September's Rainbow Honey mystery bag.

September was better but was still a disappointment. Other people weren't happy either. 

I was excited when I opened the package.... 

Do you see why I was excited???? Stars!! The label has stars on it and I love stars. 

Then I opened it and was immediately so disappointed I didn't even take a picture of what was included. 

So I just took some pictures now. 

 Do you see the major problem?? The polishes are smaller than the size that the minis have been since December. This is the size they were when I first signed up. I didn't sign up for the mini because I didn't want small bottles like that. December was the first month I got a mini bag, it was my first order from them and the bag was free with my order. Well the polishes that month were their new minis and they were 7.5 ml. I was like awesome and I made it a point then to get a mini bag every month. Then in June I even switched my sub to the mini because the sizes were great now. Then this happens. These are 5 ml and so tiny. 

I took this picture twice and apparently both are blurry. Oh well. I really like both polishes and would have loved to have them in the 7.5 size because I know I'll use them often (especially the star one) and I would even want to buy the large to get back ups but now I'm frustrated with the company and don't know if I should. I've used Underwater World twice and you can see how much is gone already. 

I love the stars!!! 

There's everything altogether. There's a full size cuticle oil in their new scent truffle cappuccino and it's actually not that strong of a coffee bitter smell so I could probably use this. I have other cuticle oils though that I prefer and I don't use them that much, I prefer the cuticle balms. Plus they didn't give me a box! Some people got boxes and other people didn't. The perfume (yes, another perfume) is called Way Cooler and I like it but again, I'm not a perfume person. Well technically this is called a body mist but yeah, I don't use scented items often and certainly not when it's only purpose is to make you smell nice. Like lotions, cuticle oils and balms are fine when they're scented but they serve a purpose other than to make you smell better. The thing that says Vanilla Plains smells really good but it's a cooling gel and I don't get sunburned enough to need another cooling gel and when I am sunburned, I don't use anything usually. I wish this was a hand sanitizer. We got one in November and I like it and would use it more if I liked the scent enough. Maybe I'll put it in the car to try to use it more. Anyways. That was the only one we've received and they've done 3 cooling gels in the past 12 or 13 months. They had midori last summer and then this summer they had twisted ice tea and now vanilla plains. The final item is soap and the scent is chocolate mint. But it's brown. It's poop brown soap! Who's going to want to use dark brown soap?! I won't use it because it's mint even though the mint doesn't seem to be that strong but if I did like mint, I wouldn't use it because it's POOP BROWN. it should have been green or even green and light brown marbled. 

I still liked the September bag better than the August bag despite not getting a box, getting products I won't use and getting the old minis. I still liked it better! 

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