Wednesday Manicures.

That doesn't make any sense. Maybe I should change it to Mondays. Lol. I wrote this post and it didn't get saved. It was long and I wasn't finished and... It disappeared. Sigh. I had weekly goals and I had my new birthday goals. Oh well. Maybe I'll redo it tonight after dinner. 

Here are the nails I'm wearing right now though.

It's Wet N Wild High Contact. J wanted me to buy it because it's green. It started wearing away though right away. I think my seche vite was a bad batch. Maybe what I bought the last time was a knock off. That would suck. I should look to see what sell I bought from and see the other sell I've used in the past and buy a bottle from a previous seller. Sigh. I have 3 bottles that I bought I'm using right now all from the same seller that I bought at the same time and they all seem to suck. They dry fast but my nails seem to wear faster than my other bottles ever did before. I don't know what the problem is this time. Sometimes I can get a few days without them away but this time they're even chipping on some nails. I need to try to redo them. Even if I just take the green off and put clear on! 


See ya later alligator.

I feel so bad that I haven't posted in over a week! But I have some pictures today at least. Yay. 

Here are some pictures of the alligator that is apparently living in the front pond out front!! I had no idea it was out there. There's some rocks out there and I was standing on them and I looked down and.... Aaaahhhh... ALLIGATOR!!! 

That's all I've got for today. I'll have pictures though for Wednesday and Thursday though. And I'm going to write a post of goals for the week. And for the year. Because it's my birthday. So it's a "new year". 



I haven't posted photos or my Tuesday post. Maybe tonight I'll try to catch up. Sigh. 



I don't want to write. We were supposed to go to Disney World with free tickets on Saturday but my friend told us Friday night after we were already in Orlando and after we already had our reservation that the weekends free tickets were blocked out. So uuumm... We weren't going to Disney world after all. Well that sucks now. We went to Ikea, Mall of Millenia, Downtown Disney and City Walk on Saturday. Went back to the hotel and watched tv. Woke up and left and came home. It was a pretty uneventful trip. We wanted to do more. We were going to buy tickets to Universal or Islands of Adventure but we thought it was going to rain. We're going to get year passes though for both parks this year though. I think I've pretty much talked about everything else this week? We had my car towed today to Dodge. It's going to be looked at tomorrow and hopefully they look at it tomorrow. I've gotta go to sleep.


I got my days mixed up.

I thought Wednesday was anxiety day and Thursday was nail day but it's the other way around. So this week only I'll switch it. Lol. I painted my nails on Sunday before we left the hotel. But the picture is from today. 
I have such dried skin around my nails. I used to never have dry skin. I guess I need to drink more water. I'm trying!! My base coat is OPI Nail Envy. The color is Maybelline Colorama Ice Princess and is a color that has been discontinued for a really long time and is a really big favorite of mine. I've gone through I think 2 bottles of it and have given 2 bottles of it away. I think this means I have 3 left? I might need to check and see if I need to buy some more! Top coat is seche vite. 

I've been using the nail envy now for a few weeks and I like it. I don't notice it making my nails grow faster but it seems to make them stronger. They're not flexible anymore so they're not breaking anymore like they did all the time before. That's the only difference I see but that is still a huge plus for me to keep buying it and using it. 

Seche vite. I also love it. It definitely makes my nail polish dry much quicker than they do with any other top coat I've ever used. I rarely have shrinking like some people do. I know that sometimes manicures don't last as long as people would like and I haven't quite figured out my favorite solution for this yet. But when I do, I'll type it up here. Most people though that use seche vite usually do their nails nearly every day anyways. So manicures that last for a week or longer isn't something that they're looking for. They're looking for a top coat that will allow them to do the nail art that they do for their blogs. In my opinion if you want a top coat that will dry fast and you know you're going to remove your nail polish in a few days then seche vite is definitely the way to go. Also it's not chipping that usually happens, it's shrinking that happens, where the nail polish is literally shrinking away from all sides of your nail. Typically your nail starts to grow and you have space between your polish and your cuticle, right? Well it's like that except on all 4 sides of your nails and I notice it more on the tip. Probably because that is the part that is getting the most wear and tear of your nails. I've also had manicures last for a really long time! Last July when J had his surgery I did my nails beforehand at some point and when the nurse was talking to me afterwards she stopped what she was talking about to ask me about my nails (like seriously? You couldn't wait?) but by then I think my manicure was 2 weeks old and then I went to the doctor and got another compliment and it was 3 weeks old by then. So you can get a long lasting manicure with seche vite. I have no idea what I did differently though. Maybe I didn't take a shower then since J couldn't take a shower. Lol. Just kidding. Or am I? 

Okay, wow, this turned into a really long post. 


Anxiety bytes.

I called Dodge on Monday. I have an "appointment" on Saturday between 8 and 10 for my car to be looked at and hopefully diagnosed. Then today I drove to work but I wasn't working and I never drive places like that. I drive to work when I'm working so driving there when I'm not working isn't that big of a deal but is still something I don't do. I also called the hospital with a question about my bill. So I did a few things this week that cause me anxiety. Phew! 

Nothing for Tuesday.

I don't have anything good for Tuesday. I took a suitcase down to the barn. But my intentions aren't to do everything on the day I post but to do it in the week leading up to my post and post it on the day for the right post. So I guess if I had any good organizing or cleaning posts in the past week I could post it today but I don't think I do. I swept the floors yesterday and I washed the rugs.  

I hope I didn't just take 4 of my pills. It would be double my dose. Well... I should go.


Forgot the camera this weekend.

Oops. And then I didn't take many pictures this weekend. Why? Our plans that we had were canceled. I'll explain on Friday. So here are the ones that I did take. 

J and I take the worst selfies when we're in bed. He refuses to sit up or stand up. He's always wearing a tank top. I don't know why I never figure this out before I want to take the picture. But after the picture I'm like oh no, our picture is horrible, we need another one. Then he doesn't do what I want to make the picture better. So anyways... Our picture is with the Mr. Potato Head we built for Baby M on Saturday at downtown Disney. Then I took a picture of Mickey Mouse to send to my friend while I was texting her. The $5 sign is from Sunday bowling! It's what we did. The rugs. There is a dog bowl under there. Our dog is so frustrating. He's still having issues with his food. I was cleaning out the car yesterday and J had him in the room and then J went to the bathroom and left him in here by himself and I came in the room and that's what I saw. The bowl was covered up with the rugs. I sat down on the bed and grabbed the dog by his collars and waited for J to come back. When he did I asked him if he did that, lol... Cause ya know what if he did. Of course he didn't. Sigh. I gave him the rest of my rice tonight, I didn't have any sauce with mine though... I mixed the rice up with his food in the bowl and he ate about half of it. Then I threw the rest of it away. Didn't want him to throw the food on the floor or cover the bowl up with the rugs when I brought them back. They were in the dryer at that moment. By then the food was a few days old so I figured I could throw it away. He's eaten old food before on his own so I know he doesn't care but I also don't care to throw it away if I know he could also spill it on the floor or put my clean rug into his bowl. Tomorrow night during dinner, I'll give him fresh food and see if he eats then or during the night. He used to eat either while I was eating or during the night. It's way after midnight now. I started this before midnight though so I don't know what time it'll post it as. Hopefully it does it the time I started it at!!!!!



I am ready to fall asleep but I took my pill already. Which is a good thing. And I feel like I could sleep anywhere. Including the floor. Maybe tomorrow after I clean it. And use lots of blankets lol. 


Sundays are for goals.

My goals this week are going to be quite ambitious because I'm off work this week. 

I need to call Dodge and see if they charge for estimates and if they do, what the charge is. Then I need to set up the day and time of when I want to tow my car there for an estimate. 

I want to try to hang up a shelf but I don't know where I want it. It matches my dresser but it won't be going on that wall. Nothing in here really matches now. We have two black "nightstands" and they do match but they weren't originally nightstands. They were a 4 square shelf unit that James took apart and we each have 2 squares. His entertainment center is black and silver. The mini fridge and microwave match the entertainment center and nightstands I suppose because they're black and the microwave also has silver/stainless? on the front. Then my two nail polish drawers are gray metal with silver handles. The dresser is birch wood with silver handles and on top are white shelves (which are actually shoe racks). And now I have a birch shelf that has silver/chrome ends and it would match better on the wall above the dresser but then I don't know where to put the white shoe racks. I don't know if they would actually fit in the closet. We might be able to get two on the bottom of one side but there's no way two would fit on the other side and I don't know if they would fit up top at all. And it James idea to buy them for the top of the dresser to begin with and he put them together! So I better leave them there for now. I'll put the shelf somewhere else. 


I want to hang up a few picture frames this week!! 
I want to organize the closet.
Organize the entire top of my dresser finally.
Organize the top of the microwave and underneath the entertainment center. Figure out how to better organize our food. I need to wash our food containers. We went to Ikea over the weekend and looked at shelves but didn't know what we wanted exactly for the room so I need to make a list and some measurements and maybe in a few months we can make another trip.

I want to plant some new plants in my new pots!

Okay, I think those are enough goals for my week.

Did I mention I also need/want to sweep and mop the room? And change the sheet? And do the laundry? Cause I have to do all that too. That's all my normal stuff too though.