Pahlish nail polish.

Pahlish is an indie nail polish company that I stumbled upon s few weeks ago. I love the mystery polishes the best. Every month there's a collection of polishes she sells for $11-13 I think. Then every so often she releases older polishes on I think Sunday. I'm not sure of her releasing habits. But I do know that once in a while, she'll sell some mystery polishes and those were $6.50 when I bought my first two but the third order was $7 each. I've placed two orders with them so far and the packaging is great. The envelopes are purple!! I love purple. 

The above picture was my first order and I'd like to add right now that both of these orders came really quickly. I want to say within a week? The purple shade is a mystery color ($6.50) and just has a question mark on the bottom. Then the green ($11) was the one I really really really wanted but I was disappointed by it instead. =(  It's called The Dawn Patrol  and I thought it was going to be more of a pretty teal aqua color. But I got a color that is more hunter green to me. I'm still not sure what to think of the color. I also decided I'd just keep ordering mystery colors bc you can't get disappointed that it doesn't match the blog photos since there wouldn't be any!!

Then my second order I got 3 mystery polishes but two of them had names as you can see. I wore Dwemer and it has small rainbow flakes in it but I wish they were bigger and/or more of them so that you could actually get a bunch on your nails. I haven't tried the other colors. But I need to paint my nail this weekend so maybe I'll try one of them. Unless I get polish in the mail from one of my subs. I didn't get tracking for my RH bag but other girls have. So it could just show up soon. 

Here's a link if you want to look at her colors, they change often! I don't even remember to look when she changes sometimes. Like a few weeks ago there was a really pretty white polish with blue glitter/flakes maybe in it and I was going to go against my new mystery only policy and buy that one but I missed the release date and then when I went back it was gone and new colors were in the place.

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