I've got 6 packages on the way. Hopefully they all get here this week.

I ordered a watch band on Friday from Amazon and it'll be here tomorrow. So yay, I'm almost ready to lose my watch.

I signed J and I up for Marvel's Collector Corp box and we ordered two previous boxes. Secret Wars and Ant-Man which is the one I wanted. J wears a 2XL and that's the size our sub is for but we got to pick our sizes for the two older boxes. He told me to get his size for both of them. But Ant-Man didn't have a 2X, so I went with a medium for me. 

 I think every box comes with a shirt and an exclusive Pop Vinyl which we've collected so many Pops the past two or three months. We got 3 just in the 2 Marvel boxes! We both have some on our wish lists.

I have two rainbow honey mystery bags coming my way. I have my mini bag (I canceled this sub but I'm sure I'll sign up again in January) and I have my free Just Soaps! bag that I won. 

Then I ordered the Zoya cyber Monday mystery box and a duo of their lip repair balm (which spoiler alert is in the mystery box) and the Qtica nail strengthener. The mystery box was $20 and the lip balm and Qtica base coat was $20. 

I also placed a Black Friday deal with Pahlish. I am completely having second thoughts on this order now. Sigh. 

I need to get ready for bed.

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