I need to repurchase the velvetfrogg domain. I need to start blogging again. I have a computer now. I can take better pictures with the camera and upload and write on the computer and I can edit the look of the website easier. Like adding a social media widget. I can't do it on an iPad. Maybe now you can but two years ago I couldn't. I need a second job and I need to sell some things online. If I can start bringing home extra money it can go towards my credit card debt.

Okay I think it's time for me to put the iPad down. My eyes are finally ready to close.


Ug I'm sick.

There's been a few times where I randomally throw up. This time I almost did then I didn't and had diarrhea instead. I have to work tomorrow and if I don't then I lose my holiday pay. I don't know why it's happening though. One of the other tenants smokes and I can smell it in my apartment and it makes me nausea but I can't remember a time I've thrown up. But whole time that could be now.

Plus my day sucked. Friends, family and my own depression caused it.


New computer.

My dad bought me a computer for my birthday and one of the things I want to do with it, is get back into writing blog posts and be able to actually my blog design. Before I was very limited on what I could do because I was using an iPad. I couldn't even figure out a way to add a widget for social media using the iPad but now I shouldn't have any problems. The other thing the computer is for is so that I can use it as my TV too. I still need to purchase an actual TV that can double as a computer monitor. Right now I'm just using my old monitor and it's fine for using the computer itself to watch shows but our apartment is supposed to have cable TV in it but we don't have a cable box yet so no TV service yet in here. Once I get the cable box and a TV, I can hook my TiVo up and I'll be one happy Tricia.

Some posts that I want to write are:

-bathroom storage ideas.
        -Our bathroom is small. You walk in and to your right is a toilet and a pedestal sink and they're close together and nearly touch the walls on the sides. Across from them is the shower and there's no tub. There's also two doors so I can't even put a hamper against a wall. I want to write a post on what I've done to store things that I can't store in there.
travel toiletries.
        -We're flying to Chicago on July 6th and we're only doing carry on luggage so we have to figure out how to bring enough products that are in liquid form to last us 4 nights and 5 days.

-favorite products.
        -I have a few products that I've been using and love but they're things people might not realize are awesome. I also don't mean cosmetic products or any type of consumable product. I mean like a storage bin or something else you use long term.

I think that's all I've got. So I want to say I'm back finally but no promises. It's been a while since I've typed any sort of blog post on a regular basis.

Any ideas on what you'd like to see here in the future?


An apartment update of sorts....

So I was all hopeful at first that we'd have a nice looking apartment for me to blog about. The opposite happened. The walls are BABY POOP BROWN. Plus they didn't do a good job. They ran out of paint. So you can see the white underneath the first coat of the brown paint. The kitchen cabinets are in need of being repaired. There's water damage to the bottom ones and the uppers are okay, they're just old. There are brown upper and lower cabinets and those are over 30 years old. I THINK they were first installed somewhere in 1979 and then in the 90s when the apartment was built they were installed here. Then there's a newer white cabinet that is just a lower cabinet. It's okay for the most part. It has tile on top and the side/back of it. There are some loose tiles on the side that could probably be fixed easily enough. The ceiling fans and lights are outdated but work for the most part. We have three windows and they all have blinds but one needs to be replaced because it was damaged by the last tenant but J and I bought and installed two new ones for the other windows. There's 12 feet of sliding glass doors and the tracks need to be cleaned out so that the doors slide again. It has vertical blinds and some of them are broken, yellowed and/or have roach poop on them. Sigh. Let's talk about the roach problem now (quickly and then I'll move on)... When we moved in there were so many roaches in the kitchen and bathroom. We got rid of all of them finally. It still scares me to put stuff in any of the kitchen cabinets. I did finally start using the bathroom medicine cabinets though. Then the roaches came back to the bathroom last week. I've been dealing with that again. UUUUUGGGG. My landlady (S) has pest control coming out tomorrow. I won't be here but J will be so that he can let them into the apartment. So moving on. The bathrooms has some damage in the shower that needs to be repaired plus it needs to be repainted, including the doors. There's a couple renting a bedroom on S's side and the man does handy man type stuff so he's been doing a lot around here and I'm going to have him work on things in my bathroom. I'm going to have him just paint everything white again. The front door needs to be painted but I don't know what color because of the house color. The colors I would want don't go with any of the house colors. 

I really want to make the apartment pretty but I don't even know where to start since it actually needs so much love. I figure I can start with the bathroom. I can probably paint the medicine cabinets myself and change out the light switches/covers and outlet and its cover. Then the guy can do the painting of the walls, ceiling and doors and do the tile work that needs to be done. I want to buy a new light and he can switch it out. Also I'm supposed to have a new faucet installed BUUUUUUUT S's daughter brought over a bathroom sink that S wants to try to install in my bathroom. It's a round copper sink and is really fancy and I have no idea if it would work. It would need some sort of base for it plus we would need to create some sort of countertop with it. If we used it, that would change all of the other updates I would do in there. I like silver as my metal color but I'm not going to mix silver with copper. So we'll see. 

I've got to go work on some more laundry and some other things. Olivia (oh my god, I need to make a post about her!!!) is at the vets today getting spayed and I can pick her up from 330-5 and S is taking me. I'll take some photos of the apartment and post them as before pictures. Maybe, it all looks so bad that I'm not sure if I can handle people seeing the apartment.