My Sunday schedule has changed a little bit. I work 5-1230. And on 6.8 after work I went to Dollar Tree then tried to go Hobby Lobby but they're closed so that was a bit disappointing. Okay so a lot disappointing. I went to AC Moore after that and walked around in there for a while. I did all of this ALL BY MYSELF. Insane. Crazy. What will I do next week?


Birthday gifts from my dad.

These are the gifts my dad sent me for my birthday. We now have 6 of these rugs!! 


It's Wednesday! I painted my nails!

Its an overcast day and the light isn't good in here. I really need to invest in a good desk lamp so that I have better lighting for doing my nails. I used a light color today and it was hard to see sometimes if I got all the way to the edges. Plus it's a glitter polish and it was thick and that it made it hard to get the non glitter part of the polish to the edges! I was in a hurry too because I wanted my nails to be dry before I went to work today. So I have a ton of excuses today for why I don't like how my nails look. Buuuuut for being a glitter nail polish it's still a really good nail polish. It's a one coater and is really pretty. The polish part of it is really pretty and is gold micro glitter and then there's chunky rose glitter. There might be more going on but it's hard to tell right now in the room. I'll know more when I go to work. 

Anyways. Here's the pictures. 

Well I better get ready for work now. Yesterday was a really long day (11 hours) and was a bad day in the end and I'm going to have to do a bunch of stuff today to finish stuff from yesterday and stuff from Monday for someone else that they couldn't finish either so I'm sure today will also suck. I'm also worried that I'm going to get in trouble. Or at least talked to or questioned about what happened. But what happened is that I just don't have TIME or the support I need and I've tried talking to him before about it and I've offered suggestions before about it but he just rejected all of them so what am I supposed to do? It's just going to be a constant struggle is all then. Well I really need to go now. 

Despite my struggles, I still really love this part of my job. So all of the struggles just make it that much harder to deal with. Cause if I didn't love it I could just stop doing it or quit but I don't want to to do. So I'll just keep putting up with the difficulties until hopefully one day I get extra time or the extra support I need to adequately do my job. 


Old and new.

Here's two pictures I got from my Google+ account that I posted who knows when. I loved the black and holographic glitter combo.

This was my attempt at fixing a manicure that was a few days old. I'm not posting the picture for the nails though. I'm posting the picture because of he background. 
It was taken in the jack and Jill bathroom in our old house and for a while I was using it as my nail polish room. I had all my nail polishes lined up along the walls and I'd sit on the toilet seat and paint my nails. It was awesome. Lol. 

This next picture is of how my nails looked last Thursday night. It was at night and taken with the phone but it's all I got right now. 
I messed up on my middle finger when I was putting my nail polishes away. Silly me for not waiting like 10 minutes. I had to do it right away. 

I really need to start cleaning my nails up when I'm done. I don't usually take the time to do that but it looks so much better when you do. I think it's because I don't like the nail polish removers that I have right now (from Walgreens) and so I can get the polish off all the way anyways. 

Dinner is ready. I need to put real shorts on and get up I guess. 


Birthday goals.

1. I want to work more hours and find a second job. I've been getting 10 hour shifts and they're great. They suck for me (my body). I'm off Wednesday and Thursday and need to call Hallmark and ask about getting my resume reinstated. So I'll try that.

 2. I want to paint my nails more. I love doing it but I don't do it enough.

 3. I want to flatten my stomach and lose some weight and get back into doing my physical therapy exercises everyday.

4. I want to re enroll at FGCU this year and start the ball rolling for what I need to do to finish my three classes.

5. I want to save as much cash as I can and then I'll just deposit it into Chase then transfer it into savings.

More to come.


Belated Birthday!

My birthday was May 21st. A Wednesday. I sat around all day doing nothing waiting for J to get home. Lol. I took a shower and got dressed. Jacie did my make up. When he got home, we went out to eat at Cheeseburger in Paradise. My favorite place... Even though I don't eat beef. Lol. I just get the chicken, broccoli and rice. It's all so good. I always want double the rice and broccoli though. When we got home I made J take some photos of us. 
You can't tell I'm wearing make up though and we take horrible pictures together. ;( I just want us to look normal!!!!! I don't want him to slouch down to be the same height as me. I don't want to tilt my head like I've been doing the past year. The top picture is our second try. I need to stop making my head do everything weird it does. He's fine in the second one and I wanted us to try a third one but he told me no. And here's why...
His family was waiting inside for us with a cake for me! He had ordered it a few days before and someone picked it up for him I think on Tuesday. And there was pretty star candles. I didn't get a close up of the cake before it was cut but here's my slice: 
It's the first cake J's ordered for me. Last year he brought him a premade ice cream and cake mix cake. Now on to the gifts and cards!!

There's my dad's, J's, The Fella's, my mom's and my aunt's. 
Here's what J got me for my birthday. 
I'm almost finished with the book I'm reading right now and then I can start one of those books. I still have another book to read that's on my night stand but I'll start with my birthday books first. I need to hang up my shelf so I can start putting my books on there. When the shelf gets full I can fill a box up and put it in the barn. I hope my books are safe out there from all the elements. I worry about those thing. Look how cute my shirt is. I love tokidoki hulk. He's so baby and so cute. Lol. Well I should get ready for bed now. Maybe tomorrow I'll write the part 2 to my birthday. Which is Busch Gardens!

Random Monday photos.

I'm not sure what photos I'm going to post. 

Random stuff. And now I want a blizzard. Kreasy is eating out of his bowl right now and that makes me happy. But I just realized I never posted about my birthday. What we did or my gifts or my goals I keep mentioning........ 

My mom's store.

Here's a link to my mom's store! I'd appreciate all the love possible you can show her. Pin her stuff. Heart it, share it on Facebook. Do whatever it is you do when you like something. Assuming you see something you like. =)

I'm planning on borrowing some things from her soon to take some better pictures for her. I also want to take some photos of her quilts she's made that I have. Just to show what she's capable of doing. 
Well there's her cute dog she's had for 8 years. She's supposed to be mine but I wasn't ready to move to fort myers just yet. She got Elly's in June and I moved in December. By then, it was too late. My mom and Elly's were best friends. Until I come over. Then I know the truth. Elly's really my best friend in hiding. 

I'm so friggin behind!!!

I am sorry to my readers. Reader? I am sorry. Today is... Thursday? So I can post about anxiety stuff. I've done quite a few things in the last few weeks I don't think I've posted about that I did despite my anxiety. 

I had to call Dodge and tell them my car was going to be towed there on Friday. On Friday (I don't remember which Friday but I think it's been 3 weeks?) I called AAA and had my car towed to Dodge. Dealt with that. Saturday, same thing. I made another phone call to AAA and they picked the car up. I talked to Dodge again on the phone Friday evening and Saturday morning. So lots of phone calls in that 2 day period that would cause anxiety for me normally. And it did a little bit. But I pushed through and got through it. This was at the end of my vacation, so it was May 9th and May 10th? I still don't know what exactly is wrong with my car though. It could be the rod bearings or the engine needs to be replaced but they wouldn't know exactly unless they dropped the engine. It would be $300-$400 for them to do that just to try to figure out what was wrong with my car. I declined. Now I'm going to try to sell my car my car as is. I need to clean the car out and take some pictures of it. Of the milage, the engine (?), the inside and the outside I suppose. 

Here's some pictures of my car being towed. 
I've called several doctor's offices in the last few weeks. I called and scheduled my yearly female exam and did that. That is one huge panic attack right there!!! I got my results back, everything is fine. I called the neurologist's office. I've never explained here why I have one of those. Maybe I should. Sigh. I called my primary care doctor's office to have them change one of my prescriptions because of an interaction with one of my other medications. 

I've made other phone calls too in the last few weeks. I hate making phone calls. They used to cause so much anxiety and I wouldn't make them. I used to have my mom make as many phone calls for me as she could. I still do if she can. Even my dad makes phone calls for me when it's possible. Like for car stuff when I'm in town. 

My goal this year is to fix what I need to fix to get back into school. That's going to require me to make some phone calls and to do some work.