My dad's visit.

****this post was originally from September I think but it didn't publish so I published it on the 18th but it changed the date of the post.****

We went to Cheeseburger in Paradise where our food was yummy. He said my chicken meal looked so good and so I made him try a little of everything and he said it WAS good and that the next time he comes over, he wants to get that. For dessert we went to Coldstone and he wants to try every single one of their creations. He had apple pie a la cold stone and I had my usual cookie doughn't you want some. Here's my ice cream. Yum. 

Now I want some. I wish there was a cold stone on my way home from work. I would be in so much trouble if there was one.  Then we went shopping! We went to World Market, a thrift store, Publix (nothing special here just a sub and Gatorade for James), then to Target. 

At World Market I bought some stuff that I had pinned on Pinterest a while back. So that was cool. I bought this big ring of big skeleton keys. I love me some skeleton keys. And I bought a glass tray that has 3 skeleton keys on it. It's in the bathroom on the counter and I put my jewelry on it, the stuff I change out daily. My dad bought two jars of two different kinds of pickles. Stuff he likes but can't really find anywhere. 

At the thrift store my dad bought this model from the 60s or 70s. I thought he was going to resell it bc he said it was about 4 or 5 dollars cheaper there than online but he's actually going to put it together and paint it! He has a few already from the series it came from. 

Then at Target I just bought normal boring stuff, nothing fun. Cleaner, sponges, blah blah blah. I should have bought a case of water that day. Oh well. Lol. 

We ran out of water this week but J and I stopped at Publix on our way home from his PT yesterday. We bought water there and a bunch of other food. It was all expensive stuff too. I think it was almost $60. But I didn't think we really got all that much. Maybe I should look at my receipt or something. I work today 2-6. Yesterday was 11-7 and it was such a long day. I'm going to be trained in pharmacy soon. Next week I think? Not sure how my schedule is going to change or if it will. I might get more hours too. That'd be awesome. He asked if I still wanted to work just 30 and I said 30 was fine but that I would/could work more. Which is what I hope he meant and not that he was going to cut my hours. And I hope that he just changes my two short days and gives me more hours there for pharmacy. My short days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Sunday I work 8-330. Monday and Friday is 11-7. And hopefully when J is done with PT I can go back to working 10-6 on Monday and Friday. I hate staying at work til 7. Mainly because I end up having time to work on stuff for the store and I have to get IC3s and and give the front register a break. 

I have a photo project in my head that I want to make real!!! I just need to print the photos. Maybe I'll upload them right now. I really shouldn't be spending the money but oh well. Sometimes you still need to spend a little on yourself to keep yourself sane/happy. 

I had to get Kreasy out of the bushes last week a few times. And now I have this rash on my arms. I want it to hurry up and go away. It's embarrassing. Plus it's annoying when it itches. 

Okay, time to upload photos!!



I hung up the measuring spoons! 

Then I hung hooks up on the back of the door of our "liquor cabinet" to hold the oven mitts. 

Then I just ran around taking photos of stuff I'm going to use for a photo collage/chore chart. Here are some of those pictures: 

I'm not sure what the laundry one will say but I bought four or five of those white plastic mini laundry baskets. They're great for the dog toys in the living room. Then I use the other 3 that are in the bathroom and closet as holders of underwear, socks, whatever else is small. The one in the bathroom is for mine cause my little stuff gets lost and then not enough gets washed. When it's full, I wash it with the clothes and then magically I have enough clean underwear. 

Okay, it's 2am and I am falling asleep. I was going to practice The Lord of the rings game but nope. 


I am tired.

I don't have a good reason to be tired so it sucks when it happens. We went to the movies today, we saw the new Percy Jackson movie. It was good but J says it's not like the book at all. I don't know what else I feel like writing about. I guess I'll go watch something on Hulu then.


J's brace was unlocked today which means he can bend his knee up to 90 degrees!!! Wooo. This is a big step. He has a new exercise too. And he's going to a new store when he goes back to work. I worked 2-6 today. It was a decent day. That is until I went back to the store after deliveries. Then things just got annoying. Oh well. I broke a nail today too. Also annoying. I got a letter in the mail today!! I want to make sure I actually write her back within a timely manner... We used to write several times a week but the past few months, we've only been sending like 1-3 letters a month. I must change that. I'm watching a new show, Necessary Roughness. It's on USA. Season 3 is on Hulu right now and that's where I started at. I wasn't sure if I would like the show or not. But I did! So then I requested the DVDs on Netflix. I just finished season 1 today... and next will be season 2. I can't wait until the fall season starts. There's so many shows that I'm excited for, including Castle. I think it might be my current favorite TV show. It's 10pm and I think I'm going to try to go to bed "early" tonight so I'm going to go. I've still got to take the dog out (Again, the first time it was thundering and so he was scared), brush my teeth, change into PJs and take my pills and do whatever else I end up doing before I actually crawl into bed. It usually takes me like an hour once I make up my mind.. J? He's like "okay, I'm going to bed" and then he's in bed and asleep within 5 minutes. Guys. tsk tsk.


Opening Night stained my nails.

I had Sinful's Opening Night on my nails and it went on with one coat but then used seche vite so it should have dried quickly but didn't? I messed a few nails up the day I did them and then there was shrinkage going on so last night I took it off. And now the edges of my nails and my cuticles are stained. Then because of the green polish from a few weeks ago my nails are stained yellow. It's growing out but is such a slow process. So basically my nails are a mess. I'm going to try to not use any polish until the yellow has completely grown out. 

Our dryer is annoying. I have to run it 3-4 times and even then the clothes might not be dry. I had towels in there the other day and P started doing laundry so I went to take my stuff out of the dryer but everything was still damp even though it had been run 3 times the day before. And because P was going to be using the dryer soon, I just took all the damp stuff out. Then I rewashed everything a day or so later. Then ran the dryer a thousand times and the towels dried. But I used one yesterday and it smelled from being wet for so long. Eeewwww. I hate that. So annoying. 

I only slept 6 hours or so last night. Then I worked 8-330 and I didn't get a break or lunch today so now I am exhausted. But I can't go to sleep yet because I have clothes in the dryer and I've gotta stay up and rerun it 2 more times. 

******this is really from 8.4.2013******


I'm at the corner of tired and cleaning.

I cleaned for about 2 hours. 2.5? I washed most of the dishes, the dishwasher is full so when they're dry I'll put them away and then wash the last few dirty dishes. I cleaned the kitchen counters. And the top of the stove, well as best as I could. I cleaned random areas on the cabinets that had cat hair. The cat hair is everywhere, it drives me insane. 

My dad is coming over tomorrow!!!! I miss my daddy. We're going out to lunch when he gets here and I want to take him to Cheeseburger in Paradise. It's my favorite restaurant. Lol, the people who know me know I don't eat beef so no burgers. Hahaha. So what do I eat? They have this amazing chicken and broccoli and rice dish that is amazing. It's called St. Bart's citrus chicken. It just feels healthy. I usually get chicken tenders at other places. The picture at the end is of my meal that I get from there. The picture is from April 1st, 2012. It was our 2 year anniversary. 

I keep falling asleep. 

I wrote all that above around 230. Well I did fall asleep. Sitting up, light on, iPad on my lap... Not the greatest thing. My neck is so sore. It's now 5am. The iPad had this page loaded so I realized it hadn't posted. So here I am and now I'm gone.  


Updated list.

Laundry Fold like 3 loads that are already clean and dry Wash towels Wash bathroom rugs Wash sheets and blankets Wash work clothes and underwear, socks and bras Wash whatever else is left Dishes Sweep/mop front entry way, bathrooms and kitchen Clean counters in bathrooms and kitchen Clean mirrors Move the suitcases and drying racks to a closet somewhere Move other random things to closets (old TiVo, box in bedroom...) Clean the tubs and toilets Clean the pool table off Vacuum (master bedroom, master closet, hallway, front room, living room, computer room, tv room, 2nd hallway) Clean up the front room and make it look nice Clean off the front pass through Give Kreasy his flea medicine Clean the cat table off Water the plants Change litter box, do that Friday night Take out the garbage and put the big cans out for pick up and try to take out some of the recycling (the big can is almost full) Hand towels in kitchen and guest bath


Current pictures.

I took these today. I've made some progress. I put the hook on the door to hold the swiffer duster and then wanted a 2nd one to hold the dust pan but the dust pan doesn't fit on the hook. But my idea was still awesome. Lol I'll just have to buy a different size hook. Not a bad plan. Then I also want to buy some sort of shelf thing to put in then so that I can have 2 levels of cleaning supplies. I have other stuff I want to keep in there but it gets crowded in there. That's why I wanted to hang those two things, at least get them out of my limited space. I just had an idea for my 2nd purple hook. I can stick it to the side of my baking supply 3 drawer thing I have. Then it can hold my measuring spoons. It'll fit there too. I tried it first. Okay, I stuck it on there! I'll take a picture of it in an hour or so. It has to stick on there by itself for an hour before use and they're a little heavy so I'll follow the directions for that. 

My to do list today:

 Fold like 3 loads that are already clean and dry
 Wash towels
 Wash bathroom rugs
 Wash sheets and blankets
 Wash work clothes and underwear, socks and bras 
 Wash whatever else is left
Sweep/mop front entry way, bathrooms and kitchen
Clean counters in bathrooms and kitchen
Clean mirrors
Move the suitcases and drying racks to a closet somewhere
Move other random things to closets (old TiVo, box in bedroom...)
Clean the tubs and toilets
Clean the pool table off
Clean up the front room and make it look nice
Clean off the front pass through 
Give Kreasy his flea medicine
Clean the cat table off 
Water the plants

Reevaluate when done or close to done to see what else needs to be done by Saturday. 

What's so important about Saturday??? My daddy is coming to visit me!! (Well I guess visit us haha)
I'm so excited. I haven't seen him in almost 3 months. I should shower and start my day. I've got a long list that is going to take me more than a day to do. 

Oh I need to add some more stuff. Ggrrr. 

Change litter box, do that Friday night
Take out the garbage and put the big cans out for pick up and try to take out some of the recycling (the big can is almost full)
Hand towels in kitchen and guest bath 

That's it for now. Here's some pictures of what I'm starting with. 

These pictures were all taken a week or so ago so they're not truly up to date. Like I've cleaned the kitchen since then and now it's dirty again so it looks different but I don't have current mess pictures. Lol. But I'll post clean after pictures. I love before and afters. Even if its just of cleaning. 

Trying out the blogger app!!! Plus some picture spam at the bottom.

I'm using the blogger app on my iPad right now. So far, it's way easier to make a post. J has a huge stack of movies he's watched that I need to eventually add to my list. Now he has the wii hooked up in the living room so he hasn't watched any DVDs now. He's been watching Netflix. We're going to have P come over tomorrow to help us put the flea medicine on the dog. Hopefully that means we can get all of the medicine on him. And then maybe that'll actually reduce the fleas. I can tell they've been reduced in the past few days since I've given the cat his medicine. 

J got his stitches out, have I mentioned that anywhere?? I'm not sure. It's been a week since they were removed. So it's been 3 weeks since his surgery. He has 3 weeks left til his next doctors appointment and then I guess that appointment determines if he can go back to work or not.

A at work keeps trying to compare herself to J and say she knows what he's going through and that she completely understands. She didn't have surgery. She had an injury from a car accident and she didn't have to go on disability for 6 weeks. She didn't HAVE to walk on crutches. They recommended it but she choose not to, she was able to walk without them. She also chose to not continue with her PT appointments because it was hard to fit it into her work and life schedule. She has very little in common with J's situation. I've even told J that I can only understand part of what he's going through. I'm supposed to wear knee braces and I have pain in my knee and I've dislocated my elbow and dealt with that and I'm supposed to always do my PT exercises 3 times a day for... Well forever. And even with all that, I still don't know what it's been like for J to not be able to shower because he's drugged from the surgery medicine and not be able to go to the bathroom because he was too drugged to walk. He couldn't even feel his leg for 12 or so hours and would drag his leg around to walk (he walked like 2 times I think). 

I've gotta take a break....

Back. It's 8.3.13 now but I think I originally wrote that on 8.1.13. 

J could not walk for 2 weeks without the crutches. He HAD to use them. He wasn't allowed to put weight on the leg. When he would try, he couldn't do it because he had become weak. Which is why he's doing physical therapy. Now he's allowed to put weight on it and he's allowed to walk with crutches with putting some weight on the leg. But of course, he's not using the crutches to walk around at home. We went to Perkins last night and he didn't bring the crutches. He's also not putting the brace on correctly and his knee is bent just slightly and I've told him, he needs to let me put it on him so hat his leg is straight. He says it is straight. No dude, it's not. I'm going to try it and take pictures and show him that there is a difference. I just hope he doesn't screw something up and that he heals correctly/properly. I think next Thursday they put the brace at a 90° angle and so he keeps it bent like that then for a week but he's at some point going to be allowed to sleep without the brace too. I can't remember if that was supposed to be week 3 or if it's week 4. 

Okay, I need to go back to sleep! With the light off and laying down. 

Here's my newest skinny picture. 128 lbs. 

Awesome picture from 4th of July. 

The best picture ever. And I will print this one day and frame it. Yes I will!! 

Christmas 2012. At my aunt D's house. They all moved to NC though. :(

Okay, that's enough picture spam for the day.