New indie brand for me.

I follow a nail blogger on Instagram by the name of mcpolisn and her blog is

Well tonight she posted this picture:

I told J I wanted it. Theeeeeen I saw this picture:

I told him I changed my mind and that I wanted that one. 

He told me I could buy it. I wasn't going to and figured I'd try to buy it after our next pay checks but then I saw on their Facebook that this is the last restock for it and that once it's gone, it's gone. I went ahead and ordered it and added a mystery polish too. The brand is new to me but I think starting out with two bottles is a good start. I had money in my PayPal account too to put towards it. 

The color is The Border Patrol by Pahlish. 

I wonder if they do freebies with large orders or send freebies just because. Rainbow Honey does and it's a huge factor in why I keep purchasing from them and why I do large bulk orders.

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