Rainbow Honey's cosmic microwave sky review

I plan on writing on several mystery bag reviews this week but tonight I'm sleepy. I wrote a description of the January mystery bag and some brief opinions about what I felt toward certain things. Then I'll write February and March's review on the mini bags and April will be on the large bag.

Tonight's 2nd post is about a specific gorgeous color. 

It's called Cosmic Microwave Sky and it was in the March mystery bag. It was in both the mini and large bag. I got the mini so I am missing a third color. I'm glad though I got this one because I FREAKING LOVE THIS COLOR.

I love blue and I love jelly and I love square glitter. I am going to love looking at this on my nails the next few days. 

The pictures aren't the greatest but I just wanted to show it off tonight. Maybe tomorrow I'll take daylight photos or use my camera. 

Also the only negative about this polish was it's a little thick but I paint my nails right under an AC vent and when the AC comes on, the cold wind wrecks havoc on my polishes. So when it did that I stopped and when it was off I resumed. It seemed to help but not enough. It's not something that will make me stop using it. I can and have continued using many polishes that were thick. Or I can fix it with nail polish thinner. 

But since it's a mystery bag and the products are pro types and testers, they welcome feedback like this. They'll know to either add more base and/or less glitter. Just don't take away the square glitters RH, lol. 

**edit on May 10th, 2016**

I've still not written the posts I was going to write! I've been super sick, finally went to the doctor today for antibiotics so hopefully I start getting better. But that's not why I wanted to add something here. What I wanted to add is that cosmic microwave sky is now being sold at as part of their Space Collection. There are a lot of previous mystery bag colors (including my favorite grayspace) in this collection. I think it's 10 polishes total (11 if you want to count the May limited edition polish too since it's called Interstellar Ice) and 4 new colors. Of the mystery bag colors, I don't have 2 of them.

Rainbow Honey January mystery bag- no pictures or reviews.

I had canceled my mini subscription in December so I didn't get a bag but I don't want to skip a post so I'll pull from social media and write what was in the bag that month. But I won't take their pictures. I'll still credit where my information is from.

This information is from, 

This is for the large mystery bag that was $25 a month for subscribers. But starting in May, subscribers will pay $22! I'm not sure of the new prices for the other subs but I do believe they're changing too. 

They sent three whipped cream soap in foil packets along with 3 little plastic spoons. I've never used any of their products in foil packets so I don't have an opinion on it. I do like that they think ahead and include the spoon. The scents were pate de pistache (never smelled this), juicy orange pop (I've smelled their juicy orange pop in hand soap and it smells like orange soda, I prefer the citrus type of orange smell) and the final flavor was Sakura Matsuri. I think I have a cuticle balm with that scent but haven't used it or opened it, smelled it and didn't like it. It's a very popular scent though so if you got this hand soap, try it! (Oh maybe I have some soap in this scent....)

Then they sent cucumber melon lip balm and cucumber melon sugar scrub. I am not a fan of their lip balms but I know many people are. I've traded several of them for other things or just for money, lol. I tried a lemon sorbet sugar scrub they had in 2015 and it was fine but I wasn't a fan of the gritty on my lips so I also trade those now. Some people do like them and try to trade for that. I think I did hear that this batch didn't have enough sugar in it? Not sure. Since these products are being sent to be tested, RH welcomes feedback so that they can improve their products such as this one. If you got a sugar scrub with no sugar, let them know!

Caramel Forest body spray- I don't have anything in that scent so no idea.

The 3 colors are forestal, planet m and caramel forest. 

I'm not wowed by how these colors photographed so I didn't feel like I needed them. Forestal is a matte green, light olive green if that makes sense? Then planet m is pink with some shimmer? Hard to tell but it's not the first pink with shimmer I've seen. Then caramel forest is brown, gold, yellow, orange and white glitters I believe. It sounds interesting for someone that likes warm colors. I am not one of those people. 

I'm not sad I didn't get this bag. But don't know why, I got mini bags of February and March once I knew what they were and then I signed back up the large bags. Mini bags still get two large bottles so I'm still upset about that and that's why I went back to the large. Sometime this week I'll write posts about February, March and April's mystery bag. 

*edit: planet m is now available for purchase on the website!!*