Samples update!!!

So let's see what I got from July 22nd to August 21st!! 

I'm not sure what day I got these QuickStick hooks but I got them and was excited and then not so much. I put two of them up and now two of them has fallen. They're reusable so if I picked them up off the floor, I could restick them but I'm not that excited about it anymore. The nails were from a trade I did so not exactly free.

On August 9th I got these things for free. Free cat food is awesome and I was able to get the shirt for free and pick my size so I went with a large so I could sleep in it. I don't need people seeing me wear a shirt advertising, lol. It's like a wholesale club I think? Then the Sally Hansen airbrush legs was sent from influenster for review purposes. I've not done a review yet though because I don't really wear shorts that often since I work 5 days a week and stay at home usually on my days off. 

On August 14th I received these goodies. I signed up for several free magazine SUBSCRIPTIONS. Not just one or two but a year's worth or 18 months and I think one of them is for two years. Teen Vogue is the first one I got and this was actually my second issue. I used to love going through magazines in high school and tearing out awesome ads and then I would stick them on my walls and at some point I had two walls covered in ads and it was awesome. I took photos before I tore everything down but I have no idea right now where those pictures are but as soon as I find them, I'll definitely post them online. So I'm hoping to start a collection of nail polish ads and anything that is just plain awesome. So free magazines are perfect for tearing up and teen magazines have a ton of make up ads. Of course I threw away July's issue before I tore out the ads. But I didn't forget this time! By the end of this post you'll see three of my other free magazines I'm getting now. Plus I think I have 3 or 4 more to come and will have 7-8 different magazines every month!!!!!!! 

I got a coupon for a free toothpaste from Walgreen's, but this is an employee only promotion. Then Kreasy got a chicken breast jerky treat and a coupon for $5 off and I'll use it if I can find it and it's cheap enough. So we'll see. He liked it but I don't think there's many treats he wouldn't like, lol. 

The other item in this picture is my August Rainbow Honey mystery bag which I pay for so I won't go over what was in it in this post. But that reminds me, I need to write up a post for my August subs. 

On August 17th, I received one of my PinchMe boxes. This box was for my 2nd account but I got it first because I was able to do a sneak peek thing with it where I could pick out my samples a day early so not everything was gone. I got several coupons along with some decent samples. The lotion is a repeat from my June box and actually I got it in all four accounts plus the first account got it twice. I'm going to have 5 samples of this lotion and then 2 of the purple kind. I think? The ACT mouthwash is an AWESOME size. It's 3 oz which is travel friendly and I bought a travel size from Walgreen's one time (it's ACT but I think it was alcohol free and this one has it) and it was just a 1 oz bottle. I refill them since I am having to brush my teeth 3 times a day now so this will be great to refill and bring with me to work. The sponge is smaller than what you'd buy but is still big enough to use it and know if you like it or not. And in fact, I'll cut it in half and use it for things that are super dirty and I throw the sponges away for those items (the garbage can, dog food container for instance) and won't reuse it so I cut them in half. Then I got one dental floss pick but I prefer the picks over the rolled floss so these will be great to put in my work cosmetic bag (I got this sample more than once). I got a sample from Summer's Eve, it's for nighttime?! It's lavender bc your vajaja wants to relax before you got to sleep?!? It's a liquid cleanser and a cleansing towelette. This sample was "sold out" by the next day so it was either very popular or they didn't have as many of them as they did the lotions, sponges and mouthwashes. A foil packet of No7 protect and perfect serum which is supposed to be really awesome and I'm happy to try it out since No7 is a Boots brand and now Boots and Walgreen's are one big global company and I got 3 waterproof band aids. I'm not a big band aid person so I might give these to Jacie or someone at work. 

On Tuesday August 18th, I got my second July PinchMe box (which is for my first account) and it's all the same samples I got the day before. I don't mind getting a second bottle of mouthwash or a second sponge. Or the dental pick. I'm "sad" that this sample was just one pick but it's still good for travel because the samples are in sealed bags. So I got two so I'll floss at work two days now. I never bring floss picks with me since I don't have a sanitary way of carrying them around. I don't have small plastic bags, lol. 

The other sample I received was a box of two tampons and two panty liners. I'm not a tampon person so I gave this to someone at work and I just signed up for another tampon sample but I'm having it mailed directly to her house. I was able to pick just panty liners as my sample for that day. It was a Target sample that went quickly and I'm not even sure what brand it is from, maybe Kotex but not even sure. We'll see in a few weeks!!

On Wednesday August 19th I got these two samples!! Shampoo, conditioner and a treatment, score. Then a sample pack of 3 pads which I'll use those. Plus both of them came with coupons. When I take pictures of coupons, I try to cover up the bar code so people don't try to print them out somehow. 

Then Friday the 21st, I got my 2nd free magazine subscription plus some Kotex panty liners. This came with 4 panty liners. So in a week I received 2 tampons, 3 pads and 6 panty liners. Plus last month I got 7 panty liners. Pretty sweet!!!! I didn't know if I would like Martha Stewart Living but I did! It's actually a good magazine plus it has things to tear out and save. 

So I know I said in the beginning this post goes from July 22nd to August 21st, I decided I would add in what I've gotten this week so far. But when I post my monthly recap in 4 weeks, I'll post this next picture again. 

These three items are from the 24th and 25th. I didn't get anything today. But Seventeen and Better Homes and Gardens are my two other magazines I talked about earlier. Plus I have a bridal magazine, Rolling Stone, a photography magazine and maybe something else on the way. I thought I signed up for This Old House but now I'm not sure if this will be a print subscription or if it's digital only because I keep getting emails and so yeah.... Who knows. 

I'm excited for Rolling Stone! My dad had a subscription when I was in high school and he would give me the magazines when he was done. That's where most of my ad collection came from plus I would tear out articles about my favorite bands. 


Or not.

The Internet is being stupid so I probably won't be posting my samples tonight. 

Samples post coming soon.

I have so many samples to write about. I got two Pinch Me boxes, plus free magazines and a ton of samples and coupons! When I get home I'll write a post about everything from the past 30 days. I think the magazines are going to be the best free things ever. So far I've received 3 different magazines. And I think I have 4 more on the way. Maybe 5. I'm not even sure! 


So many packages!

I have mail on its way to me. 

-countless numbers of free samples
-an influenster voxbox with Sally Hansen airbrush legs
-fortune cookie soap company seasonal mystery box
-Target box
-my nail polishes from Pahlish that I ordered last week. 
-Rainbow Honey mystery bag
-Ipsy bag

I think that's everything. 

Sally Hansen and Pahlish should be here tomorrow. FCSC maybe Friday? Or Saturday? Rainbow Honey and Ipsy will be next week I think. And maybe even the Target box too. Not sure, I haven't gotten any tracking numbers yet for those three.


It's after midnight.

But I really want to redo my nails. 

I used my Sally Hansen magnetic nail polish that I bought at Big Lots in 2014 for the first time. 

The polish is originally from 2012 so I'm only three years behind the times, lol. But the next day I decided I wanted to do something more.

The pinky had two coats of something but I only remember what one of them is. Sally Hansen Sea Through which is a green jelly but is really sheer so you can't even see it here. The ring finger has a coat of Rainbow Honey Costa Dorada on it. The middle finger has Loreal Jolly Lolly which is also a jelly like the Sally Hansen but this one is red and isn't sheer at all like the Sally Hansen. The index finger has Loreal Mango Mamma on it which is a orange jelly that was in the same collection as Jolly Lolly and both of them were limited edition. I bought them about two years after the fact in 2014 at Big Lots. 

I then took Loreal Jolly Lolly and put it over all the nails and that's why all these nails look different!! 

So now it's been a few days and I redo them.