Upcoming posts.

I have to write about my August subscriptions (Ipsy, Allure and Rainbow Honey) plus I received my September Allure box today so I need to write about that.

I need to write about the two orders I placed with Pahlish. 

I should also post some pictures of the Fortune Cookie Soap Company. It's a seasonal sub box and I got my first box last month which is the Fall box. Winter box will get charged on the 12th I believe and I have no idea when its get shipped. But I'm pretty sure I want to cancel it or at least skip Winter. I'm not going to like Winterery scents. 

I need to post some pictures of the manicures I've had lately. 

I can write about life but my life isn't that exciting. 

In the meantime I need to go to sleep.

That was the sunset the other day and I wish I had grabbed the regular camera and then gone outside. Instead I used my phone and I sat on the bed for some of the photos and then got up to take some photos standing at the sliding glass door but I never opened it because I didn't want the bugs to come inside. 

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