September sucks.

So much has been happening this month and basically J and I just want the month to friggin end. 

September 4th this happened....

We're both okay. I hit my head pretty hard on the head rest and it was sore for about a week but I'm all good. The insurance company deemed the car a total loss. So then this happened....

That's our shiny new 2012 Nissan Sentra. We like it. We already have a flat tire though. J is getting it replaced today at 4pm, I made an appointment. It's under warranty and it doesn't appear to have been our fault (like if we ran something over). 

Other stuff has happened that I'm still trying to fix. I still need to write all the posts that I promised but October is going to be here soon so I better hurry up. I have August and September boxes and bags to write about now!


Upcoming posts.

I have to write about my August subscriptions (Ipsy, Allure and Rainbow Honey) plus I received my September Allure box today so I need to write about that.

I need to write about the two orders I placed with Pahlish. 

I should also post some pictures of the Fortune Cookie Soap Company. It's a seasonal sub box and I got my first box last month which is the Fall box. Winter box will get charged on the 12th I believe and I have no idea when its get shipped. But I'm pretty sure I want to cancel it or at least skip Winter. I'm not going to like Winterery scents. 

I need to post some pictures of the manicures I've had lately. 

I can write about life but my life isn't that exciting. 

In the meantime I need to go to sleep.

That was the sunset the other day and I wish I had grabbed the regular camera and then gone outside. Instead I used my phone and I sat on the bed for some of the photos and then got up to take some photos standing at the sliding glass door but I never opened it because I didn't want the bugs to come inside.