July's Allure Beauty Box

This was the first month that Allure took over the Beauty Box. It's curated by their editors every month with roughly 5 products (I've seen some with 6 including July's!). It's $15 a month. 

Everyone got the same box this month which was kind of disappointing. The only differences were the color of one of the products. 

It was kind of a disappointing box. I was hoping for a nail polish (I will never not wanting more nail polish) and maybe some other types of make up since I'm trying to start a make up collection again. 

The invisibobbles? I tried it and it felt loose in my hair and then when I was trying to get it out, it was tough to remove. Hair was getting caught and the hair tie was getting tangled up with itself which made it even more difficult. I will probably just try to swap or sell this at some point.

The mascara is black and is a mini but there isn't a size listed. I'll probably save this one and swap/sell the ones that I do have. (Rimmel and CoverGirl) 

The super goop sunscreen spray?? I actually love this product. You must shake it first. If you don't, it's not going to work the way it's supposed to. I read reviews and people weren't shaking it or for long enough and the results weren't good. It's also not meant to be used as a sunscreen by itself. It is SPF 50 which is great but you're spraying it on your face, so you're not going to get good enough coverage. It's meant to go over your make up, sunscreen, moisturizer and mattify it. I've used it over my sunscreen. I can use a lower SPF now and now have to worry about the shininess which has been a problem with some of the sunscreens I've tried out lately. It only gets shiny across my nose and cheeks, so I just focus the spray there. It works to make it matte. I haven't had any reactions with it or sunburns. I would buy this in the future for sure when money is a little better. 

I haven't tried the other products yet but I'll try the hair products for sure. If I can remember to use the eye serum on a regular basis, I will. It's supposed to be really good. Oh, I lied, I did try it out. I put it on one night and I have no complaints on the formula. It absorbed well and it didn't feel greasy. But I only tried it one night so can't speak to its magical abilities yet. 

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