October's Rainbow Honey's mystery bag.

I get the mini mystery bag from Rainbow Honey and it's $12.95 a month with shipping. There's a large version for $25 with free shipping.  

So my review is for the mini of course. 

We got 3 colors again this month but they were in the old mini bottles again. The blue looking color is called My Midnight Garden. Purple is La isla morada. Orange brick shade is magic Brix. We got a bubble bath called Fall Bouquet which as you can see mine leaked a little. I didn't care too much so I didn't say anything this time, but they are super helpful and kind and quick to respond and resolve the issue. The scent is supposed to be fall fruits I think like pears and apples? I don't remember exactly but I seem to like it so I ordered the lotion. Then the two tubes up there are both scented Bubbly but I have no idea what that is supposed to smell like. It's an old scent so I guess they expected people to know. One is a solid perfume balm and the other is a lip balm. I might open the perfume balm bc I'd use it before the lip balm and people are more likely to buy that if it's been used rather than a used lip balm. I've not use the colors yet in a manicure and I don't have a favorite. I like them enough that I'll keep them and used eventually. I'll probably try to sell the non polish items this month. 

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