I have a bunch of Sinful Colors nail polish (over 70 by now) and I'm thinking I could start comparing similar colors. I own a bunch of their colors that look almost identical to their other colors but then also some of their colors are dupes for other brands of polishes.

And the other thing I'd like to try to do with Sinful Colors is show what my favorite layering options are for colors and glitters. Sometimes I see pictures and I just think oh wow... That glitter top coat would have looked a thousand times better with a different base. So I would show several manicures in a post with maybe 2 creams and 2 or 3 glitters and show how they all look together.

For those two plans, I want it to be done with all Sinful Colors. But I do have a ton of other brands or polishes but I might try to bring them into the mix (mix being the blog!) somehow.

What would you like to see? 3 different posts in a week about this. Day 1: comparing Sinful's to each other? Day 2: showing how Sinful cremes and Sinful glitters look together? Day 3: something with other brands... Like showing possible dupes or what Sinful colors work well with other brands?

It's all just floating around in my head. My right hand nails are growing very well but I just broke the left pinky nail really badly (there was blood involved) and another nail is broke right now (I'm trying to repair it until it's past the finger) and I don't know if I'll want to photograph my left hand anytime soon but I can photograph my right hand just fine.

So let me know what you would like to see, I'm excited to see ideas.


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This is awesome.

If you like books and the song All About the Bass, you'll love this.