the dental pick. I'm "sad" that this sample was just one pick but it's still good for travel because the samples are in sealed bags. So I got two so I'll floss at work two days now. I never bring floss picks with me since I don't have a sanitary way of carrying them around. I don't have small plastic bags, lol. 

The other sample I received was a box of two tampons and two panty liners. I'm not a tampon person so I gave this to someone at work and I just signed up for another tampon sample but I'm having it mailed directly to her house. I was able to pick just panty liners as my sample for that day. It was a Target sample that went quickly and I'm not even sure what brand it is from, maybe Kotex but not even sure. We'll see in a few weeks!!

On Wednesday August 19th I got these two samples!! Shampoo, conditioner and a treatment, score. Then a sample pack of 3 pads which I'll use those. Plus both of them came with coupons. When I take pictures of coupons, I try to cover up the bar code so people don't try to print them out somehow. 

Then Friday the 21st, I got my 2nd free magazine subscription plus some Kotex panty liners. This came with 4 panty liners. So in a week I received 2 tampons, 3 pads and 6 panty liners. Plus last month I got 7 panty liners. Pretty sweet!!!! I didn't know if I would like Martha Stewart Living but I did! It's actually a good magazine plus it has things to tear out and save. 

So I know I said in the beginning this post goes from July 22nd to August 21st, I decided I would add in what I've gotten this week so far. But when I post my monthly recap in 4 weeks, I'll post this next picture again. 

These three items are from the 24th and 25th. I didn't get anything today. But Seventeen and Better Homes and Gardens are my two other magazines I talked about earlier. Plus I have a bridal magazine, Rolling Stone, a photography magazine and maybe something else on the way. I thought I signed up for This Old House but now I'm not sure if this will be a print subscription or if it's digital only because I keep getting emails and so yeah.... Who knows. 

I'm excited for Rolling Stone! My dad had a subscription when I was in high school and he would give me the magazines when he was done. That's where most of my ad collection came from plus I would tear out articles about my favorite bands. 


Or not.

The Internet is being stupid so I probably won't be posting my samples tonight. 

Samples post coming soon.

I have so many samples to write about. I got two Pinch Me boxes, plus free magazines and a ton of samples and coupons! When I get home I'll write a post about everything from the past 30 days. I think the magazines are going to be the best free things ever. So far I've received 3 different magazines. And I think I have 4 more on the way. Maybe 5. I'm not even sure! 


So many packages!

I have mail on its way to me. 

-countless numbers of free samples
-an influenster voxbox with Sally Hansen airbrush legs
-fortune cookie soap company seasonal mystery box
-Target box
-my nail polishes from Pahlish that I ordered last week. 
-Rainbow Honey mystery bag
-Ipsy bag

I think that's everything. 

Sally Hansen and Pahlish should be here tomorrow. FCSC maybe Friday? Or Saturday? Rainbow Honey and Ipsy will be next week I think. And maybe even the Target box too. Not sure, I haven't gotten any tracking numbers yet for those three.


It's after midnight.

But I really want to redo my nails. 

I used my Sally Hansen magnetic nail polish that I bought at Big Lots in 2014 for the first time. 

The polish is originally from 2012 so I'm only three years behind the times, lol. But the next day I decided I wanted to do something more.

The pinky had two coats of something but I only remember what one of them is. Sally Hansen Sea Through which is a green jelly but is really sheer so you can't even see it here. The ring finger has a coat of Rainbow Honey Costa Dorada on it. The middle finger has Loreal Jolly Lolly which is also a jelly like the Sally Hansen but this one is red and isn't sheer at all like the Sally Hansen. The index finger has Loreal Mango Mamma on it which is a orange jelly that was in the same collection as Jolly Lolly and both of them were limited edition. I bought them about two years after the fact in 2014 at Big Lots. 

I then took Loreal Jolly Lolly and put it over all the nails and that's why all these nails look different!! 

So now it's been a few days and I redo them. 


New indie brand for me.

I follow a nail blogger on Instagram by the name of mcpolisn and her blog is

Well tonight she posted this picture:

I told J I wanted it. Theeeeeen I saw this picture:

I told him I changed my mind and that I wanted that one. 

He told me I could buy it. I wasn't going to and figured I'd try to buy it after our next pay checks but then I saw on their Facebook that this is the last restock for it and that once it's gone, it's gone. I went ahead and ordered it and added a mystery polish too. The brand is new to me but I think starting out with two bottles is a good start. I had money in my PayPal account too to put towards it. 

The color is The Border Patrol by Pahlish. 

I wonder if they do freebies with large orders or send freebies just because. Rainbow Honey does and it's a huge factor in why I keep purchasing from them and why I do large bulk orders.


Tomorrow, July 28th!

Tomorrow is release day for samples from PinchMe. If you have an account, tomorrow at 12 PM EST is  sample day. Once or twice a month they release new samples. They go quickly, so make sure you're there early. If you don't have an account, create one but I don't know if you'll be able to get samples tomorrow. But try just in case you can. I still have a box from the beginning of the month on its way. 


I love getting free things in the mail.

Here's some of what I've received in the mail the past month that are free. I started signing up for these the weekend of June 13th. Then June 20th, I received my first samples which was the Mario Badescu products I posted about. I still haven't tried those yet. So since it has been 4 weeks since that post without me updating, I'll just do a monthly update all at once. 

So after 5 weeks of my first sign ups I've received:

The Ecotools brush is part of a employee program where we receive products to try out for free. The carefree liners are part of a "7 day challenge" kit. 

These four all came in a box from PinchMe. That was my second order from them and I have a third one coming too. The first one I did in January and then forgot about it completely. In June I remembered. Once or twice a month they offer up samples and you fill up your box. When I did it the first time, I got 2 samples. This second time they said I had room for 4 products so I went with everything that was there. I already have tried that deodorant and I love it and had just bought a full size of it the week before but it'll be good to have for traveling. The tea is for J. The cat food is for Sylar. But we ran out of dog food yesterday and so I used one of the perfect portions to feed Kreasy some mixed with dry cat food. It was really hard to open and I ended up with juice all over my hands afterwards. Kreasy had no problems with it. Eventually I'm sure I'll give the other one to Sylar. 

When I built my third box, I could choose 5 samples. I think there was 6? Plus 1 sold out. I picked my five and then they're sending me 3 or 4 bonus samples too. I like it because so far they're not foil packets. They're travel size/deluxe size samples. You choose a bunch on one site instead of going to each site. And it's all sent to you within 4 weeks (honestly I think it's 3) in one box instead of getting numerous boxes. 

I got this the same day as my Ipsy bag. I'll definitely use these. I've been wanting to try them. 

The hair products came in the mail on Thursday. The dental items were from my dental cleansing visit on Thursday. But I don't know if that counts since they probably charge it in your appointment fee, lol.

Today I got this!!!!!!:

I don't know why I'm very excited about it. Maybe because it's full size. I wanted to try to use it after I wash my hands. I get things and then try to use them not for their intended purposes, lol. This is for arms and legs after shower. But hands are part of the arms. We'll see. This one was also from the same employee program. 

I have about 8 more coming from them at this point. Plus various other samples. I have also signed up for about 5 free magazines. Teen Vogue, This Old House, Bride?, Martha Stewart Living and some photography magazine. I think I signed up for the last two twice. Oops. I don't know if I signed up for anything else. 

I know I have a Target sample on the way, several kinds of pet food, mascara, shampoo, pads, maybe some tampons. I can't think of what else. Hopefully when I write this post on August 20th, I'll have even more to post about. 


July's Allure Beauty Box

This was the first month that Allure took over the Beauty Box. It's curated by their editors every month with roughly 5 products (I've seen some with 6 including July's!). It's $15 a month. 

Everyone got the same box this month which was kind of disappointing. The only differences were the color of one of the products. 

It was kind of a disappointing box. I was hoping for a nail polish (I will never not wanting more nail polish) and maybe some other types of make up since I'm trying to start a make up collection again. 

The invisibobbles? I tried it and it felt loose in my hair and then when I was trying to get it out, it was tough to remove. Hair was getting caught and the hair tie was getting tangled up with itself which made it even more difficult. I will probably just try to swap or sell this at some point.

The mascara is black and is a mini but there isn't a size listed. I'll probably save this one and swap/sell the ones that I do have. (Rimmel and CoverGirl) 

The super goop sunscreen spray?? I actually love this product. You must shake it first. If you don't, it's not going to work the way it's supposed to. I read reviews and people weren't shaking it or for long enough and the results weren't good. It's also not meant to be used as a sunscreen by itself. It is SPF 50 which is great but you're spraying it on your face, so you're not going to get good enough coverage. It's meant to go over your make up, sunscreen, moisturizer and mattify it. I've used it over my sunscreen. I can use a lower SPF now and now have to worry about the shininess which has been a problem with some of the sunscreens I've tried out lately. It only gets shiny across my nose and cheeks, so I just focus the spray there. It works to make it matte. I haven't had any reactions with it or sunburns. I would buy this in the future for sure when money is a little better. 

I haven't tried the other products yet but I'll try the hair products for sure. If I can remember to use the eye serum on a regular basis, I will. It's supposed to be really good. Oh, I lied, I did try it out. I put it on one night and I have no complaints on the formula. It absorbed well and it didn't feel greasy. But I only tried it one night so can't speak to its magical abilities yet. 


July's Ipsy bag!

I signed up for Ipsy last month. I got my first bag for the month of July.

I didn't get either nail polish which is what I really wanted! Boo. 

Crown tweezers- full size value $10.50
Coolway sea salt spray- sample size value $1.96 .05 oz
Pūr~Lisse cleanser- sample size value $6.43 1oz
Teeez lipstick Read My Lips in shade Killing Me Softly- full size value $22
NickaK eyeshadow palette, I think mine is called Sierra- full size value $4.99

The full value of this box is $45.88.

My thoughts: I love the cosmetic bag (I didn't include the value of it in my box value because I don't think anyone knows a value for the bags but probably $2-$4.) and will definitely find a use for it. The cosmetic bags every month is a big draw for me. I'll use the sea salt spray and cleanser for sure. I love the lipstick's tube packaging. It has a skull on it but I'm not sure I'll ever use red stick. I might try to trade the lipstick for a nail polish. The eye shadows look pretty and I'll save it, I want to start wearing makeup when I go out again so this will be a start. I will never wear makeup for work with my current job. Four days out of the week, I'm outside in the sun/heat for 2-4 hours and it is miserable. The last thing I want is to add makeup to my sweaty face. The tweezers? I'm not sure. I don't pluck so I might also try to trade this but I'm not sure for what or if anyone would want to trade for the tweezers. 

I am much happier with this bag than I was with my June Birchbox and for now, I'll keep Ipsy.

Edit!! I already swapped the lipstick for the Auroa polish from the July bag plus she sent me 3 other bottles of polish. Including a Julep. It's my first Julep too.

And I forgot to include my referral link in this post so here it is
My feelings won't be hurt if you don't use it. 


Ant-Man was really good!!! We saw it last night. I didn't look at my watch the entire time. I always look at my watch when the movie starts and then usually check it half way through and a few more times after that. Some movies just start losing my interest. Not so much the movie itself. But sitting there all cramped up in the seats and people kicking the row I'm in just starts to get to me and I'm just thinking this movie needs to end. But I didn't look at my watch! It started at about 7:18pm and we walked out 2 hours later and I never looked in between. Don't get me wrong, I still was uncomfortable and tried stretching my legs* out and was annoyed that my row was getting kicked. But.... The movie was awesome. I'm tempted to suggest that we see it again and I know when it comes out on DVD we'll buy it and I'll watch it then. We buy all the Marvel movies so that's not a huge surprise. 

The best part of the movie was the yummy-ness of Paul Rudd. There's even a scene where he's not wearing his shirt. Best part! 

And don't worry, Ant-Man will be returning!!! Yayayayayay. 

*my hip and knee joints get super stiff when I stay in one position for too long. Like at the movies. I can't stand up and do anything for my hips but if I can at least stretch my legs/knees during the movie, things will be better. We try to sit where I can do that but sometimes, isn't possible. I'll then contort myself so that I can extend my knees and crack them. Yup, my knees crack. Often. My hips too. 

I went to the dentist yesterday. My teeth are great and they're awesome and I'm doing a great job there. But my gums suck. They're worse now than before. I'm supposed to use this prescription mouthwash now for gingivitis but I'm scared. Lol. It can stain your teeth and alter the taste of everything. You're not supposed to eat, drink, rinse or brush your teeth after using it. But I can't find anything yet that says how long. I'm going to ask the pharmacist on Sunday. You're supposed to brush before you rinse with it and use it twice a day but I always drink water, especially in the mornings at work and before bed. I'm not thrilled about this stuff. 

I painted my nails Monday night. It's time to paint them again but I'm not sure what. I'm trying to use colors I've not used in a while. Or colors that are almost empty. I want to use up some colors but it's so hard to get to the bottom. I've combined stuff before but I don't have duplicates of everything but also some stuff isn't in the greatest condition and so I don't want to mix it with th ends fresh stuff. I've thought about using a regular paint brush to get to the bottom. Or pouring it into some smaller empty bottles I have. But I don't think I have any mini empty bottles and I have a few where a mini is what I need. 

I will figure it out! 

So what should I use tomorrow? I'm thinking Maybelline Styled Out. It's one of the first blues I bought to try to match my ring. =)


July's Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey

I am going to start this off right away and say I wasn't impressed with this bag and I didn't really like it. It feels like the October bag to me. Very BLAH. I had already seen the spoilers so I knew what was coming.

I switched my bag to the mini this month. It's $13 with shipping and it's still a great value. The minis sell for $5 each so $15 in nail polish plus the extras. I didn't take pictures of the names but it's Summer Tan, Calama and Costa Dorada. The Pomelo body spray is a new scent but in an already existing form. Pomelo was in cuticle oil form in the April bag and I loved it. I was hoping they would release more products in that scent. They did! There's a whole collection that is available for pre sale right now. It gets released in August. I would buy the cuticle balm but they didn't make it in this scent. =( the Shea butter is unscented and its unexciting that way. I don't like all their scents but it's still fun to find out if I do or not. The final product is the sweet mandarin lip scrub. The scent is new and they've sent out a few lip scrubs this year in mystery bags (January. Valentine's Day and April) and sold it in April for the first time. I don't use lip scrubs but I was hoping I would like the scent so that if something is released later on, I could buy it. But the scent is so weak, I can hardly smell anything so I can't tell if I like it or not. But I'm going to say I don't because something that weak shouldn't be scented then. 

I like Calama and Pomelo this month. 


Confessions of a nail polish addict tag!

I saw a YouTube video the other day that was "Confessions of a nail polish addict tag" and I've wanted to answer the questions ever since! But the YouTuber didn't put the list of questions in typed form, she just read them in her video. So I started searching for it and I found a ton of blogger's who had the questions typed but they answered them underneath the question and didn't provide the questions without answers for someone to copy/paste. I copied/pasted from a blogger and then altered the questions a little bit and I'm going to answer them here. BUT at the end I'll also provide the questions that someone can just copy/paste without having to delete my answers or copy each question by itself. Here goes.

1. What nail polish(es) are you wearing on your nails right now?

I did a 4th of July manicure today and so there's lot of polishes. 
Base: Qtica natural nail growth stimulator.
Colors: Rainbow Honey Crimson Nebula (red), Rainbow Honey Kosmic Blues (blue), Revlon Degas (white, it's a nail art bottle called Night and Degas), Maybelline Ice Princess (holographic glitter).
Top coats: I have three different top coats going on. I have Gelous nail gel coat over each layer of color polish, then I did one coat of Sephora Formula X clear top coat on top of all the colors and the final coat of Gelous and finally there's a coat or two of Essie Good To Go. I use the Sephora to give it some thickness. 

2. What is one nail product you can't live without?
A fast drying top coat. 

3. What is your favorite nail polish brand (mainstream and indie)? 
Sinful Colors and Rainbow Honey. But RH is the only indie brand I've tried so far so I'm sure this could change if I ever try another brand. 

4. What kind of nail shape do you prefer to wear and do you prefer long or short nails? 
Square and long! Nothing else. Some of my nails though grow rounded (almond) and it annoys me so some of them are rounded if I don't file. 

5. What is your go-to color?

6. What is your favorite nail polish finish? 
Glitter. But I can live with cremes... If I have a glitter top coat, lol.

7. What's on your nail polish wish list?
I have over 600 nail polishes right now so I'm going to say I don't have a wish list. But I do have a small Pinterest board of colors I like and don't have. 

8. When do you usually paint your nails (mornings, afternoons or evenings/nights)? 

9. What's your top nail tip that you swear by?
Use a good base coat! Lots of people don't use a base coat, don't use a quality base coat or they only do one coat of their base coat. Skipping two coats of a good base coat could cause staining. The one thing that bugs me about people's natural nails is when their nails are yellowed/stained. I've used black, blue, green nail polishes for many years and if I do 2 coats of a decent base coat, I can prevent staining. I've used several Sally Hansen base coats, OPI nail envy, Qtica nail strengtherner and Ciaté nail tonic hydrator for the last 8-10 years and have successively prevented staining if I do two coats. If I do one coat, I could have staining or I could break a nail.

10. What nail polish do you regret buying? 
Most of the ones that I semi regret buying are ones I've bought at either Dollar Tree or Big Lots. I've bought a ton of polishes at those stores because they're cheap and usually are brands I like (Milani, Revlon, Sinful colors, Loreal and Maybelline for instance) but I can't say that I've used those polishes more than once if at all. In 2012 I had a favorite glitter topper from Milani and around 2014 I saw it at Dollar Tree so I stocked up. But I've yet to even finish the first bottle I did have. Same with a Maybelline color I bought. I loved it and used up half of the first bottle so when I saw it at Big Lots, I bought it but haven't used anymore of the first bottle since. Then I've bought several L.A. Colors polishes that I didn't use. I bought a base coat and a holographic glitter but haven't used them. I bought a top coat that said it was a Seche Vite top coat but is NOT the same as their famous fast dry top coat and I've never used it or the L.A. Colors bottles.
11. Neons or pastels? Brights or darks? 
I typically avoid neons because they usually require a white base coat but I will use almost any pastel, bright or dark nail polish. I try to discriminate. =)

12. What is your holy grail base coat, top coat and color?
Base: OPI Nail Envy but I've been using Qtica's nail strengthener because I had it and ran out of nail envy and wanted to use what I had instead of buying more Nail Envy. 
Top coat: I have preferred Essie Good To Go over Seche Vite for a while now but lately I use Essie with Sephora Formula X top coat together and I like the combo. Sephora can be fast drying by itself but doesn't dry the other layers like the Essie or Seche do. But I can get the thickness I like with one coat of Sephora so I use both and I'm happy. 
Color?? My holy grail COLOR? Oh man... If a glitter top coat counts as a color then it would be Maybelline Colorama Ice Princess hands down. I bought it in 2005 and it was discontinued so I bought 8 bottles on eBay in 2008 or 2009 because my first bottle was empty or close to it. I have 3.5 bottles left out of those 9. I gave 2 away so it becomes 7 that I've had which means I've used 3.5 bottles of it! But if that doesn't count then my holy grail color would be Revlon Bubble Gum, even though I haven't used it much since 2012 but it is a shade of pink that I love and have based all pink shades on since. 

13. What is one brand you want to try but haven't yet? 
I'm going to pick just one brand and go with Picture Polish. See, I can be easy!

So I answered everything and some of them are very in depth. Probably way more info here than anyone ever wanted to know. But just like I promised, here's all the questions without my answers to make it easy to copy/paste...

1. What nail polish(es) are you wearing on your nails right now?
2. What is one nail product you can't live without?
3. What is your favorite nail polish brand (mainstream and indie)?
4. What kind of nail shape do you prefer to wear and do you prefer long or short nails?
5. What is your go-to color?
6. What is your favorite nail polish finish?
7. What's on your nail polish wish list?
8. When do you usually paint your nails (mornings, afternoons or evenings/nights)?
9. What's your top nail tip that you swear by?
10. What nail polish do you regret buying?
11. Neons or pastels? Brights or darks?
12. What is your holy grail base coat, top coat and color?
13. What is one brand you want to try but haven't yet?