I love getting free things in the mail.

Here's some of what I've received in the mail the past month that are free. I started signing up for these the weekend of June 13th. Then June 20th, I received my first samples which was the Mario Badescu products I posted about. I still haven't tried those yet. So since it has been 4 weeks since that post without me updating, I'll just do a monthly update all at once. 

So after 5 weeks of my first sign ups I've received:

The Ecotools brush is part of a employee program where we receive products to try out for free. The carefree liners are part of a "7 day challenge" kit. 

These four all came in a box from PinchMe. That was my second order from them and I have a third one coming too. The first one I did in January and then forgot about it completely. In June I remembered. Once or twice a month they offer up samples and you fill up your box. When I did it the first time, I got 2 samples. This second time they said I had room for 4 products so I went with everything that was there. I already have tried that deodorant and I love it and had just bought a full size of it the week before but it'll be good to have for traveling. The tea is for J. The cat food is for Sylar. But we ran out of dog food yesterday and so I used one of the perfect portions to feed Kreasy some mixed with dry cat food. It was really hard to open and I ended up with juice all over my hands afterwards. Kreasy had no problems with it. Eventually I'm sure I'll give the other one to Sylar. 

When I built my third box, I could choose 5 samples. I think there was 6? Plus 1 sold out. I picked my five and then they're sending me 3 or 4 bonus samples too. I like it because so far they're not foil packets. They're travel size/deluxe size samples. You choose a bunch on one site instead of going to each site. And it's all sent to you within 4 weeks (honestly I think it's 3) in one box instead of getting numerous boxes. 

I got this the same day as my Ipsy bag. I'll definitely use these. I've been wanting to try them. 

The hair products came in the mail on Thursday. The dental items were from my dental cleansing visit on Thursday. But I don't know if that counts since they probably charge it in your appointment fee, lol.

Today I got this!!!!!!:

I don't know why I'm very excited about it. Maybe because it's full size. I wanted to try to use it after I wash my hands. I get things and then try to use them not for their intended purposes, lol. This is for arms and legs after shower. But hands are part of the arms. We'll see. This one was also from the same employee program. 

I have about 8 more coming from them at this point. Plus various other samples. I have also signed up for about 5 free magazines. Teen Vogue, This Old House, Bride?, Martha Stewart Living and some photography magazine. I think I signed up for the last two twice. Oops. I don't know if I signed up for anything else. 

I know I have a Target sample on the way, several kinds of pet food, mascara, shampoo, pads, maybe some tampons. I can't think of what else. Hopefully when I write this post on August 20th, I'll have even more to post about. 

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