Christmas 2014. All the books I received as presents!

I woke up at 5:20 AM and couldn't go back to sleep. So I decided to just sit up and write some blog posts. I might write in my paper journal too. I still have an hour before I have to leave for work. Sigh. I guess I could start drinking my energy drink too. Lol.

I used to make monthly goals, at the old house. One of my goals that I put on every month was to read 2 books a month. Well I stopped making the monthly goals but I have definitely stuck with the book thing. I'm pretty sure I read 3-4 books every month last year. I can't remember when my dad sent his books but I've read 5 books in the last 4 weeks probably. 

That one was from Payton for Christmas. It was really good. I love all of Karen White books and I've read almost all of her books. I've read probably 10-15 of them. 

These are the 3 books my dad got me. I've read Nora Roberts Daring to Dream and Lisa Scottoline's book already. 

These are the books James bought me. I've read the top 2 already and am reading Jewels of the Sun now. 

I read this book like 5 months ago but I loved it. I've read all of the books in the Shadow Falls series now. There are 5 in the Kylie series, that's this book. Then Della has 2 books so far and I've read them. The 3rd and final Della book comes out in the summer I think. Then there's going to be a Miranda series. I can't wait. And I think I'm going to reread the books. Not sure when though because I want to finish my Christmas books but I'm also borrowing Gone Girl so I have to read it too. When I finish the book I'm reading now, I think I'll start with Gone Girl so I can return it to its owner quicker. 

That's all I've got for book pictures right now. I have a box of books though that I've read. I'll have to take pictures of them on Saturday and post them. 

If you like Supernatural/Young Adult books then I highly recommend the Shadow Falls series. The books are similar to the True Blood (Sookie Stackhouse series) TV show but I wasn't that interested in watching the show so my opinion was that this series was better.


Jamberry 7 Day challenge.

Jacie has been hosting a Jamberry party since Sunday on Facebook and I received 2 samples and I'm doing the 7 day challenge. I put Jamberry in my thumbs and pinkies and nail polish on the 3 other fingers.

I ended up taking the purple off.

Here's what I ended up keeping for my Day 1. I work 8-5 today and will be on the front register from 8-1 then I'll be on deliveries until 5pm. I'm going to try to take a picture every 24 hours. So day 1 will be around midnight tonight. But I really don't like how my polish looks so I might change it tonight and start it over again on Saturday. They're supposed to last up to 14 days and it's only a 7 day challenge.... Sooooo..... I should be able to start the polish part on day 2. Lol. 

I used Rainbow Honey as my nail polishes. The glitter is too bumpy, it needs more top coat so that's why I want to redo it. 


2015 New Year Resolutions

Every year I like to make a list of goals to work on during the year. Sometimes I don't reach any of the goals but other times I do finish some. In 2014 I had 6 goals and I finished 2. I paid off my hospital bills (from 2011 and 2013) and I purchased a domain name.

So what are my plans for 2015?

1) I want to work on my website, making it look nicer. I want to make it easier to navigate and I want to try to get more readers in. Probably will start to "advertise" more on my Instagram. 

2) I need to figure out how to get more income. Do I want a second job? Do I want to try to sell things? Or do I want to find a job where I make more than what I do now and quit my current job?

3) I want to start doing my physical therapy exercises again. This one ends up on my lists all the time.

4) I want to be more organized, this is a hard one to do right now because we're living in a bedroom but there is still room for improvement. 

I think that's all for now. 

I'm adding more. It's 1.16.2015

5) In the last 6 months, I improved on my teeth health care. I flossed and rinsed almost every night. Now I want to try to brush 2-3 times a day instead of 1 a day, sometimes 2. After my July appointment, I was brushing 2-3 times a day but by month 3 I had stopped. So I need to get back to doing that.

6) I want to start writing more letters to my friend in New Hampshire. 

7) J and I want to eat at more mom and pop restaurants. We've eaten at 3 so far this year! 

8) Save money. 

9) Pay off my Chase credit card by October.

10) Go to Seaworld. I've wanted to go the last four years but J never wants to go. So this year I'm going to make him go.

11) Reenroll at FGCU.

12) Pay off my medical bills from 2014. 


I love my nails right now.

So I've always liked the idea of "making" a new polish with my already existing polishes. It's called frankening when you do this! As in Frankenstein, putting bits and parts together to create him. Well last night and tonight I've been researching the heck out of this. I just found a polish on Friday night that I really liked from an Indie nail polish company. Here's the polish I fell in love with Friday night I love the white sheer base and the neon glitters and I love that it's called Popples because I FREAKING LOVED Popples as a kid. I still have my Popples stuffed toys, a plastic cup, a book and... I think that's all. I used to also have a large plastic Popples tricycle. It was white and pink and purple I think. And in the middle of the handlebars (like where a horn would be on a car's steering wheel?) was a Popple that would go up and down while you were riding. Which is the whole idea of the Popples, they were critters that you could turn into a ball by putting them inside of a pocket? I'm horrible at explaining this. But yes, I love that nail polish. Only I don't have $8 right now to buy it. I would rather buy a few at a time and use a coupon code. 

So what did I do? I set about trying to recreate it myself. I've noticed that I've been liking/loving a LOT of white based polishes with glitter. So I figured I could try to recreate the look.

I used a really old Loreal polish that was(is) a white creme polish and was meant for french tips. I had 1 empty bottle plus several bottles of clear top coat I knew I could use. So I started mixing clear and white to get the clear look that these polishes had. I also had to start collecting glitter polishes I wanted to use. I ended up with about 5 of them and was just pouring and mixing and shaking. I ended up with this the first time I liked it enough to stop.

The glitters in that are mostly Milani glitters that were discontinued last year. I saw them at Dollar Tree last year and bought a few extras of my favorite. I'm really glad I did because they came through for me. I liked how it looked on my nails but I wasn't completely satisfied and felt that I could do better.

So tonight I played around some more. Loreal white, various brands of clear AND the glitter is Sinful Pride. I was going through my polishes trying to find glitters I could use. I saw the Sinful one and was like oh my god why didn't I figure this out sooner. 

Sinful Pride is perfect for me to start out with for recreating the look I wanted.

So there's the final look of my franken polish on my nails. I'm pretty happy with it too. It has metallic glitters whereas the ones I've liked have been mostly matte glitters( I think) but this completely will work. For now, til there's extra money! 

Okay, must sleep.


Old nail polish bottles.

Do any readers here have any unwanted bottles of nail polish that they'd like to give me? I'm trying to make my own nail colors and I need colors and empty bottles. If you have any, let me know. If you want to know more let me know. You can leave a comment down below.