I am bored.

But I don't want to do anything. I didn't do anything all day. I feel lazy. Though I did the laundry last night. I just didn't put any of it away today like I wanted. I could go on and on about all the things I wanted to do today but didn't do. I won't though. 

J is sleeping. Has been since 8pm. We've been watching the Veronica Mars show because I've never seen it and there's a movie now. He turned his movie off and said he was going to sleep and that I could watch it but I didn't want to watch it without him. Even if he has seen it already. 

I think we're going to move one of our white cube shelves into here. It'll fit where my Helmers sit at. J said we could put them on top of the shelf but I dont know. The one that holds all my polish is really heavy. I could put it on top of the dresser though and then the other one could sit on the shelf? It just has supplies in it. It would give us more storage space if we moved it in here. 

My nails look all ugly now. I am so brutal with my nails at work. My thumb nails are breaking. They both have breaks at the ends of my fingers. I have no idea what the technical names are for anything. Haha. I thought about putting fake nails on. They look so pretty and I can usually get 2 weeks out of them before I need to remove them. But then I'm stuck with the French manicure look for 2 weeks and I usually change my nail polish every other day. Maybe tomorrow I'll do that. We'll see. 

PS. Need a new blog to read?

Then you should read I love it. Her and her husband have spent the past few years building their house and are now moved into it finally. And the wife has been writing about the whole process and she writes about other stuff too. Organization. Life. Whatever. But lately her posts are about decorating her house. And omg, I wish I had their money. I loooooove almost everything she's done in the house though. The kitchen, the pool, her daughters' bathroom, their bedrooms... Her laundry room, her office... It's all so.. Lovely. Lol. Read it, even though she's spending a ton of money to decorate it, she posts links to what she's buying or has bought and they have the prices, she never comes out and says how much she's spent on anything. She doesn't throw it around that they have money. 

Kreasy is farting. Good night. For real.

I'm off work tomorrow!!!!!!

Well today really I suppose. I gave Kreasy his flea medicine on Sunday I think.

My dad's birthday is Monday. J and I are going to try to go there Saturday and take my dad out for a meal. It's his 60th birthday and I feel really bad that nothing was planned for it. I bought him 6 birthday cards and am sending him one a day. I also bought him an amazon gift card with $60 on it for his 6th card. I've sent 2 cards out already and the 3rd one is in the mailbox and that one is signed from me and J! 

I'm almost caught up on laundry! I was expecting to spend my whole day off doing laundry. Cause that's what I usually end up doing. But I've done 3 loads tonight. First was my pink work shirts. I've started washing them by themselves. I like detergent that smells good but J is allergic so I use smelly detergent with my pink shirts. I used to wash the first two I had with everything else and they're kind of dingy looking now and I think the dyes from other stuff dyed my shirts a little. So I'm trying to keep my pink shirts pink. Lol. My 2nd load was towels and they're dry and folded already. But are sitting in a cardboard box right now until tomorrow when I figure out where to put them. Theeeeeeeeeen all our clothes are in the dryer right now. They're not dry yet so that sucks. I told J to check on them when he gets up. I'm tired, it's been a long day so I give up! 

Tomorrow I'll have to put them all away and I still want to try to wash some of our bedding but at least our important stuff is clean. Except with our clothes and towels from today I think I have another load of laundry there.

It never ends. Okay, so that was the most boring post ever. How about some pictures?????

Here's my new journal. I love it. I should be ready to use it in about 15 pages. 

A nail polish at KMart I want to buy. 

Here's some of my most recent nail polishes I've worn....

Keys. When my dad was in town Saturday he bought me the key stuff. Tray is world market and goes with the other one I have. The tape and stickers are from hobby lobby. 

Why is everyone on my side of the bed tonight? I require space, yo!!! 


So yeah....

Sylar just ate a can of cat food. I hope he doesn't throw up now. I also need to remember he got his flea medicine today.... The 27th.


Future dream house.

Everyone wants their kitchen and living room to be open and to be able to be with the family while doing kitchen work. Well eff that. I want my kitchen to be enclosed and to have doors that can be closed so that no pets can go in the kitchen. I would prefer a window over the sink instead of being able to see into the living room. At my apartment, I had a window over the sink and it was great being able to see outside while washing dishes. I usually can't hear anything while the water is running so being able to see/hear the tv isn't important nor is trying to converse with people. The enclosed kitchen would also be an eat in kitchen. I think a really fancy kitchen could still be done. Ideally for me, it would be large and be able to have a couple of people in there at once moving around... With a area large enough for a table and chairs. The sink would have a nice big window. There would be French doors from the kitchen into the house. So that there is light going from room to room and that would also make it seem more open. But everything could still be closed off from pets. I hated having the cats get on the counters. I hated all the hair everywhere. I hated having to clean everything top to bottom and kicking the cats outside or into the garage so that I could cook. I hated staring at a wall to wash dishes.

One day I will build and design my own house.


My nail polish stash?

I think I want to type up all the nail polishes I own. But I want to do them as pages that can be clicked at on either the side or top of my blog. I know how to do that on Wordpress but don't know how to do that on here. I'll have to look around. I made a written version of my list before we moved so I'll type it from there. Then I'll do a list of my new polishes. I've bought a lot since we moved in here. Just this week I've bought 12 bottles. Well 13 if you count the clear top coat I bought today. It's from Dollar Tree and it's the same brand and has the same qualities as my favorite top coat does but the ingredients are different so I wanted to try it and see how they compare.

Insert subject here.

I have so much to write about! Except I haven't been in a writing mood. I also have pictures I want to post too. Maybe Saturday. Or Thursday. J is working with his dad now but he won't be making as much money as he was with wag so that's kind of sad for us. And it means I need to figure out another way to bring in income. I want to start selling stuff online and work on making my blog look prettier to try to generate more money from it. If I had my computer hooked up, I could try to set up an account on deviantart and see if I can try to sell photographs on there. I doubt anyone would ever buy anything but hey, as long as it doesn't cost me money to have listings up, then I don't care if nothing ever happens. But all my good photos are on my computer so that won't be happening for a while. Some of them might be on FB or on my wag account online but eh, so much work. Lol. Ideally blogging is what I want to do. So I need to work on that. But I don't want to focus on just one thing like nail polish or DIY. I want to do both and lifestyle and book reviews or everything under the sun. 


It's been a while.

Not yet a month though so I'm good. Lol. I'm in the process of doing laundry and doing my nails. So while my glue base coat dries, I decided I'd write. J quit his job. But his would have been store manager called him and asked him to come back. He said yes and she said she'd call him the next day. Then nothing. No calls. No texts. Nothing. I wish she'd text him at least saying she's still working on getting him back in the system. We got his profit sharing money and we've been paying stuff off. I paid off one of my credit cards and put a large chunk of "my" money towards my other credit card. I still have some left and am not sure if I'll pay off my dr ER bill or pay the ER bill off and then put the remaining money towards something else. 

We went and bought a new wireless fence system because the other one was losing power to the base unit and if the base unit doesn't have power then the collar doesn't work. We set it up and we messed around with the boundaries and finally got it set so that he has a large area to run in but is still within the yard. We took him out there on the leash and walked him to the flags I seat up out there and when it beeped he did come back inside the safe area. We walked around and he seems to have some sort of understanding of how it works. He got a lot of cheese in the process. Lol. We opened the dog door on the porch door so we'll see how it goes now. 

Work has been okay. A lot of frustration lately though. But that happens every so often. 

My glue base is almost dry. Time to paint!