I am sleepy right now and so I can't put together a decent post full of photos and writings about nothing. But here's a picture of what I've been working on tonight. 

And I'll have a review of Essie Good to Go top coat and to see how it compares with seche vite. 

I'll also post about the Busch Gardens trip we took, the dentist and how many different toothbrushes, toothpastes I have to carry around with me and how many times I have to brush my teeth in a day now. 


Pretty pictures.

We saw a double rainbow this past week one day. I think Monday? (The 7th)
On Sunday I broke down and got a fountain Mountain Dew from Buffalo Wild Wings. It was 
amazing. (The 6th)

Here's some pictures from my trip to hobby lobby. Fabrics for my mom to maybe buy.

Here's a hook I bought for her shop. My idea is to hang it on a piece of wood and then hang the bags from it.  At least then it could be carried around to different places that you want to photograph it at. I haven't decided what the fake wall will be made out of or look like yet. 

Does anyone want to buy my car? It's still pretty.


Phone calls and a cavity.

I've made 2 phone calls in the past week! I had to call my doctor to find out when my next appointment was and then I called back a few days later to reschedule my appointment. So now I have 2 appointments on the same day in August. Sigh. I need to also make an appointment with a dentist. I guess I'll go to the same dentist I went to in 2012(?) in Fort Myers. I was on a new medicine and it messed with my gums really bad. I stopped taking the medicine in June and my gums are slowly going back to normal. But I think my teeth shifted during all that and now I think I have a cavity. Which would be my first one in 20 years or more. The only cavity I've ever had was in a baby tooth and they didn't do anything. It was loose already and I think they went ahead and pulled it while I was at the orthodontist or maybe they just let it fall out on its own. I kept the tooth and didn't put it under my pillow. It's in a jewelry box somewhere. Lol. I had 2 teeth pulled when I was about 13 to make more room in my mouth for my teeth. I don't have enough room in my gums for all my teeth so they're completely overcrowded. And with the ehlers danlos syndrome, my teeth shift all the time anyways. So when the medicine really messed them up, my teeth just get pushed out of place. I was supposed to have 4 teeth pulled when I was 13 but it really freaked me out that they wanted to pull perfectly healthy teeth so I only let them do 2. I should have listened to them and had them do all 4. I don't know now if I made the right choice because my teeth are still messed up after having braces for 8 years. Part of that though is I had to stop wearing my retainers after a few months. Or a few weeks, don't really remember. But they stopped fitting me and my parents didn't take me back to have them redone. Plus my wisdom teeth are impacted. They don't bother me though and my mom's dentist said that if they don't hurt me then don't have them pulled. Let them stay where they are. I am so terrified of the dentist. I didn't go from the age of 16 to 29 or 30. I guess I was 29 and it was in 2011 that I went. It was!! I thought I first got my insurance in 2012 but it was in 2011. I went twice in 2011, once in 2012 and once in 2013. I was supposed to go in November 2013 but because of what happened to me in November I never went and never rescheduled. As long as there's no problems, I don't mind the cleanings. But I'm afraid that they'll find something and I'll need a filling or something else. And I'm terrified of needles in my mouth. If I have a cavity now, I'm going to need to be put under. I'll also see if I should have any teeth pulled (like the 2 that should have been done when I was 13) and just have it done at once. I want to get braces again and I'm sure the orthodontist will tell me to get the teeth pulled first. Maybe even have my wisdom teeth taken out. Aaaaaahhhh. It's all so scary. I need to go to sleep.


Random Monday Photos.

Here are some random photos. I've been trying to help my mom with ideas for her embroidery shop so I have a bunch of screen shots and photos on my iPad so here's a few of them. 

Here's a photo of the ducks "attacking" me at work. 
Kreasy has a bed in the closet now. It all started because he needed a place to hide during a thunderstorm. Now he loves sleeping in there even if there is no storm. The first picture is the first night he went in there, during a storm. The second picture is from last night when he was just in there to be in there.


Sunday goals.

I haven't done a weekly goal list in a while so tonight, I thought that I should do that. I was mentally going through what I needed to do when I reminded myself of the Sunday goals.

-Remove my nail polish Monday before work and use just the OPI Nail Envy. My left thumb nail was breaking at the sides and I almost caught it and ripped it off a few times today. So I finally cut it off. I don't like short nails and dark colors. And the thumb nail is too short, it's below the end of my finger. And I am totally thinking about it right now and it's driving me bonkers. 

-Call the dentist. Get the number before I go to sleep and save it so I actually do this.

-Call my PCP and try to get a late morning or early afternoon appointment on August 26th. Same thing  with getting the phone number.

-Look up blood work place and make sure it's covered by my insurance. Get blood work done on Thursday if the new place is covered otherwise go back to LabCorp.

-Finish my book finally. It's only taken me over a month. 

-Start a new book but not the 2nd one in this series. Lol.

-Wash the other sheet and change it. The clean sheet is already covered in dog hair. Apparently it hid the dog hair even though it's a light color sheet!!! This white one though is driving me batty. 

-What else can I put on here? 

-Come up with ideas for my mom.

-Sweep the floor, maybe mop it. Shake out the rugs and wash 2 of them. Maybe 4. 

-Wash J's blanket and pillowcases. Plus my green blanket. I wasn't very nice and only washed my pillowcases and 1 of my blankets. But to be fair, I did wash his jeans and they're even dry for him for tomorrow. 

-Oh yeah put the clean laundry away. 

-Stop typing right now and read some of my book. Or email my mom the ideas I have in my head right now. I will probably not look up the dentist phone number tonight. I will probably just read until I fall asleep. What time do I work tomorrow? 1pm. I can totally sleep in. I just took a 3rd gabapentin just so I can fall back to sleep in the morning when he goes to work and so I can sleep past 10am. Several days this week J has woke me up around 10am and this drives me coo coo. If I wake up before that on my own it's okay. If I wake up by an alarm I set before that, that will probably be okay. I prefer the waking up on my own thing and between 10 and 11 is when it usually happens. So when he wakes me up by opening/closing the bedroom door a few times and then practically jumping up and down on the bed and turning the tv/xbox on because he's going to watch tv now apparently. Plus he's been playing this new 3DS game and it's annoyingly loud and tonight it made me want to my ears out. He doesn't ask me if it's okay to do this stuff. He just does it. When I've woken up before him, I usually either read or play on the iPad and if I really want to watch a DVD then I ask him if it'll bother him. The answer is no it won't, are you sure? I can wait til you're awake, no it's fine. So I'll watch something. Sometimes. But I always ask!



I was nervous about telling everyone about this place but so far I haven't crawled into a hole to hide. J's 10 year high school reunion is next Saturday. I wasn't sure what I was going to wear and bought some short heels the other night at Target. There were another pair I wanted way more but they had a much longer heel on them and I can barely walk in sneakers so I decided to be safe and go with the much shorter ones. I have a black and white dress I bought about 6 years ago and never wore and was going to finally wear it but eeeehhh.... We went to Kohl's today and I looked at stuff there and bought a black skirt and a red sleeveless blouse. Here's a picture of me trying it on.
Here's the back. 

And here's the whole outfit. 

I cropped my head out. Lol. J's school color was red (and black?) so he's wearing a red tie and black shirt and pants. So now I'll match him. The only thing I'm excited about is painting my nails to match!!! I'll do red and black and try to do some sort of nail art. It's been so long since I've done any sort of nail art. I don't have as much room now so I end up just painting them now. But I'll try to do something for Saturday. We went to Big Lots too today but they didn't have any of the polishes I wanted to look at. http://nouveaucheap.blogspot.com/2014/07/new-big-lots-and-dollar-tree-sightings.html#more

Oh well that's probably a good thing. I need to rearrange my nail polish helmer. Some drawers are full whereas others barely have anything in them. I have 6 drawers for nail polish and the other helmer is nail supplies and other random things that I need to put somewhere. Like sunscreen. I have that in there. 

I just bought some cosmetic wedges so that I can finally try my hand at gradients. http://www.thenailasaurus.com/2012/04/gradient-nails-picture-tutorial.html

I will also one day try water marbling. But both techniques are messy so they've never been high on my list of things to try. I don't even bother with regular clean up so yeah. 

I better go. I need to see if the washer is done and then if it is... I gotta paint my nails. I'm going to use Zoya's Mimi!


Mosquitos are annoying.

There are probably 50 mosquitos in our room right now. I've killed about 10-15 tonight. It's so ridiculous. To use our room AC we have to have this hose go out the window. So there's a hole in the screen for that and I taped paper up to cover the hole and for the most part, it keeps bugs out. The window is always open now though. We don't always have mosquitos in our room so I'm not sure why tonight there are SO MANY. I'll have to check tomorrow and see if there's a hole in the screen that they're coming through.  We didn't open the sliding glass door after it got dark. That's how they get in usually. J let Kreasy out at some point but it was still sunny. I asked J if he closed the door all the way. He said he did and then he even checked to make sure. Lol. I just looked over in the corner by J and there are 11 just right there!!!!! Ug. I am so mentally freaking out right now. 

Anyways. My nails are painted. I haven't painted them in probably a month. At least 3 weeks. Yup. I just checked and it's been 3 weeks and a day since I painted them last. Crazy. 

So I used Zoya Robyn as an accent on my right hand and then did it on the other fingers on the left hand. For the other 5 nails I did Essie Secret Story. So the right hand 4 other nails and the left hand's accent nail are Secret Story. I'll take pictures tomorrow. I also decided afterwards I should have picked out red and dark blue for 4th of July so maybe I'll take my pictures and then redo them in USA colors. They look kind of patriotic right now. But Secret Story is hot pink and hot pink is not patriotic. 

I need to take my pill and watch an episode of Longmire to give my nails adequate time to dry. They're probably dry by now but I like to give them an hour before I do anything. So good night. For real.


Earlier this year (or in December?) there was a zoya nail polish promotion where you got 3 free nail polishes but you had to pay the shipping. Shipping for the 3 bottles was $12 so it came out to be $4 a bottle for Zoya nail polish. I was so excited. I had never tried that brand before but I had seen so many colors I liked in the past *2 years or so that I've been obsessed with nail polish. Their nail polishes are $9 and $10 each. Pixie dust polishes (textured) are $10 and almost everything else is $9. I think there are a few others that aren't textured that are $10. Like Monet which is a glitter top coat is $10 and then I think there's a few other "special" ones like that but all the regular colors are $9 so they're expensive! So $12 for 3 bottles??? Heck yes, I did it and I love the colors. I bought Mimi (because my grandmother went by Mimi), Robyn and Zuza. Mimi is a dark royal metallic purple polish, Robyn is a blue (turquoise) creme (like a robin's egg!) and Zuza is a teal shimmer metallic polish. Here's a post from My Simple Little Pleasures that shows Mimi http://mysimplelittlepleasures.blogspot.com/2010/06/notd-zoya-mimi.html here's Robyn from The Polish Aholic and finally Zuza from Let Them Have Polish http://www.letthemhavepolish.com/2012/04/zoya-surf-collection-swatches-and-recap.html. I hope the ladies don't mind if I share their posts. I'm a huge fan of Let Them Have Polish so everyone should follow her. 

So now... Why am I babbling about Zoya today?? Because they're doing the free 3 bottles promotion again right now!!!!! http://blog.zoya.com/Moment/Celebrate+Color+Freedom+NOW+Fourth+of+July+Promotion!/?Moment=1883 

So I spent forever picking out my 3 colors. I had a bunch of colors in my cart and saw that if you spend $30 they also gave you a free sample of their nail polish remover. I wasn't going to spend more than the $12 but I decided in the end to go ahead and splurge. They also have 4th of July sets for $15 and those have 3 bottles in them so that makes those shades $5 a bottle which is a great deal too. So what did I end up getting today? I ordered 8 bottles of nail polish altogether and with shipping my total was $45 which ends up being $5.63 a bottle. I got the Festive Fireworks Trio which has Sarah, Trixie and Song in it. Then my single bottles are Binx (because of my kitty), Stassi, Aurora, Dillon and Rebel. I wanted Rebel last time so I went ahead and got it now. I can't wait to get everything. I'm so excited. They're also sending a 1oz sample of Lemongrass lotion too. Plus the 2oz sample of their nail polish remover. So it's an awesome deal for Zoya nail polish. If I bought these polishes by themselves it would be $72 and shipping would be free for orders over $55. I almost was going to bump my order up to $55 to get the free shipping. But I would have had to bought 3 more polishes to get to $55 and I would have actually end up spending $60 and it would have been $5.45 a bottle but I don't mind the $5.63 price either. If you want to see pictures of my new colors, you can search Zoya plus the polish color and there are tons of beautiful pictures out there. There are so many talented ladies out there that post such great pictures, it makes so hard to not buy more colors!! 

Now I must go. It's 3 am and I still want to paint my nails before I go to sleep. What colors am I using? Zoya Robyn m&ms Essie Secret Story. I used some of my points at Walgreens on Sunday and "splurged" on 2 bottles of Essie. I bought other stuff too with my points. I bought $50 worth of stuff and only paid $4 for the tax! I still have another $50 worth of points I can use too. I'm not sure what else to get right now. Plus Walgreens is giving me 80,000 points at some point this year for my insurance. And when I do the next set of stuff I have to do, they'll give me my final 40,000 points for the year. So $150 dollars worth of stuff will be coming my way! So excited. Do I want to spend it all on nail polish? 


My Sunday schedule has changed a little bit. I work 5-1230. And on 6.8 after work I went to Dollar Tree then tried to go Hobby Lobby but they're closed so that was a bit disappointing. Okay so a lot disappointing. I went to AC Moore after that and walked around in there for a while. I did all of this ALL BY MYSELF. Insane. Crazy. What will I do next week?


Birthday gifts from my dad.

These are the gifts my dad sent me for my birthday. We now have 6 of these rugs!!