Last month Zoya had a promotion where you pick out 3 full size polishes and they would send you 3 mystery minis. You just paid the shipping charge of $15. Their full size bottles are $9 each and the minis are $5 each. So $42 worth of polish for $15??? Yes please. 

I picked out Harper, Muse and Dream. I love these colors!!

The mystery mini colors? Eh not so much. They're kind of boring. I might use one of them but probably not the other two. The colors are Severine, Anais (this is the one I might use) and Charlotte. 

You should be able to zoom in and read the colors. I've used Harper and Dream already. They were on my nails for 8 (9?) days!!!! 

Day 3?

Day 8? 

It also turns out that those 3 mystery colors (that were never sold in their store before!) were actually from New York Fashion Week. They were "leftovers". I might use Severine if I ever need a sparkly gold nail polish. But Charlotte? It's such a boring beige creme! I'll never wear it. I could probably sell all 6 Zoya Minis for like $20. I have 3 from the Cyber Monday special that I wasn't very fond of either. 

Oh no!

I was trying to edit my Rainbow Honey subscription tonight. I canceled it with the intention of signing back up once I figured out where the money was coming from. I got cash and went to the bank and deposited it just so I could sign back up. I went to sign up again and it's closed! I don't know if I can get the March bag or not. I emailed asking if I can get back in. I hope so. 

My February order should be here tomorrow! I'm so excited for it. I'm getting a Pomme Rouge cuticle balm. I love the PR scent and love the cranberry sangria cuticle balm I have so I should love this new one. 

I should finish some of the posts I have started. The Internet is fast again here so I can upload lots of pictures now. 

I have lots of pictures from the street painting festival. I have our February picture. Our January picture is a funny one too. I should add it.

I've been having some crazy muscle pains in my legs the past few days. On Tuesday night my calves were so sore. Then Wednesday they were fine but my upper leg muscles were sore. Both legs and front and back of my legs. It all felt stretched. Only when I was sitting though. If I was standing or walking, it was fine for the most part. Bending down in pharmacy hurt a bit. Then driving home Wednesday and Thursday was horrible. I was nearly in tears. Today I woke up and my muscles in my ankles were sore, same thing, they felt stretched. I worked 8-545 and was standing and walking all day and everything was fine. Now that I'm home and sitting, my muscles hurt again. It just feels like they're stretching. And it hurts. 

I had some fruit on the way to work today and it was so yummy. Publix had this little fruit platter made up and it was only $2.99. It was red and green apples, strawberries and green grapes. All of which I love. It was just enough for me too. I'll definitely buy more in the future. 

My mom's been working on these new dog bandanas and they're awesome. They go on their collars instead of snapping or tying around their necks. Kreasy wore his for 4 or 5 days. I think I took it off yesterday. He has a Hulk one. 

Oh! While we were in Lake Worth, we had to stop at Bud's. We went when we were leaving on Sunday. It was so good, the chicken fingers and corn fritters had just been made. 

I want to make a trip over there JUST TO EAT MORE BUD'S. 

I ran out of OPI Nail Envy and I don't have any money to buy a new one so I'm using this one instead. I bought it at Marshalls I think. It was $4.99. It seems like I have to make sure it's completely dry before I can paint over it. Otherwise it doesn't seem to dry, even with fast drying top coats. 

I better go, it's late and I want to try to get at least one other post up tonight.



My first Rainbow Honey order!

I've now placed 4 Rainbow Honey orders. November, December, January and February. I'm trying to catch up on my Rainbow Honey orders. I also have a Zoya order I got 3 weeks ago. And I've bought 3 Sinful's this week. So many nail polishes to write about.

So this post is going to be about my November order.

So I ordered during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend and there was a 20% off sale. They also offer free items when you hit a certain mark. $50 gets you free shipping AND a free limited edition. The free limited edition ($10 value) is always a specific color but they tell you that if you want to switch it for one of the other LE from that month to email them and let them know. I didn't change mine. Then if you get to $65 you also get a free mini mystery bag ($10 value). 

I ordered 1 cuticle balm, 1 lotion (not pictured), 2 scented top coats and 5 nail polishes. 

-Keep Believing cuticle balm 
-Sweet November lotion
-Cranberry Sangria top coat
-Frozen Flame top coat
-Apple Kid
-Diamond Dust
-Sparkling Agave
-Mint Flavor

The Cranberry top coat and Sweet November lotion were sent separately but each came with an additional free gift! So altogether I ended up with 5 free items with my first order. I went through the math on this order in my first RH post. The cranberry top coat came with Cranberry Sangria cuticle balm and the lotion came with Tea Biscuit cuticle balm. 

I ordered the Keep Believing cuticle balm but I ended up using the Cranberry cuticle balm the past (almost) 3 months. I love it. I like the scent of the Keep Believing one but decided to go with Cranberry when I went to use one. And just kept using it. I've known for a while that I needed to use something for moisturizing my cuticles and the skin on the sides of my nails. I don't get hangnails but the skin is still very dry there for me. I had tried their cuticle oil a few times and while I liked the scent, I didn't like the oil because of the... Oiliness. Lol. So the cuticle balm was perfect for me. I also notice a difference when I use this daily. My cuticles seem the same but the skin is definitely better. 

I've only used the Sweet November lotion a few times but I like it. I just really like the Pomme Rouge scent so I use it at home and I have the Sweet November in my purse. 

Let's talk nail polishes now.

Gingered was the free limited edition that month and it's gingerbread scented. I haven't worn this yet because I'm not a fan of warm colors. I prefer cool colors.

Poffin Party was the free extra in my order. I tried it out but I don't know if I like the big glitters. 

The glitter on my thumb and ring finger is Poffin Party. 

Diamond Dust.... I freaking love this color. LOVE! I've used it several times and I ordered it in a mini later on so I could have a back up. It is a holographic glitter top coat and has a purple shimmer to it. 
Apple Kid is a hot pink type of color. It is awesome too.
Mint Flavor is a teal looking shade. And I love it too. I tried to order a mini back up it but it's sold out right now.

I'm going to post a few pictures of those 3 colors now. 

Tessie is the purple, Apple Kid is the pink, Mint Flavor is the mint, Grayscale is the gray and Diamond Dust is the glitter.

  You can see the purple shimmer there. 

Apple Kid and Mint Flavor.

I used Sparkling Agave once. It's a glittery, shimmer filled green. I like greens in the bottles but then I don't like how they look on my nails.

Tayabak was... A disappointment for me, I thought it was going to be more of a neon green and it's not. It's not neon. It does seem like it would be a good green creme for spring, garden or St Patrick's Day looks but I wanted something more neon for J. 

That's Sparkling Agave and Woland. 

That's all I've got for my review for my first order. I haven't used the scented top coats much. They are very scented though! They've lasted at least a day for me. I don't know how long after that they last though because I end up taking my polish off so quickly. 

If you have any questions, let me know.

Night night.


Lake Worth weekend.

We're in Lake Worth this weekend for the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival. It's the 21st year and I think I went every year from about 1998-2006? They shut down the streets of downtown Lake Worth for 2-3* days one weekend in February. And then they "paint the streets". Artists are assigned a section and they draw with chalk. Some artists take the full 2 days to finish their drawing. Others finish the first day. Some weekends it rains during the night and the drawings are ruined or messed up slightly. If they're ruined completely, some artists will just start drawing something completely different from the day before. I've always loved going and am excited to be showing it all to J now. I love the downtown area here too. And things have changed so much since I was there last so it'll be fun seeing the changes too. 

Lake Worth is also awesome at having that small town vibe despite being close to everything you need. Except IKEA. There is not an IKEA in Palm Beach County. They have something going on almost every month if not more often. 

I brought the camera so I'll be taking lots of pictures. I might need to buy batteries tomorrow though. 

*they shut the streets down Friday evening and some artists will start working on Friday nights. It's usually people that have a solid background color in their design and they'll paint their section the background color instead of using a ton of chalk in one color for the background. 

I brought some nail polishes with me and I hope to paint my nails tonight because they are naked and it's weird. Lol. I brought like 10 Rainbow Honey polishes with me. I couldn't decide on one color. J asked me if I needed a travel case for my nail polishes. And the answer is yes of course. Even if I end up not using anything, I still bring everything with me. There was a time when I would bring every color I own but now I own way too many to bring them all with me. 

So now I "have" to online shop for the travel case I want.



Right now I'm lovin' on jellyfish. Well jellyfish products not jellyfish themselves. Lol.  They are really pretty in the water and even dead on the beach can be pretty. Man o' wars are really pretty when they're dead on the beach. Don't hate on me for this. I grew up on the beach and this was a common sight and I went to college for forensic science so death doesn't freak me out like it does other normal people. 

One of the questions for the college essay was something along the lines asking why do you want this job or how do you know you can handle this job? My answers was along the lines of someone has to be willing to see these horrible things to be able to help find out what happened to a raped child or to a murdered mother. And that I decided I could handle those things because it meant more to me to be able to find closure for the victims and their families. 

Then when I did the interview for the program, they asked for 3 words that describe you for this type of job.

I remember my words were observant and unbiased. I can not remember my third word. But unbiased impressed them a lot. Cause it's true, you don't want someone going into a crime scene with what they THINK happened. If it's a drug neighborhood and you see a young black couple murdered, don't assume the worst. You would then treat the processing and how you evaluate the evidence differently. But they could be college students who are drug free and were just walking home from their grandmothers. 

So back to jellyfish. I got two jellyfish presents for Christmas. 

Jellyfish purse!!!!! It's the best. It has a big zippered pocket in the middle. Then smaller Velcro pockets on both sides. On the front side there are two additional pockets on top of the Velcro pocket. I love this purse over my one from 2013 so much better. This was from my daddy.

A jellyfish Tervis Tumbler and the magnet is one I found over the summer. 

I also have a jellyfish ornament and a ball of glass with a green jellyfish in it. It's glow in the dark too so that's awesome. 

I think in April I'll take some time off from work and make the bedroom better. I have stuff to clean up. I want to take out most of the clothes on one side of the closet because we don't wear those things. And I can store more important things in that part of the closet. If I get another shelf, I can put pretty things on it. 


February's Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey

In some shocking news, I received my mystery bag on Wednesday (yesterday) and I'm going to post the reveal post right now. I don't have much of a review because I painted my nails Tuesday and don't want to repaint them yet. 

This month we received 3 nail polish colors again ($30 value!) and a lotion, cuticle balm and a perfume oil rollerball. 

The colors are Glow Cloud, Crimson Nebula and Tsukimi.

I am excited about these colors, especially Glow Cloud. It's similar to Diamond Dust (which I looooove) but Glow Cloud has flakes that are... prismatic? I'm not sure the word I'm looking for here. They're not in your face like other flakies are like in Sally Hansen's Hidden Treausre. And Diamond Dust looks way more silver in the bottle (but has a purple shimmer on the nail) whereas Glow Cloud looks more pink/purple toned in the bottle. Either way, I'm pretty sure I'm going to love Glow Cloud and when the shop reopens tomorrow night I plan on purchasing enough nail polishes to qualify for the free mini bag so that I can get a backup. 

Crimson Nebula is a red glitter. The letter that came with the mystery bag describes it as a "sultry mix of holographic star dust". I don't like the color red. Ever. My first car was maroon. My dad bought it for me and I remember when he was car shopping that I told him I didn't have a color preference except not red. At least I remember thinking this but maybe I never said it. But I ended up with a red car and while I loved the car I always wanted to have it repainted. Then my second car was silver. I loved it's color. I wished that it had the engine and luxury feel of my first car. Now? I've been using J's car for almost a year and guess what color it is. It's red. So while I hate the color red, this red nail polish is still really pretty and since it is glitter, it is quite possible I'll use it for holidays (Valentine's Day, Christmas, any patriotic holiday). It also looks pink/magenta looking with one coat. You have to use several coats to get it more red so that's nice for me too.

Tsukimi is a violet color jelly with glitter in various shapes (including squares and triangles!!!) along with holographic micro glitter. This is really pretty too. 

I tried these out on paper and my toes. The formulas seem great. They're also on the thinner side which I know people will probably be happy with because one of the things that I see people say about RH glitters are that they are on the thicker side. I was going to try to thin out one of my polishes a few weeks ago but I went to go use my thinner (for the first time!) and it was empty. The entire bottle was empty like it had nothing in it. I don't know if it evaporated or if the bottle was empty the whole time. I left it in the box when I got it but I think I would have noticed it being an empty bottle when I bought it. Right?

Here's a picture of everything. The scent this month is Carnival Candy which is described as "a fragrance reminiscent of your favorite memories of pink carnival candy". I take that to mean cotton candy? I've probably eaten cotton candy about 3 times in my life and 2 of those times were with alcoholic drinks from TGI Fridays. I don't remember what it smells like and I think I would like the smell of it but this scent? I tried the lotion out and I love the formula and the scent was on my hands 6 hours later. But I hated the scent. It reminded me of the scent Nail Honey which I sadly didn't like either. Also the lotion is a foot massage lotion but yes, I tried it out on my hands. Lol. 

I've tried all of their lotions that I have and so far the formulas are great except for the one in the December bag, Muscovite, which seemed much thicker than the others. 

I'm okay with not liking everything in my bags since there is usually something I do like and I can gift the other things. 

January's Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey

I am bound and determined to get caught up on all my Rainbow Honey items before the weekend is over. I'm off work today and Saturday and I can write a few blog entries on those days. 

I subscribe to the large mystery bag from Rainbow Honey. It's $25 a month with free shipping. There's a mini size too and it's $10 plus $2.95 for shipping. Both are really awesome deals. Full size polishes are $10 and minis are $5. In January everyone received 3 bottles of polish. So $30 and $15 worth of polish for less than what you're paying plus you get the other stuff! So I think everyone should give Rainbow Honey ( a try for at least 1 month! Then if you like it, you'll turn into me and everyone else who loves the company. I've placed 3 orders since November and plan on placing another this weekend. 

So on to the good stuff. 

So we got 3 colors this month and the scent is Lemon Sorbet. I love fruity scents so this was an awesome month! 

The colors are Dirty Mintini, Lemon Sorbet and Rosy Bot. 

This is the only picture I have apparently of January's colors. I haven't tried Rosy Bot yet but it looks really pretty with Lemon Sorbet over it. There are pictures on Instagram of this combo. I had Jamberry on my thumb and pinky. Dirty Mintini is on index and ring. Then the middle finger is Tessie with Diamond Dust over it (both of those are RH colors too). 

There's the mini of January. The body care products were a soap, a lip balm and a lip scrub. I love their soaps and can't wait to use the Lemon Sorbet one. I still have Sweet November and I used it for almost 2 months before I switched it for the heart shaped Pomme Rouge soap from September. 

I think I've been using it for a month now. After Valentines Day I might put Sweet November back out and just have both of them out until they're done. 

I really liked the Lemon Sorbet lip balm and scrub and while I need to use both of them way more often, I haven't. I have really bad chapped and peeling lips but I'm just not in the habit of applying lip balm enough and this was the first time using a lip scrub. I'll get there!