November's Rainbow Honey's mystery bag

November 2015 was an interesting bag. It's the third month where they didn't have the 7.5ml bottles again and it's the first month that there were differences between the large and mini bag. 

So everyone got the lotion but different sizes. 1 oz for minis and 4 for large.
Everyone got the lip scrub in different sizes too but I don't remember what they are.
The nail polishes... They put them all in large 15 ml bottles this time. Large subbers got all 3 colors and the minis got two colors.  I got Interstellar Ice and Bloody Weapon. The third color is Pyro Bot. 
Then the cuticle balms.... The large bags got 3 different scents of the cuticle balm and we got 1 of those 3. I went ahead and placed an order for just nail polishes from them for the Nov bag. It's $16 but is still cheap if I ever have to buy full price. I'll sell bloody weapon and possibly even the extra I stellar ice. It was pretty but I wasn't enough by it like I am to diamond dust. 

The little package at the top with the ribbon is a prize. It's a box of magic button soaps and it meant I was a winner. The prize is a free month to their new sub they're starting called just soaps. I haven't received my present yet. 

December bags should be on their way soon. My order from Black Friday is supposed to be here on Tuesday. I hope it gets here a day early. Last December, they did my favorite color, Woland. 

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