What to do?

My car is messed up and I have two quotes from two companies for two different things. The total is a little over $1800. I don't have the money. I don't have the money to buy a new car. I'm not sure what to do. I like my car so I want to be able to keep driving it. I like doing deliveries too so I want to be able to keep on doing them too. 

My pharmacy training is going alright. I haven't started any of the computer training exercises though. I keep checking to see if they're on there on my name but they're not. I'm not sure how many hours I'm up to yet. 20? Maybe more. Tomorrow and Friday are my hallmark days this week. But inventory is Monday so I have to count everything there. Sigh. And I never emailed the new hallmark lady for her to come to my store. Oops. I was going to have her give us credit. 

Today is my day off. I want to clean up a bunch of stuff in the bedroom and bathroom. There was a bug in my room last night. A bug that I hate and so now I want to remove all the clutter so that there's not many places for them to hide at. Well at least not in my stuff. I guess they can hide in the walls but I am just going to think that they're not in the walls. It's the first big one I have seen in this house so I'm hoping that it's just a random one time thing. 

I need to check our bank accounts and then I need to get in the shower and thirdly I need to start cleaning the house up! 



I've been posting on Wordpress this week. I don't want to keep separate blogs but I guess I could have one for wedding planning and the other for everything else. Or I can just keep two blogs for whatever I want since I'm not paying for anything yet. Haha. If I did though, I'd go with Wordpress though. Lol. 

Am I falling asleep finally? I have to wake up in 5 hours to get ready for work. 

Or maybe one journal can be medical stuff only and the other one wedding and life.  

I haven't painted my nails in a few weeks. I think a month or more? I've been trying to get the yellow to grow out from when they were painted green in July. They stained my nails and its driving me nuts how yellow they look but I don't want to just cover up the secret. 

I want to keep typing but I'm sitting here and closing my eyes and that means I'll fall asleep sitting up. With my glasses on. Then I wake up 4 hours later falling over sideways and my neck is sore and my hair scrunch ice is still in my hair. I just tnjbjnbf

Yup. Time for sleep. That last sentence up there was typed while I was closing my eyes. D hhh

Seriously. Just happened again. Clicking DONE now.....