August's Rainbow Honey's mystery bag

The mystery bag for August wasn't that exciting for me. I subscribe to the mini bag which is $10 a month and $3 for shipping or as I say $13 a month. 

So the scent was fruit juice and the items were perfume, bath oil and bath tea. The scent is nice, I like fruit scents so this was sort of a win for me. It wasn't super special like Pomme rouge and pomelo are to me but it's alright. I'm just not a perfume person as much as I try to be and I don't have a bath tub so the other two items are pointless for me right now. I think we're getting a hotel room for one night this month so maybe I'll bring the bath tea with me and use it just to use it. 

The nail polishes are called Mr. Saturn (the peach) which is too pale for me to like but it does have shimmer. And Jelly Red Sandals which is just a red jelly polish. I don't like red and only use it for holidays so it won't get much use from me. But it is a preview for a collection that I think is coming out next year and I am excited for that because I'm hoping that they're going to be a collection of jelly polishes. And Mr. Saturn is going to be a part of the summer of 199x collection which is being rereleased summer of 2016 and it's going to have new polishes and Mr. Saturn is going to be part of that. So that's cool too because I loved that collection and bought almost all the polishes. I think I'm missing three (lumine hall, pink cloud and I miss you) and I'll be able to get them next year. I don't need I miss you but I need the other two for sure. Especially lumine hall. 

The final product is a full size of their base coat. I wasn't a fan of it so I'm like blah that I got yet another bottle. It makes my nail polish peel off when I use it so I just avoid it. 

So yeah, I wasn't excited by August and I haven't used anything yet. 

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