Ant-Man was really good!!! We saw it last night. I didn't look at my watch the entire time. I always look at my watch when the movie starts and then usually check it half way through and a few more times after that. Some movies just start losing my interest. Not so much the movie itself. But sitting there all cramped up in the seats and people kicking the row I'm in just starts to get to me and I'm just thinking this movie needs to end. But I didn't look at my watch! It started at about 7:18pm and we walked out 2 hours later and I never looked in between. Don't get me wrong, I still was uncomfortable and tried stretching my legs* out and was annoyed that my row was getting kicked. But.... The movie was awesome. I'm tempted to suggest that we see it again and I know when it comes out on DVD we'll buy it and I'll watch it then. We buy all the Marvel movies so that's not a huge surprise. 

The best part of the movie was the yummy-ness of Paul Rudd. There's even a scene where he's not wearing his shirt. Best part! 

And don't worry, Ant-Man will be returning!!! Yayayayayay. 

*my hip and knee joints get super stiff when I stay in one position for too long. Like at the movies. I can't stand up and do anything for my hips but if I can at least stretch my legs/knees during the movie, things will be better. We try to sit where I can do that but sometimes, isn't possible. I'll then contort myself so that I can extend my knees and crack them. Yup, my knees crack. Often. My hips too. 

I went to the dentist yesterday. My teeth are great and they're awesome and I'm doing a great job there. But my gums suck. They're worse now than before. I'm supposed to use this prescription mouthwash now for gingivitis but I'm scared. Lol. It can stain your teeth and alter the taste of everything. You're not supposed to eat, drink, rinse or brush your teeth after using it. But I can't find anything yet that says how long. I'm going to ask the pharmacist on Sunday. You're supposed to brush before you rinse with it and use it twice a day but I always drink water, especially in the mornings at work and before bed. I'm not thrilled about this stuff. 

I painted my nails Monday night. It's time to paint them again but I'm not sure what. I'm trying to use colors I've not used in a while. Or colors that are almost empty. I want to use up some colors but it's so hard to get to the bottom. I've combined stuff before but I don't have duplicates of everything but also some stuff isn't in the greatest condition and so I don't want to mix it with th ends fresh stuff. I've thought about using a regular paint brush to get to the bottom. Or pouring it into some smaller empty bottles I have. But I don't think I have any mini empty bottles and I have a few where a mini is what I need. 

I will figure it out! 

So what should I use tomorrow? I'm thinking Maybelline Styled Out. It's one of the first blues I bought to try to match my ring. =)

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