An apartment update of sorts....

So I was all hopeful at first that we'd have a nice looking apartment for me to blog about. The opposite happened. The walls are BABY POOP BROWN. Plus they didn't do a good job. They ran out of paint. So you can see the white underneath the first coat of the brown paint. The kitchen cabinets are in need of being repaired. There's water damage to the bottom ones and the uppers are okay, they're just old. There are brown upper and lower cabinets and those are over 30 years old. I THINK they were first installed somewhere in 1979 and then in the 90s when the apartment was built they were installed here. Then there's a newer white cabinet that is just a lower cabinet. It's okay for the most part. It has tile on top and the side/back of it. There are some loose tiles on the side that could probably be fixed easily enough. The ceiling fans and lights are outdated but work for the most part. We have three windows and they all have blinds but one needs to be replaced because it was damaged by the last tenant but J and I bought and installed two new ones for the other windows. There's 12 feet of sliding glass doors and the tracks need to be cleaned out so that the doors slide again. It has vertical blinds and some of them are broken, yellowed and/or have roach poop on them. Sigh. Let's talk about the roach problem now (quickly and then I'll move on)... When we moved in there were so many roaches in the kitchen and bathroom. We got rid of all of them finally. It still scares me to put stuff in any of the kitchen cabinets. I did finally start using the bathroom medicine cabinets though. Then the roaches came back to the bathroom last week. I've been dealing with that again. UUUUUGGGG. My landlady (S) has pest control coming out tomorrow. I won't be here but J will be so that he can let them into the apartment. So moving on. The bathrooms has some damage in the shower that needs to be repaired plus it needs to be repainted, including the doors. There's a couple renting a bedroom on S's side and the man does handy man type stuff so he's been doing a lot around here and I'm going to have him work on things in my bathroom. I'm going to have him just paint everything white again. The front door needs to be painted but I don't know what color because of the house color. The colors I would want don't go with any of the house colors. 

I really want to make the apartment pretty but I don't even know where to start since it actually needs so much love. I figure I can start with the bathroom. I can probably paint the medicine cabinets myself and change out the light switches/covers and outlet and its cover. Then the guy can do the painting of the walls, ceiling and doors and do the tile work that needs to be done. I want to buy a new light and he can switch it out. Also I'm supposed to have a new faucet installed BUUUUUUUT S's daughter brought over a bathroom sink that S wants to try to install in my bathroom. It's a round copper sink and is really fancy and I have no idea if it would work. It would need some sort of base for it plus we would need to create some sort of countertop with it. If we used it, that would change all of the other updates I would do in there. I like silver as my metal color but I'm not going to mix silver with copper. So we'll see. 

I've got to go work on some more laundry and some other things. Olivia (oh my god, I need to make a post about her!!!) is at the vets today getting spayed and I can pick her up from 330-5 and S is taking me. I'll take some photos of the apartment and post them as before pictures. Maybe, it all looks so bad that I'm not sure if I can handle people seeing the apartment.


I hate everything.

So I bought some stuff to make me feel better. I bought four bottles of a nail strengthener from a brand called Qtica, Zoya is their parent company. I bought the large bottle, .5 oz and it's normally $20 a bottle but they had a sale of 70% off so it was $6 a bottle. !!!! An amazing deal because that's even cheaper than buying OPI's Nail Envy which is about $8-$10 on Amazon. So it would be $80 full price and I only paid $24 and I think shipping was $6. 

I also bought two packs of facial wipes I got in my Ipsy this year. Woo. I bought some Klorane shampoo too. I tried the shampoo out from my Allure box.


Greatest post ever!!!

We moved! I'm so flipping happy about it. We moved back into my old apartment where I lived December 2006-July 2010 by myself. J lived there with me from July 2010 to January 2011. The entire apartment needs a lot of work and love. There were only two tenants after us and they didn't take care of it. The one who moved in after me was a hoarder and then after that was a young couple with dogs and later on a baby. They didn't clean ever it looks like. The kitchen has German roaches and that is my worst nightmare. They broke a bedroom window that still needs to be fixed. They kicked in the shower and it needs to be fixed. When the shower was kicked in, they didn't say anything, they just put plastic over it and kept using it. So then mold happened and it effected the drywall. So my friend's fiancé is supposed to be fixing it. But... He hasn't finished yet. He started on Friday and then never came back. The last tenants painted all the walls brown. Ugly brown. Not beige. Brown. We also have a lot of stuff that is dirty too because it's been in storage for almost 3 years. So we're unpacking and having to clean everything. It's going to be a lot of work but I am excited to be able to make it into our home.

I don't know if I want to post before pictures, lol. 


Japanese stationery!!!

So I'm not sure how widely this is known outside of family and friends but I LOVE stationery. Paper, envelopes, stickers and stamps- love, love, love! I have a friend who I have been writing to for over ten years. It's less than 16 but way over 10. I'll say 13 years. She's lived in several states and cities and I've moved a few times but all in FL and we just keep writing letters and postcards to each other. We're FB friends but we don't really use that to keep in touch nor do we talk on the phone, sometimes we text but not often. We just write! 

Well in two weeks she's going to Japan and I am so excited for her. I just sent her some money through PayPal so she can buy me a ton of stationery. She asked me what did I want and I told her it didn't matter and then said what do you want because I'll just be mailing it back to you, lol. 

Japan has the BEST paper products. They have washi tape! I don't have a ton of washi tape and I don't use it much but that's mainly because I didn't buy any until we moved in here and so I don't have a big use for it but I'm sure if I had the space to do stuff with it I would buy more of it. I don't have a planner either right now. Maybe when we move, I'll get another one and then I'll have another use for it along with having the space to do DIY and craft projects and can do cute stuff with the tape. 

Anyways. Yes, Japan has the cutest stuff especially all of their stationery supplies. 


It's my birthday!!!!!

We're on our way to Sea World for my birthday. And we've got a hotel tonight in Orlando. It's our favorite hotel, Holiday Inn Express. I don't know what else we're doing in Orlando. We might see Civil War again at either unversial or at Disney springs (used to be called downtown Disney). We might also go to a mall, I wanted a new bra for my birthday and so we can go to Victoria's Secret and get one or two there. Maybe some new pretty underwear too. 

When we get back home tomorrow I'll take a picture of presents and cards. But for now here's a picture of the best card ever. 

It's from Jacie and Dean and their son (my future nephew) Mason. 

Maybe I should blur my birth year out so no one knows how old I am. 

In other news hopefully when I get back to work I can start my pharmacy training again. It's been two weeks since I did anything with it. I was sick and then this week I only worked Sunday to Tuesday. Sunday is tags and then front register. Monday was front register because someone else was on vacation and then deliveries. Tuesday was supposed to be floor working on truck but then the photo person had to go to Miami for something so I was in photo but then the front person went home and I was up front 12-3 and then did deliveries. Luckily my store manager got the deliveries ready and one of the shift leads went to two places and I went to 3. But the third person wasn't home. 

Then I am on a five day vacation so hopefully Monday will resume my training. I thought I was going for my pharmacy certification. To do that I have to go to classes and have books, books that get ordered through the store. But I asked my store manager about it but he said he's not having me do the certification and I'm just getting registered. I asked J about it and he said it's not his choice that I have to do the certification for the designated hitter program and that even if I'm just getting registered that I would still need to take the classes and have the books. So I'm just going to talk to my pharmacy manager about it. 

I didn't paint my nails for my birthday but I brought everything with me so that I can paint my nails later.