It's after midnight.

But I really want to redo my nails. 

I used my Sally Hansen magnetic nail polish that I bought at Big Lots in 2014 for the first time. 

The polish is originally from 2012 so I'm only three years behind the times, lol. But the next day I decided I wanted to do something more.

The pinky had two coats of something but I only remember what one of them is. Sally Hansen Sea Through which is a green jelly but is really sheer so you can't even see it here. The ring finger has a coat of Rainbow Honey Costa Dorada on it. The middle finger has Loreal Jolly Lolly which is also a jelly like the Sally Hansen but this one is red and isn't sheer at all like the Sally Hansen. The index finger has Loreal Mango Mamma on it which is a orange jelly that was in the same collection as Jolly Lolly and both of them were limited edition. I bought them about two years after the fact in 2014 at Big Lots. 

I then took Loreal Jolly Lolly and put it over all the nails and that's why all these nails look different!! 

So now it's been a few days and I redo them. 

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