September is over!!

The stupid month of September is finally over. I'm going to write up some posts tonight for August and/or Septembers bags and boxes. I also just remembered that I need to write my monthly post about my samples. 

It's now October! Well obviously since I just said September was over, lol. But anyways. What this means is it is finally the best month ever. It's the Halloween month. I love Halloween. I love the costumes, I love the colors.... The typical Halloween colors, black, purple and even neon green are some of my favorite colors. Orange is cool too when it's paired with purple. I love all the scary events that happen this month like howl o scream and Halloween horror nights but I think we're skipping them. Maybe. I don't think I can skip doing at least one of them. There's also zombie con in downtown fort Myers which every year is a different theme and this year's theme is 1985! Which means 80s!!! Oh and the year J was born. I love all the decorations, the scary, the spooky, the gothic, the cheesy and everything in between. I love buying Halloween items that I can use all year round. 

For years now (since high school!) I've wanted to decorate my house to be gothic. I was always trying things out in my apartment. I had black couches that were perfect for this.... Then they were thrown away. Sad face. I have black end tables and coffee table but I switched out my coffee table when I inherited my grandparents coffee table. My day bed frame is awesome. It's metal and is black and green with leaves. My dad and I went shopping for day beds when I was a senior and I looked at soooooo many of them and kept saying let's try somewhere else. When I saw that one, I knew it was perfect for me. It was the most gothic looking one there was. The other ones were wood or metal and then the colors were mostly white or girly or brass themed. It was ridiculous. I also love trees and plants so the leaves were perfect! Most of my picture frames were black. I always had plans for when I had a better job but I've basically dropped out of college so the better job never happened. I used to have this entertainment stand and I wanted to dismantle it and then paint it and just use part of it. I ended up taking it apart when we were at the house but then for about two years I didn't have my TV hooked up and we got to a point where we didn't use the living room so I never painted it and then I just threw it away. I've wanted to paint my dresser and change the handles. I can still do that one, I still have the dresser. I can't remember exactly when I bought it but it was from Target and is probably 13-15 years old. Crazy. My entertainment center was bought in 1998, maybe 1997 and I kept it until 2013 I think so it was about 15 years old. But I was going to keep it and just make it fit my lifestyle better. Oh well. 

So yeah. I love October bc of the gothic items out there right now!!! One day I will have my own house and we'll be financially okay and then I'll decorate my house dark and gothic and scary. 



There's no undo option on the blogger app. 

October 13th.
Consultation with an oral surgeon. 
Need to have wisdom teeth removed. They're all four impacted and under the gums. Therefore they have to be surgically removed as opposed to getting pulled. Which means I get an IV to knock me out. 

I can deal with that. 

I'm done typing this post. I'm angry. I don't know if I'll post anything else. We'll see. 

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