It's 7 days in and I want to decorate for Halloween!!!! But I don't know where my decorations are. I wonder if J will open the trailer so I can see if we can get to my Halloween tote at all. 

And I don't know if I mentioned this yet. When we go to Orlando this month, we're going to Seaworld!!!!! Finally J says we can go. 

On our way home from work tonight he said we should try taking a vacation in February. And that we needed to think of a place..... I suggest Washington DC and he said he was just going to suggest it. So that's where we're going. Now we need to find out what do we want to do, how close everything is and if we can get a hotel close enough to where we might not need our car as much. I know DC has a subway so we could give that a try too! 

So if you've ever been to Washington DC, let me know and let know me know too what did you like, where did you eat, what didn't you like, what should you have skipped, what was more fun for adults than for kids? We don't have kids so things that aren't fun for kids but fun for adults is okay. Let me (us) know all the details!!!

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