More stars. And other ramblings.

I bought four more of the glass star candle holders yesterday. I don't want to buy them all at once even though they are only a dollar each. For this item though, I'm pretty sure that Dollar Tree won't stop selling it because I've seen them there for years and I've had 1 for close to 4 years now and seeing my old one was what gave me the idea to begin with.

I still need to purchase some ribbon to see what I can do with it with the metal pails and the bubbles.

And I saw glass bulb string lights that have clear and two shades of yellow that I liked at World Market but at 14.99 for 10 on a strand, I want to see what else is out there and to also have a wedding venue to see how I even want/need to use lighting like that. And they had battery operated lanterns in plain yellow that I liked. Packs of 4 I think were 14.99 but I saw them at the Dollar Tree also so I'd try to see if those would work.

Also at the Dollar Tree were plastic decorative serving dishes and the likes that I'm pretty sure we'll use just because they looked pretty decent for the price and we like that we can just throw it away after the reception because his sister was married in October and she had a lot of crystal and glass pieces that we had to empty and pack back up afterwards. And we would much rather just throw it away!!

At Party City, they have yellow, purple and white paper lanterns (no lights) in packs of 3 for 6.99. They're big and roung and lovely. And they have other paper products to string up too in those 3 colors (And other various colors too) but not sure how cheesy all of these paper hanging things would be and once again, I want to know the venue we're getting married at and having the reception at (if it's in a different location) before deciding on that level of decoration.

My mom talked to my aunt yesterday and my aunt told her we could have the wedding at her house and she has a large yard that she's working on and the idea is lovely and I'd really like to do it there except she lives in GA and we live in south FL!!!!

My family and a few of my friends have to travel anyways to where we live so for them, going to GA wouldn't be a big deal but his immediate family and all of his friends all live here so I don't know if he'll want to ask them to travel to the wedding.

One of his brothers did tell me that he'd go to GA for our wedding. BUT two days before our wedding date, a good friend of everyone's is getting married and a lot of my fiance's friends are also going to that wedding and so that could be tricky.

We'll see. I'm going to finish my laundry now and I still need to figure out the picture posting part of this!


Wedding theme?!

I'm pretty sure we're going to have a theme. If it could be left up to my fiance, I'm sure the theme would be Hulk but it's not his wedding, it's mine, right? Right.

So the theme is going to be STARS. Who would have guessed? The glass candle holders I bought at the Dollar Tree are in the shape of a star. And I love them. I tried them out with the floating candles and the candles fit in there.

I dyed the water yellow and purple (I tried other colors too lol). The yellow was easy and looked good but purple was hard. It came out too pink or too dark and I tried blue and red but that was dark and... yucky. So I figure I'll just do yellow for the dying of water.. some will be yellow and others will be clear.

I also want to make my own invitations or DIY in some aspect and I saw a stamp at Hobby Lobby that said wish upon a shooting star and a stencil that had a shooting star on it. So that night I came home and looked through the stamps I already do own and I have some star ones but they're all small stamps and I'd want something a little bigger. The wish upon a shooting star was a good size.

We'll see. My mom can get me a discount on paper and paper samples. When I say samples, I mean large sheets of papers that I can cut to size and print myself. I have some super nice really expensive paper already in my possesion that I might play around with and see what I can come up with. I can also take the paper to a print shop of my choosing and have them print on the super nice and super expensive and super free paper. When I say super expensive... I mean thousands of dollars expensive. There is no way I could even afford a scrap sheet of this paper, I think a little itty bitty note pad would be like $300! And it's super pretty paper too and I am in love with it.

Wedding colors and what I've bought

Our wedding colors are purple/lavender and yellow. My favorite color is purple and his is yellow so that was easy. White and/or silver will be the other color we use. It's hard to really find things for a wedding in either of these colors, yellow even more so than purple and so that's why a lot of this is going to be DIY.

So far, some of the things I've bought are:

 6 yellow metal pails from the dollar spot at Target. I bought them but don't have any ideas for them yet but they were the right shade and were only a dollar so I figured I should buy them. I might wrap ribbon around them in either silver or purple in a few days and see how it looks.

12 yellow plastic picture frames. 4x6. I bought them from Target in packs of 4 about 2 years ago and they've been discontinued sadly. I bought them for this monthly photo thing I started with my fiance and I. But I'm going to use them for the wedding I think. Either as numbers for the tables or to label things on the tables, such as gifts and food. I figure it's a good way to bring more yellow into the wedding.

I have floating candles that are pearly white and flower shaped. I bought them at Hobby Lobby in packs of 6 for 9.99 but there was a sale for 50% off so I paid 4.99 each for the 2 packs I bought!

I also bought 36 packs of bubbles from Hobby Lobby. They're plastic tubes and the wand is white and has a heart at the top, the part you hold. I might figure out a way to decorate these. With ribbon around the plastic tube or hang something from the heart. Not sure yet.

I've also bought some glass candle holders from the Dollar Tree that are in the shape of a star.


I guess I should start with an introduction or something, huh? I've blogged on LiveJournal for probably... 10 years now? Maybe more? And so blogging isn't anything new to me. But those are more about the boring things I do on a daily basis whereas this is going to be about wedding planning and the different DIY things I'm going to be tackling... I'll be posting pictures too because you know... everyone loves pictures.

So I'm 30. Yuck. I don't like saying that at all... My fiance is 26. We've been together a little over 2 years and got engaged February 14th, 2012. Yup, on Valentine's Day!! Our wedding date is, as of right now, going to be June 21st, 2013. We live in Cape Coral, FL.

My blog's URL is velvetfrogg because I've used that name for 10 years or so also and a lot of people know me as that and I use that as my email address and AIM name along with various other online things. But the title of this blog is Stars and Glitter because I love stars and glitter and anything else that sparkles and plan on using as many star and glittery things as I can for the wedding.