Square glitter.

I've never had a favorite shape of glitter. Until now! I've suddenly realized that I love square glitters. When I'm wearing nail polishes with different shapes, the squares are my favorite. Lol. I like stars but they are usually a huge pain in the butt to apply so I don't like them as glitter. 

I'm not sure how many polishes I have that have squares, I can only think of two. Rainbow Honey's Woland and Sally Hansen's Open Mica Night. 

But I do know that I'll be looking to buy more in the future.

And that's the end of this random post.


December's Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey

This bag has my favorite colors yet. The FOUR scented items??? Idk, the scent is too... Weird for me and I can't describe it. It's like a Christmas tree ate some fruity candy? I don't know. There's been a few times where I smelled it and I thought I liked it that day so maybe it's all tied to my time of the month. 

Okay, let's go over what was actually in the bag, shall we? 

The colors are called The Master (the pink) and Woland (the purple) and Woland is my FAVORITE! I love The Master too but Woland?? It is just perfection to my eyes. The Master is a pink jelly with gold flakes and glitter/shimmer. 

Woland is lots of small purple glitter with holographic and black square glitters. It's that while combination that makes it my favorite. I think the letter that came with it said it was meant as a top coat but I haven't tried that yet. I just use 2-4 coats for opacity. 

Let's see what pictures I have of my nails with these colors. 

That was Master and Sparkling Agave also by Rainbow Honey. 

I know I painted my nails a few times with Master but I guess I didn't take any pictures. How sad. 

The rest of the December Mystery Bag products were Muscovite scented lotion, solid perfume, cuticle balm and top coat. With me not being able to handle the scent of it I have a ton of products im not going to use. I also got a mini bag that month with my order so I have doubles of everything. I tried the lotion once (large one) and the cuticle balm but don't think I tried the top coat. I might try to sell them. The minis and other cuticle balm weren't used at all. And the lotion I'd feel comfortable listing it since the product comes out and then you put it on. But the balm? I'd sell it if someone specifically asked for my once used cuticle balm. 

I really like the idea of a solid perfume though. Loooooove this idea. It would make traveling easier. Solid forms of items don't have to go into a quart size ziplock bag like liquids do. Carrying a solid perfume in your purse would be less likely to spill. I would love for them to do a cuticle balm/lip balm type product for the perfume too because then you could apply directly to your arm, neck, wherever rather than using a finger or qtip. 

Picture of the mini mystery bag.

And the size differences between the products. 

Coming up: January, Feburary and Valentine's Day mystery bags to be written. Also my 3 orders I've done. I love what I've ordered and the customer service has been great.


November's Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey

Here is my November mystery bag from Rainbow Honey in the large size. 

You can see how the stickers changed and also the sticker is on the bubble wrap bag now and there's no tissue paper. 

I really liked the Frozen Flame scent! The cuticle oil is a nice formula, I don't know if it helps but I like it. Lol. The perfume is an oil but I don't notice much of a difference between the oil and the liquid but I have worn this one more than the other one from September but only because I was carrying it with to work. I like that the containers are small enough to fit in my change purse! The hand sanitizer is great too. I try to bring it with me on days that I work. I don't like to leave it in the car since it gets so hot here so I bring it on days I do deliveries so I can use it in between stops. It acts like a regular hand sanitizer so I assume it's also sanitizing like them too, lol. The scent seems to also last for a few hours! Even when I'm not reapplying that often. The Frozen Flame scent has been released as of December and it was also in a "bliss set". It had a lotion, cuticle balm, scented top coat, body spray AND they rereleased the nail polish that this scent was based on. The polish is called Frozen Flame and is a glitter topper. 

I really liked the Lemon Honey lip balm. I really liked this scent and thus was able to wear it. It has a good formula, it's I think thicker than lip balms I normally prefer but it's not a bad thing and is still wearable for me. 

Both pictures show my fake nails! I think Aurora is pretty but I don't know how many coats it would take to be opaque, I think I did 3 there and you could still see my white tip. 

Over all I liked this bag! 

October's Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey

I don't think I have many pictures of October's mystery bag but I'll show what I do have and go over everything I received. 

Here are the 2 polishes and the base coat. The colors are named Cafe Con Leche and Zi. Then both mini and large bags came with a full size bottle of their base coat called All Your Base. Cafe Con Leche is a light beige color with some micro gold and silver glitter in it. I'm not a fan of this color but the quality is good. Zi is a royal purple with micro glitter in it too. My favorite color is purple and I like how purple polishes look in the bottle but I don't wear them often because I don't like how they look on my hands. When I wore this, it seemed thick but I had the fan on so I don't know if it was the fan or the polish. Neither of these colors have been released online yet. The 3rd "polish" is their base coat which was in a mystery bag earlier this year and was so popular that they put in the bags again. The base coat wasn't sold online until December though and only because so many people loved it. 

I think this is Zi. 

There's Cafe Con Leche. I used it as my base for a Thanksgiving manicure. I had this on and couldn't wait for Thanksgiving to pass so that I could take this off. I just did not like it on me! 

Here's my picture of the other products in the October bag. I didn't take this picture until 3 weeks had passed. I don't have any pictures of everything together. The dotting tool was an extra surprise gift. The soap and perfume are Sweet November scented and the scent was introduced in... November. I really like how it smells. The perfume is a liquid in a rollerball bottle. I like that it's a rollerball (I think all their perfumes are like that) but I don't wear perfumes often so it's only been used a few times. I try to wear it but I don't think of these things until it's too late. This is the soap that I'm using right now and it's great. It has shimmer to it but it doesn't show up on your hands. The final product is a lip balm and it's called L'orange Ganache which is orange and chocolate scented and I tried it out but couldn't deal with the scent of the taste. Something about the chocolate scent in this. To me it just wasn't good, it was too fake smelling?? I had to wipe it off right away so I didn't even know the quality of their lip balms at the time. 

All these products weren't new to Rainbow Honey, just the scents were. I think L'orange Ganache was introduced in December but not really sure. There is a Sweet November bliss set and it has a body splash, lotion, cuticle balm, sugar scrub and a spa soak. I bought the lotion!

Overall I didn't like this bag. I use OPI Nail Envy so I don't know how the base coat is, I've tried it out and it's fine as a regular type of base coat, nothing wrong there but I end up removing my polishes within a day or so I don't know if it strengthens your nails or not. It's supposed to have vitamin E in it. I'm not a fan of the colors or the lip balm. The soap and the perfume are the only things I like.  

September's Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey

Almost 4 months later, here is my reveal post for September's Mystery Bag (large), my first bag from Rainbow Honey (

Here's my pictures of the different stages of unwrapping it. 

It doesn't always come in a box, they come in "bags" usually but I guess September's was a little heavier than normal? 

It was wrapped in tissue paper with that label which is really super cute. But they've changed the sticker now. 

These were loose and not in the inside of the tissue paper I believe. The large paper is just a note saying thank you and contact information basically. The smaller folded card stock is an explanation of what's in your mystery bag. 

After you unwrap the tissue paper, everything is inside of a bubble wrap bag which is still how they're packaged, just no tissue paper. 

So there's all the products. I loved my first bag so very much! I love the scent of Pomme Rouge (PR) so much. The PR scent was introduced to the online store ( in October. There was a Pomme Rouge Bliss Set that included five things in that scent BUT none of those items were any of the items that were in the mystery bag. The items in the mystery bag were lotion, a body balm and soap. The items in the bliss set were a perfume, body spray, cuticle oil, cuticle balm and top coat. I think I might buy the top coat or cuticle balm in January if they're still available. The quality of the body lotion and balm are great. I'm not a huge fan of moisturizing products but only because I don't have a huge need for it. It's only been this year that I even need something for my hands but I don't have dryness anywhere else. I don't use the balm often, I do use the lotion quite a bit though. I like that the balm is a solid though and I think that you could have it in your carry on luggage as opposed to the lotion. I don't think the balm counts as a liquid but the lotion does (I think). I haven't used this soap yet but I am using one of their soaps right now and the quality of it is great so I would imagine this one would be as well. Also the lotion and body balms were altogether new items for them and lotions in other scents have been introduced on the site, they started in November. But body balms haven't been introduced yet and you never know if it ever will. I think that's everything about the non polish items. Now on to the nail polishes. 

I loved all 3 of them and here are some pictures of the times that I used them for manicures.

Here are the two times that I've used Sugarberries. I'm not a huge fan of red shades yet I've used it twice and the other 2 shades only once. Go figure, lol. I think it's because it's a darker shade of red and has glitter that I'm okay with this one. The gold polish is Sinful's Sin-Ammon and the gray is... Well I can't tell you yet. It was in the November bag. This was opaque in 2-3 coats and covered well. There are varying sizes of silver glitter in this. And since there are smaller pieces of glitter in there, it's not a big deal if you don't get big glitter, like in my first picture. But it is very possible to get several pieces of large glitters on the nail without fishing them out. In my second manicure there were 3-4 pieces of the large glitters on each nail. Also my second manicure is on fake nails, I had had them on and then when I got bored with the French manicure look, I painted over them. Sugarberries was introduced to the site in November as part of the November limited edition set.

Here's Asteroid B which has different sizes of glitters also, including star ones. The small glitter is holo silver and the stars are gold. I didn't get a lot of stars on my nails but there was so much other stuff going on that that was okay. There's the smaller glitters going on plus the polish is actually a duochrome that shifts from blue to purple. It's not described like that on the card but that's what I wrote on my Instagram picture. I think this was opaque in 3 coats. It has not been introduced on the site yet.

And finally Salacia which is really pretty but it is not an opaque polish. I had Sally Hansen's Sea Through on my nails and it is a jelly polish and I had about 5 coats of it on my nails. Then after a few days of that, I put the Salacia on 2 of my nails and I think I just did 2 coats of it. You do get a lot of glitter on the nail, but you'll have visible nail line no matter what if you used this by itself, so this is best as a topper. It has triangle glitter in it (which is my first triangle glitter polish) along with other sizes and shapes of glitter. 

And that's it for the September bag. Overall I loved this bag.


Super long post.

***This ended up being a really long explanation, maybe one day, I'll edit it but for now.... Here it is****

So I wrote a post the other day explaining my rainbow honey subscription and then it was eaten by the monster that lives in my iPad. It had pictures too! And I want to write so many great things about the products I've bought and received so far. I'm excited about the order I want to place in either January or February. I already know I want to buy Magic Cake and Tessie and I want to buy a few products in the scent Pomme Rouge. Plus I'm sure there will be new limited editions that I might want to buy. I will probably end up receiving my January bag before I post the good stuff! Let's just try to explain how I found Rainbow Honey (RH) and the details of the subscription.

J gets loot crate every month and he started in I think August and I was like well I want to do a nail polish subscription. I'm basically poor so I needed to make sure that the quality of the products I would get are amazing (I hear so many bad things about Julep that I don't want to try them) and that the value of what I spend every month is what I get in products, sometimes I feel like some of the subscriptions are not worth it. You pay x amount of money and only get 3 products plus shipping costs or whatever. I don't typically spend more than $8 on a polish and I can probably count on one hand the number of bottles I own that were roughly $8 (but were probably less than $8) so I needed it to be around that per bottle. So I started researching this. I stumbled upon a blog that had a list of nail polish subscriptions and started clicking the links to get the details and would read reviews of the different companies. There was Julep, SquareHue, ColorMeMonthly, Rainbow Honey and many others. I think there was 20 on the list I found! I think I used this list: I can't remember the details of Julep but I didn't find enough good reviews to even consider them. SquareHue is I think 3 polishes for $21 (so $7 each bottle). ColorMeMonthly is 1 polish a month for $7 and I know that included the shipping. All were mystery polishes. I found one that would send you a polish that was "created for you", when you sign up you list what colors and types (jelly, creme, glitter) of polishes you like. Rainbow Honey is $10 for the mini and $25 for the large every month. The mini has $3 in shipping so it's $13 a month. You receive 2-3 polishes and the rest of the products are body/nail care products and you get 6 products a month so it could be 3-4 body/care products. Math time.

The breakdown for the mini was:

$10 plus $3 for shipping (US shipping) equals $13.

Polish sizes were 4/5 ml each and in January will be 7.5ml and will be sold as a regular item. The minis were for mini bags and the only time they were sold were in sets for different sets and you couldn't mix and match. So this is awesome news. The December mini bags were the first time the new sizes were seen. 

6 products: $2.16 for each.

Pretty awesome.

Oh did I mention that RH charges $5 for minis (that's the number I've seen on other blogs though) so if you were to buy 3 mini bottles of polish, it would be $15 plus shipping.

So. Now it's really awesome, yes?


$25 and that includes shipping to the U.S.

6 products.
$4.16 each.

$4 and change for 15ml bottles of indie nail polish?????  Yes please, sign me up.

RH charges $10 for a 15ml bottle of nail polish so $25 for 3 bottles is nice but since you also get 3 additional products, it's all amazing.

I read so many reviews on RH in August to make sure the quality of the nail polishes and products were worth it. I looked at pictures of the polishes from the mystery bags to make sure I would like most of my mystery nail polishes.

I signed up for the large in August!!!! 

I pay $25 a month and on average I've received $40-$50 in products each month. I have 4 months of products and I was so impressed with my products so far that I placed an order on Cyber Monday. I spent almost $100 but I only did that because I received a nice random refund on my credit card that month. Part of that is for a gift so it wasn't all for me. I can't explain the gift though yet because it's for a January Birthday. =) 

I did buy 9 products for myself and because of my purchase with the gift, I was able to receive gifts! I received 2 bottles of nail polish at the 15ml size. I received a mini mystery bag (my order came in December so I got the mini December bag) and 2 of the products I ordered didn't come with the bulk of my purchase.... So they ended up being sent separately and each package came with a free gift. It wasn't explained why they were sent separately but the fact that RH went ahead and included an extra item in each package is above and beyond excellent customer service. So I spent $60ish (with a cyber Monday coupon code) on myself for 9 products and received $40 worth of free product? This is why I'm already a huge fan and why I think everyone should be a huge fan.

Oooooohhhh and $10 of that $40 was for a mini bag. The value of it this month? $24???? That's a rough estimate because I forgot to also mention that all of the mystery bag products are all new items.

New colors, new scents, new types of product. They could be items that will be released in the future (I received a color in September that will be sold in 2015), items they want feedback on to see how everyone likes it or items that are only for the mystery bag. 

I didn't want to go into too many details on what products I received because I want to explain each month in its own post. Plus this explanation is really long but if you know me, you know that's normal for me. =) 

So what nail polish subscription should you get? Obviously Rainbow Honey.

And the final rough estimate of the value of the free/gifted items I received with my $100(it was just under that and $60ish is for me) is $54. 

I wasn't compensated, paid or coerced to write this blog post. It is all 100% my opinion and my math. If you disagree or feel that my math is wrong, you can let me know your disagreements in the comments but please keep the wrong math to yourself. That would hurt my feelings. Lol. Also they will have no idea I wrote this unless they stumble upon it themselves. 

If you've read this whole thing, I <3 you.

My 41 products. I tried to keep it as secreative as I could, haha. My 42nd product is being used in the bathroom so it's missing from the picture. Also, also also. One more thing.

The end. <3


My back hurts.

I've been off work the past two days but now my back hurts and I don't even know why. We cleaned up the porch today and bought some stuff for it. We rearranged things so that we can maybe buy a shelving unit for out there so that we can store stuff. We also want to put the kitchen type appliances out there but we would need a cover for the toaster. But I didn't do a lot out there so I don't know why my back hurts. I am really sleepy right now though so I'm going to cut this short so I can shower and get ready for bed now.


Rainbow Honey!!!

i can't believe I haven't posted anything about Rainbow Honey yet. They are an indie nail polish company and they offer a subscription "mystery bag". There are two sizes. Mini is $10 and you pay shipping so I think it comes out to roughly $13-$15? The large is $25 and has free shipping. I've signed up for the large one and have received the past 3 months and I loooooove it. I love their products and love that I get a surprise in the mail every month. The value for the mystery bags far exceeds what you pay. For mine I get about $35-$45 worth of stuff I think?? They send 6 things each month. Polish and other body care items.

September- 3 bottles of nail polish, a lotion in Pomme rouge scent, a hand soap in Pomme rouge and a body balm also in Pomme rouge. The nail polishes are $10 each so right there is $30.

October- 2 polishes, base coat, hand/body soap in Sweet November scent, roller ball perfume in Sweet November scent and a lip balm in some orange chocolate flavor.

November- 2 polishes, cuticle oil, hand sanitizer and perfume oil all in Frozen Flame scent and a lemon honey lip balm.

I'll have to post pictures later on and give a review of what I've used so far.



I have a bunch of Sinful Colors nail polish (over 70 by now) and I'm thinking I could start comparing similar colors. I own a bunch of their colors that look almost identical to their other colors but then also some of their colors are dupes for other brands of polishes.

And the other thing I'd like to try to do with Sinful Colors is show what my favorite layering options are for colors and glitters. Sometimes I see pictures and I just think oh wow... That glitter top coat would have looked a thousand times better with a different base. So I would show several manicures in a post with maybe 2 creams and 2 or 3 glitters and show how they all look together.

For those two plans, I want it to be done with all Sinful Colors. But I do have a ton of other brands or polishes but I might try to bring them into the mix (mix being the blog!) somehow.

What would you like to see? 3 different posts in a week about this. Day 1: comparing Sinful's to each other? Day 2: showing how Sinful cremes and Sinful glitters look together? Day 3: something with other brands... Like showing possible dupes or what Sinful colors work well with other brands?

It's all just floating around in my head. My right hand nails are growing very well but I just broke the left pinky nail really badly (there was blood involved) and another nail is broke right now (I'm trying to repair it until it's past the finger) and I don't know if I'll want to photograph my left hand anytime soon but I can photograph my right hand just fine.

So let me know what you would like to see, I'm excited to see ideas.


Sort of back.

This is awesome.

If you like books and the song All About the Bass, you'll love this.



I'm taking a break from the Internet for a while. I'll still look but I'm not going to post. My Facebook though will be deleted.


Manic Mondays.

This could be about my MANICures or it could be about MANIC moods. Or both. 

We'll go with several manicure pictures that haven't been posted on here.

Here's some red from.... Day 1 of a 31 day nail challenge I never did. 

The idea there did not turn out the way I wanted. 



I need to write about this:

And this:

This too:

Maybe one day.


Big Lots softlips haul and a surprise in the mail!

The other day I was at work and needed some lip balm. I went to go buy my favorite kind, Softlips and we apparently had stopped selling them. I ended up buying Chapstick Mixstix and another Chapstick dual ended chapstick but I didn't like either of them. I didn't have my regular fruity or vanilla softlips lip balm because they had all melted in the car or had just disappeared during the move. As luck would have it... I ended up at Big Lots the following day...

Here's what I bought:

The jellybean one came in a single pack and was also a dollar like the flavor fusions up there. 

I went to another Big Lots today and bought 2 more packs for backups. I bought another jellybean and the combo pack of vanilla and birthday cake. I thought about buying the sugar cookie and cherry one too but decided 9 lip balms were good enough and I just need to remember not to leave them in the car anymore. 

Last Monday I received a small package in the mail from my dad. I had no idea what he had sent me but I was excited. I opened it up and there were a bunch of keys in it. I love skeleton keys and my dad had gone through his trinket box and found the keys and sent them to me. There was 4 skeleton keys and 1 key shaped keychain from NC. 

The large one at the end is now on my necklace. 

Oh and here's 2 pictures I took at Big Lots today showing all the lip balms they have.

I'm still tempted to go back and get some more backups. $1 and $1.50 for them is a great price. They're normally $3.99 for a single pack. I think I also want to get the strawberry and banana combo up there. I do like strawberry I'm just hesitant about the banana part. I'm also sorry they're so blurry, they were taken with my phone.