I am tired. I have to work 9 hours tomorrow. I have so much laundry to do. Our clothes and the blankets and sheet that Kreasy is getting dirty from sleeping in the bed with us.


A little organization...

Is what I did. I brought home a box (technically two) and filled it up with clothes we won't be using while we're here. I dusted most of J's entertainment center off, I didn't dust behind his tv cause knowing my luck, I'd knock it to the floor. I put 3 towels on the shelf the xbox sits on and top sheets and blankets underneath along with an extra towel. Now with a dresser that has way more space I put clothes in it. There's also two towels in my bottom drawer, they're new with tags still. Lol. I hung two 3m command hooks on the side of my dresser. I still want to get another 2 pack and have 4 on the side. Even though I don't know what else will hang there. My hair brush doesn't fit on the hook which was one of the things I wanted to hang. My keys and change purse will go there at least. Maybe the flashlight. Hmmm... Maybe if I do 3 on the side and then 1 on the side of my "nightstand" I could hang my purse on it. I can't hang it on the side of the dresser because it would be in the way of walking through the door. 

The only clean clothes left are all shirts that need to be hung. I can hang them tomorrow. But I'll also have to wash clothes tomorrow night. I'll need a clean work shirt for Friday. I need to also wash my quilt. It's covered in Kreasy dirt and there's like a huge stain, like from him licking the blanket or himself and then laying down. I don't know. But I can't deal with it any longer than tonight. (I only noticed it tonight.) 

I still can't really get over how we found ourselves "homeless" but am grateful that J's parents were able to let us stay here. I went to the old house tonight and got a few things from the garage and got the mail. That reminds me, guess I should do a change of address, maybe? I didn't the last 2 times that I moved cause I was able to still pick up mail if I got any. This time, I can't really do that if people could be living there. 


Nail care routines.

Ive been reading all day about nail care routines. I want to improve my nails and the skin around my nails. I might start taking biotin and I really need to start moisturizing on a daily basis, maybe even several times a day. 

I drove my car to the barn today and emptied out my car. I also brought up a few things. A garbage can and garbage bags and I put that on the porch. I also brought up Kreasy's water and food bowl and put them in the porch and put his dog food bag out there too. Our soap dispenser from the master bathroom still has soap in it so it's in the bathroom here now. I brought in my little broom and dust pan. Kreasy keeps getting dirt on the bed and then I brush it all to the floor so I swept that up today. I still have dirty towels in the car and 2-3 rolls of paper towels, all of them aren't full rolls either. I can bring some inside and leave one in the trunk of the car. Not sure what else is floating around in my car but there were some odds and ends still in there. I put the vacuum in the garage and need to clean it all up. 

I want to buy some hooks and stick them on the dresser for my keys, change purse and name tag and maybe my hair brush if it'll fit on whatever I buy. Those things are all sitting on top of the dresser but can hang on hooks. The box of dishes need to be brought to the barn, I forgot to do that today. I can do that Saturday, my next day off. J's entertainment center has a ton of empty unused space that could be used for stuff. It needs to be dusted and cleaned and then I could use it to store the towels and sheets! Totally just realized that. My nail polish containers might fit on either side of his xbox. They're just sitting here on the floor in the way. I'll work on cleaning the room and organizing it when he closes so that I'm not getting in his way. And if I get empty boxes tomorrow at work I can empty the dresser out and then can hopefully empty out one of these laundry baskets. I have two laundry baskets in here with clean clothes and I need at least one of them out of my way. 

I want some cookies. Or ice cream or something sweet. 



We looked at the apartment and it is smaller than what we've been used to but it's fine, we are just two people. The yard was bigger than I thought and because it's a corner unit, the yard goes partly on the side too with the fence. We would be able to move in around the 15th BUT he wants 6 weeks of rent really. He said he would want $795 x2, $250x2 for the pets and then 2 weeks of rent since he collects rent on the first and not the 15th. So $2490 altogether. By the 15th. Sigh. James doesn't want to do it. He wants to wait and save up some more. But the rent is good. It's under $800 which is what we wanted and that's been hard to find. Everything's been over $800 and then they also all want 3x that plus pet deposits. I do think his pet deposits are a bit ridiculous especially since it's non refundable and it's the same for a cat and a dog. I emailed my dad about how much the guy would want and we'll see if he offers me the money before I have to ask. 

I asked James if he'd bring the mini fridge and microwave up to the house if we ended up having to stay here. He said there's hardly any room. I told him I would make room. Lol. If I eliminated the "nightstand" then they could go on my side of the bed. I didn't mention to him that I would also be bringing my toaster in here too then but I can carry it so I didn't think I needed to mention that. Lol. When I go to work on Wednesday I need to find a box to bring home so I can empty out the dresser. I have clothes in there I really don't need right now. Then I can put stuff in there that we do use and used to sit on the top shelf in the closet. Pants, towels and sheets. I can take out the dividers in the top drawer and I can fit more in there then. 

If I had known prior to Friday evening that we wouldn't be moving into JF's house then I would have packed differently. I would have already packed up the dresser and re packed it for living here. I would have packed stuff for living in a bedroom. I'm so not used to not having most of stuff with me. I'm not used to not having my own space either. I've lived on my own for 7 years. 3 years was completely by myself and 4 has been with J now. It's an adjustment. 

I need to shut off the electric and Internet to the house. 

A possible apartment?

We've wanted to rent a house but would look at apartments too if they met our requirements. J wanted a fenced in yard for Kreasy. I wanted tile floors because of the pets and their various issues. We wanted the rent to be under $800. It's been hard to find a house under $800 with all tile that allowed pets or dogs over 30lbs. Today I saw an apartment on Craigslist and it has what we want. It's a 2/2, has a private fenced in backyard and tile floors. The rent is $795. I emailed him that it's two adults, a 45 lb black lab and a cat and he said we can see the apartment tomorrow at 315pm. It's a triplex I believe. The ad says corner unit. Here's the listing.

It's in Cape Coral so we should be able to transfer our electric to there and only have to pay a transfer fee of $30. We would need $1895 to move in and we don't have that. Our next payday is the 10th. The ad says someone could move in around the 15th. If he would take a holding deposit from now until we got paid again, I would be okay with moving in later. I already told him in my email we were living with family right now so we didn't have a move out date to worry about. Or if he wanted all the money this week and we could get the keys this week, well I'd be calling daddy right then and begging him to borrow money. 

The apartment is smaller than what we've been used to for 3 years but we just don't need to bring everything we own right now. Like the garage fridge. We don't need that there. Jacie- want a full size fridge in your room? We won't mind. J and I would have to decide who gets which room for their fun stuff. Should we use the living room as our bedroom and then each get a bedroom for our tv, computer, book, video game rooms? Our fun rooms. Lol. Or should we use a bedroom as a bedroom and the second one as J's room and then I can use the living room as my fun room. J's messy and I can close a door to his mess then. It has w/d hookups so that's a good plus. That way we can bring them with us. I could probably leave one or both of my white bookcases here. 

I'm a little excited about seeing this!


New top coat to try?

I might have to try that in the near future. I've been using seche vite for a year now. I'm on my 3rd bottle and while I love the drying time, it does shrink sometimes. I also don't think it works great for when you want to get a few days out of a manicure. Sometimes I don't want to paint my nails every other day. 

And while I'm thinking of ordering stuff, I don't know what I should do for our address change. I don't know how likely it is that we'd find a place to live in the next 5 days but after the 31st, I don't think I should be going to the old address and getting our mail. Maybe I'll change our addresses to J's parents anyways this week just so there won't be problems in the future of lost mail. I can change most stuff online but like my salliemae one I can't because I'm locked out of my account. Lol. 

I need to also go to the post office and mail my pony tail. I'll buy new stamps then too. I think I only bought stamps one time in 2013! And I don't have any that are actually from 2013. They all say 2012 or 2011. So I think I should be allowed to buy new stamps. Lol.

When we move, I want to do a "we moved" photo and make photo cards and mail them to family and friends. 

The day is over.

I'm in bed which is in Punta Gorda tonight. We've moved nearly everything we own onto J's parents property. Everything is either in the barn or the house. The only things left at the house are my computer chair, the black rugs, the carpet steam cleaner, the vacuum, broom and the garage fridge. Not sure what else is there. Oh the swifter. We'll need to sweep, mop and vacuum the floors. And clean the master bathroom. The yard still needs tending to. I think that's it. We changed the blinds out today. We also cleaned the front bathroom and kitchen and finished packing today. 

The toaster oven is still at the house. My subway cookies are in it. I kept wanting to eat them today but then I would forget about them and each time I thought about it I wasn't near the kitchen. Then at some point I was like oh we're bringing the toaster oven to the house and so I'll eat my cookies there. We all went to dinner, J and I went back to the house and I saw the toaster oven and saw my cookies in there but once again, I was at the moment doing something then I forgot. And now 3 hours later, I'm thinking about my cookies again and they're not here! 

Kreasy isn't happy. He keeps walking out on the porch and doing whatever then coming back inside and walking around. He jumps on the bed and I shoo him off. He'll lay down on the blanket on the floor then get up and walk in circles, lay back down, then get up and go back on the porch and then come back i side and jump on the bed and we repeat. 

He's probably anxious about being in a new place. 

I took my "falling asleep pill" and then I remembered I hadn't taken my "stay asleep pills" yet and I usually take them about 5 hours before I want to go to bed because it takes them that long to sort of make me sleepy... They may or may not make me sleepy but it's not immediate. Then they help me stay asleep for 8 hours (give or take) and can make me groggy when I get up. If I take them earlier then I'm not as groggy and I won't sleep in much. Buuuuuuut I forgot and so I took them around midnight and so I'll probably regret it tomorrow. Lol. I'm off work tomorrow so no big deal. I did take a lower dose than I normally take in the hopes that maybe I won't sleep until 3pm and/or not be groggy. 

I say 3pm because this just recently happened!! It was when J did his two overnights. I was off Saturday and so I stayed up late and I took my normal dose at midnight instead of my normal 6-7pm and then I woke up around 11am and was like blaaaaaaaaaaaaah, sooooo groggy zzzzzzzzzz and I promptly fall back to sleep til 315. !!! 315! 

And good night. 


I'm not ready.

I'm so not ready for the property people to come over at 11. I'm so not ready for J's parents coming over and helping us move out. We don't have a home to move into. 

Time for sleep. Alarm is going off at 8am. Then my horrible day will start.

I had to fix this. 

I bought this today though. 

The blinds will be fixed tomorrow hopefully. Don't know if it'll be done before or after the scheduled showing. 

Okay, good night.


Panic attack maybe?

I don't like making phone calls or answering the phone or talking on the phone. If you actually get me on the phone, I will want to make it the shortest phone call ever. If I have to make a phone call to someone I will drag my feet forever on doing so. I'll wait til the last possible minute. 

I'm not good at saying no or confrontation of any sorts. 

J text me saying that the property management group scheduled a showing for Saturday at 1030am and he asked me to call them and tell them to fuck off. They've been calling him and leaving messages asking him to call them back and he hasn't. What am I supposed to say? The house isn't ready, it's a disaster and if you come over those people won't want to rent it AND you'll want to not give us any of our deposit back. 

I'm freaking out. I don't want to call them. I don't want to be here on Saturday morning. Why would they schedule a showing if they haven't even seen the house to know the condition of the house? 

I'm going to find a hole to crawl into now. Bye.


More blah blah blah.

I just realized I had two posts sitting there as drafts.

Ate my pizza and started watching a show on Hulu and then paused it to look at something on the iPad. And then like 2 hours later, the show is still paused and I've been all over the web! 

I finally painted my nails last night. Brown or neutral or tan or beige. Something like that. It has a shimmer to it. It's a nice enough neutral color but I'm way more into color, bright, happy and glitter. Lots of glitter. It's some random brand called Smootch and the name is Love Letter. 

But now I want to take it off and paint my nails some other color. 

I packed most of my books up last night. I have 9 boxes sitting here. There's some random paperbacks floating around the house that aren't boxed up and then there are 4 heavy hardcover books sitting on top of my bookcase that didn't fit into my boxes. I wouldn't normally put the heavy books into a box but I had so many and I figure that J would be like I can carry it. The last box that I packed is really super heavy. I think even J would say its heavy but I'm sure he'll still pick it up.
There's some of my boxes. Yup, I numbered the boxes. I would probably cry for a day if I lost a box of books. Depending on the box, I might cry for a week! Some of my books are from my moms house when I was a child. The books that were at my dad's house are still at his house all boxed up. Some of the books that were at my moms are really old. A bunch are from the 40s to the 60s and they're all kid books!

Here's a picture of some of the more current books... 

At my dad's I have probably 300 or more books. I have probably close to 300 here. I had 290 at last count but I'm sure I didn't count the ones that weren't on the bookcase at the time. And the majority of the books at my dad's are The Babysitters Club books which I had almost 200 of those and then I had 100 more of everything else. But that's counting all the books I had my entire childhood. I had a ton go golden books and all sorts of other kid books (including the Dr. Seuss books I got Mason!) and then there are the BSC books and other stuff that I read from about 8 years old to 13-15 and then whatever books I got in high school. 

I have to go to the bathroom. I better turn the water on so that I can potty (though there is water in the toilet so I should have 1 flush for each toilet!!!) and brush my teeth and go to bed. 

Here's some other random pictures. 
My rings from the (Coupon code FROGGC10 for 10% off.)

Target has the cutest baby clothes.

I saw another onesie I *have* to get. It's a Valentines one and says something about auntie spoiling me or something. Don't remember what exactly but it's similar to this... I can't find the one that said aunt on their website. But it was red and the same company. Target still has the Halloween one on their site yet the new one isn't on there. 

We have pipes in our backyard for the well and it's been leaking water the past two months or so and we've wanted to somehow hide the fact that there's anything wrong with it but never did anything. It's just been a drip but today it was shooting water out and had the same drip. So I finally walked over there to see what was going on. There was already caulking on there!!!!!! This house is 7-8years old and yet it has the stupidest things wrong with it that shouldn't be messed up. We moved in 3 years ago so the house was 4-5 years old and had already had a problem there that had been "fixed". So anyways, when J got home, he turned the well off (which means we have no water) and once all the water was drained from the well, it stopped dripping so I put more caulk on it. The caulk says it takes 36 hours to dry before it can be exposed to water.... Well I'm not going 36 hours without water. I'll give it a few hours and turn it back on and hope then that it has dried enough so it doesn't leak. And if it still leaks, I guess I'll wait til we've moved out and I'll turn it off again and try it again. 

So what else is wrong with this house???? The outside of the house has 3 outlets (I think). 1 at the front by the front door and then 1 by the back door and they don't work. There's 1 for the well and it works. There might be one on the side of the house where the sprinkler control is but the sprinklers don't work because there's also no electricity to it. There are 2 outlets in the garage that also don't work. All of the breakers are on and when I found out that the outside outlets don't work, I did stand there and flip breakers to try to get them to work but nothing helped it. It's weird though because I think if I remember correctly, the garage breaker is on its own breaker and the sprinkler on its own and no idea what the outside outlets were on. But the well has electric, our outside lights work, the garage lightbulb works and there is an outlet on the ceiling, by the lightbulb and it works. But those 5 other things just never got turned on??? 

Then the light switch in our bathroom for the main lights doesn't work properly, you have to press on it harder than needed for it to work. Or maybe you'll get lucky and get it the first time. You never know.

Then other light switches and outlets throughout the whole house sink into the wall. They're not supposed to do that. They make these things called spacers to fix that very problem. But why is it even a problem in such a new house? 

I could go on but my pizza is here and I'm going to go eat. Lol



How does an AC intake vent (is that what's called?) get this dirty? 
That was in one of the bedrooms. The other 3 in the other bedrooms weren't that bad but that one was horrible. But so all the AC filters have been changed out and I've wiped all the dust off the bedroom vents. But the living room needs to be cleaned but it's harder to do for some reason. J changed the filter already.

We needed light bulbs for the bathrooms, 1 in the hall bathroom and 5 in the master bathroom. Hall is clear and master is white. So we bought them and I put all the new ones in. We had 1 white and 2 clear left (they come in packs of 3). Like 2 days later, there was a bulb burned out in the master bathroom. I was like what the eeeeeef. But it was a dusty bulb so that means it was an old one, lol. I replaced it tonight too. 

The clothes from before are dry, just need to put them away. (Maybe). There are clothes in the dryer now that should just about be dry. There are whites in the washer now. I used bleach this time. J had left one of his white work shirts on the couch and it was covered in dirt and blood (not covered but spatter) from the dog or cat scratching at fleas. So hopefully I can save the shirt. 

I changed the bed sheet. I packed up the stuff in the bedroom plus stuff from the master bathroom and closet. I took stuff down off the walls. There is a shelf still up in the back bedroom and then some screws from other shelves in there. J's hulk clock is still on the wall I think. I also have 2 sets of hooks in the front room. 

I need to measure the blinds!!!! 

Oh here's what else I've worked on tonight... 

Holes in the wall in the garage. From what? From throwing knives. Don't ask.

My day off.

I'm off wrk today and J is closing. Go figure. Then he is working overnight at his store Friday and Saturday for floors. He's off Sunday and theeeeeeeen...... Then he starts working at his new store Monday morning at 7am. Yup, that's right, he got transferred. 

I have put some clothes away, I have a load of clothes in the dryer right now. I wrote out some checks for some of my medical bills. I packed 2 boxes up. I need to put a third one together and bring it into the bedroom and put pack the stuff up in here. It's not a lot of stuf so I just need to do it and get it over with. I cleaned out one of the closets in the back bedroom and the other closet is half empty now. The shelf is empty at least. I need to remember to take the recycling and garbage cans out tonight. And J will need to take the mattresses out to the street tonight. I should get up now and see if the clothes in the dryer are dry yet and start working on the box for the bedroom. 

I wonder if my Mountain Dew is cold yet. 



Someone reminded me of my Popples from when I was a child. I had two (maybe three) Popples stuffed toys, a tricycle, a book and a plastic cup. I still have the book, it's at my dad's in the shed though. But I THINK I have the orange big Popple and the small white Popple here. And I have the cup here too. The tricycle is long gone. It was plastic and I rode that thing til it couldn't be ridden anymore. I know the cup is packed away now and is at J's parents place. But I think the stuffed animals are still here. 

I think we found a house. The price is right. It has tile floors. But we haven't seen it or pictures yet. But he only wants $1300 to move in and is waiving the pet deposit. Soooo... We don't care how it looks at this point. 

I am ready for work and have time to kill but don't really want to do anything. So I've just been sitting in bed playing on the iPad. I need to write a letter tonight and mail it to Lilly and tell her we're moving so she doesn't mail me any letters right now. 

I'm off work tomorrow. I have a long mental list of things I need to do. 

Oh I need to check my email!!!


Nail art center.

Walgreens is going to have a nail art center on the cosmetic wall but I don't know how big this will be or what's going in it. I still have to wait a few more weeks to see it. The wait is driving me nuts. Lol. I'm hoping I can see the planograms for it this week. 

I'm going to sneeze.

I can feel a sneeze coming on. I have sneezed so many times in the past 2 months, it's stupid.

Jacie gave me the idea of making a list of some sort of all my nail polishes. So I've started. I don't know if I like the way I'm doing it but it works. I'm using these white note cards I have. I have 3 cards started and that's because I would start a new card when I wrote down the left side of the card. 

First I sorted all my Sinful's out into numerical order. I wrote sinful on the back of the card and then on the front, I wrote the number and the name then put a dot of the nail color. I did the entire left side of the card. Then I started my second card which was random polish card. So far it has Orly, Del Sol, Born Pretty, Rimmel, E.L.F.... Not sure if anything else is on there. Then I started the third card which says Sally Hansen on the back. I didn't finish that left column. I was tired. But I couldn't start on the 2nd columns because the polishes weren't dry yet and my hand would have been in the polish. Lol... So I figure they'll dry tonight and tomorrow I can start the 2nd columns. 

We went to Walmart tonight and spent $81 on cleaning supplies for this house. Toilet bowl cleaner, all purpose cleaner and swifter floor cleaner were all replacements for my almost empty bottles. We bought 3 bottles of vinegar and 2 boxes of baking soda. We've used 1 of each already in the front room. I think J poured too much vinegar but he's like we can't make it any worse. I guess he has a point. Except that the carpet is SOAKED in vinegar. Well part of it anyways. We also blocked off the front room so that Kreasy can't get in there. 

Tomorrow I need to do some laundry, empty out the hall closet, dismantle my day bed, tape the box in the laundry room up... Put some more boxes together for the stuff in the tv room. 


I want to make a list of all my nail polishes now. 

I want to start right now. As in tonight or tomorrow instead of packing. I should be packing. 

Or watching Bones.