My packages!

So I finally got all of the packages I mentioned in my last post. Which ended up being 7 since Marvel Collector Corp didn't send the boxes together. 

So that list was this-

-watch band from Amazon- I have to return this because it didn't fit my watch. The measurement was 12 mm which fits my watch. But the leather on the new band was wider than what my watch had before. So while I could the springs to fit I couldn't squeeze the leather into it. I ended up finding one the night the package got here. It came from Kohl's. I didn't know they sold watch bands, I was in the jewelry section trying to find a replacement watch. So Walmart and Kohl's sells watch bands. Target does. Replacing the band and the battery is cheaper than having to buy a new watch every time one of those dies. I've been doing this for YEARS. At least for 10 years. I think I get 12 months out of a leather band and 18-24 months from a battery. I think I've bought 3 watches in the last 10 years. Watch bands are less than $10 and batteries are also less than $10. It is getting hard to get the battery replaced though. It was so easy before. I could go to Walmart and someone in the jewelry section would replace it for the cost of the battery which were $3. Walmart doesn't seem to have someone in that section all the time anymore though or someone trained to replace batteries. Sears has a watch repair place and I think it was $8-$10 to get it done there. A kiosk in the mall is a rip off. It's like $25 dollars. I can replace my watch for $25-$35. The batteries have gone up in price at Walmart though. It was $5 I think then $8? I'm not sure. I couldn't get the battery done last time so I ended up just buying a new one.

So there's all the information on watches you didn't know you wanted!!

-marvel packages. I signed us up for the subscription to get the December Guardians of the Galaxy box and saw that you could order past boxes. I ordered Ant-Man (for me) and Secret Wars (for J) and they ended up being shipped in December but a week before the December box was shipped. We've now received all 3 boxes though at the time of my last post only the old boxes were on their way. I have some pictures and will write a separate post on it. 

-rainbow honey mystery bags. I got the Just Soaps bag that I won and the soaps are big. Way bigger than I thought. I just am not a fan of any of the scents. Everyone got Carnival Candy (this scent was from Feb 2015) and Peachy Sangria (this was from a Bliss Set in the spring of 2015). Then the third and final soap was different for everyone. There were four possible scents and you would get one of those. It was all from their summer drinks collection. I really wanted Pina Coco-colada and I got Juicy Orange Pop which ended up not being that great. I love oranges and thought I'd like it but I guess I don't because it's orange SODA which to me is a "fake" Orange scent whereas regular orange is the citrus type of scent that I love. I didn't even take photos of the soaps. 

The other bag is my subscription bag of the mini bag. (Which I've canceled as of now, too many disappointments since the September bag). It took over 10 days for my bag to actually get to me. It had the label created for it on the 9th and it got here today. Never mind that they shipped them out later then normal anyways. So yeah I got my bag today and I didn't take pictures of it either. But I will since I always post at least one picture of it. 

-Zoya mystery box from Cyber Monday, it got here on Friday. I guess I like the box?! Not sure, lol. I don't think I'll ever reach for the polishes. At least for 2014's I use the polishes for nail art. They were just basic cremes but nail art! This year? I will probably not use them. I have pictures of it and will post the contents in another post. 

-my Black Friday purchase from Pahlish also arrived last week. I like most of my colors but feel like they misrepresent what the colors look like. It's sometimes hard to post accurate color photos but I feel like their swatchers all end up taking and posting photos that are not correct and then Pahlish uses them. I like what the photos show but then I get colors that are slightly different and it's a disappointment. Plus I ordered 2 mystery polishes (because they're cheaper!) and one of the colors is almost an exact match to one of the mystery polishes I received in my first order. Any normal person would say they were the same. I can see differences and I don't even like the color and now I have two of them. I'm sure that they are the same color but since they are test batches they end up being slightly different because the creator has tweaked the recipe to try to get the polish to look how she wants it to look. I bought 8 colors and haven't taken pictures yet of the bottles. I guess I'll wait until Saturday to take pictures because I want to do it when there is sun and I doubt I'll be able to take them before then. Well maybe on Christmas Eve? 

Then I ended up getting 3 (4?) PinchMe sample boxes last week PLUS my Ipsy bags. Yup, bags. I signed up for a year subscription during Black Friday weekend and prepaid for the whole year and I haven't canceled my monthly sub yet because I am trying to use up my points before I cancel it. I got my new sub bag on Friday and the old sub bag on Saturday. But both bags were shipped without me getting an email with tracking. I don't have pictures of these either but I will take them and write a post about them too. Plus I want to make a post about products I've used from past bags. 

Plus now I have a new list of packages I'm waiting on. My dad sent me and J stuff for Christmas. J got his four Pop Vinyls out of five today that are from my dad. He has one more on the way from my dad and then I have stuff from my dad too but they're being shipped tomorrow. My mom ordered stuff on Amazon too for us and had a $100 Target gift card that she wanted to use on us. I picked out an assortment of stuff that was all basically for me because J didn't want anything. Plus two of my Christmas gifts from J are still on the way. My three gifts for him are on the way too and my dad's calendar is on the way. I have bought him a calendar for Christmas every year since I was in high school. I don't think I have skipped a year and at this point, it's a tradition! This year he got chickens which is a totally new calendar topic, lol. In the past I've given him movies (Christmas story, wizard of oz), bands (Beatles), cars (sports, mustangs), Alaska was 2013, sports (Dolphins, hurricanes) and TV shows (stooges) and some of them get repeated. I think he's had about 3 different stooges calendars and probably 2 or 3 Dolphins and Hurricanes ones. So this year?!?!?!?! Completely different!!! But he likes chickens and so I know he'll like this one. He had a pet chicken when he was growing up and will still talk about his pet chicken to this day. And whenever we go to the fair we look at the farm animals they have and the chickens are always his favorite. I hope it gets here in time for our trip there on Christmas Day. 

What other stuff do I have on the way?? More PinchMe boxes probably. I have a Walmart box on the way but I already saw unboxing pictures and it is a disappointing box. The boxes are always "boring" but it's always stuff I'll use. I LOVED the deodorant I got in the first box and it is now my favorite and the only one I'll buy. It was full size too ($5 box and that is an $8 deodorant) and I actually now have two more FS back ups of it and they were actually FREE from PinchMe. I also have (had?) a travel size of it too but I don't remember what box it came in. Maybe PinchMe. I'm pretty sure I used it all up. I bought a FS of this stress release version from Target when my first FS ran out. But it ended up being completely broken and then I couldn't twist it up anymore. I think that's when I used up my travel one. I was going to exchange it at Target but never did. I ordered a new one of the stress release scent from Amazon and that's what I'm using right now. When I got the FS ones from PinchMe I just threw away the broken one. I knew it was going to take me months to ever remember to exchange it and I had two free (FREE) ones (that were full size!!!!!!!) so I figured the world exchanged it for me and I could throw it away. I thought that when I got the "samples" of the deodorant on PinchMe that they were going to be travel sizes but nope. That was a happy surprise since the site is for free samples. 

Yeah so where was I? Idk. My hand is cramping. Lol.

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