July's Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey

I am going to start this off right away and say I wasn't impressed with this bag and I didn't really like it. It feels like the October bag to me. Very BLAH. I had already seen the spoilers so I knew what was coming.

I switched my bag to the mini this month. It's $13 with shipping and it's still a great value. The minis sell for $5 each so $15 in nail polish plus the extras. I didn't take pictures of the names but it's Summer Tan, Calama and Costa Dorada. The Pomelo body spray is a new scent but in an already existing form. Pomelo was in cuticle oil form in the April bag and I loved it. I was hoping they would release more products in that scent. They did! There's a whole collection that is available for pre sale right now. It gets released in August. I would buy the cuticle balm but they didn't make it in this scent. =( the Shea butter is unscented and its unexciting that way. I don't like all their scents but it's still fun to find out if I do or not. The final product is the sweet mandarin lip scrub. The scent is new and they've sent out a few lip scrubs this year in mystery bags (January. Valentine's Day and April) and sold it in April for the first time. I don't use lip scrubs but I was hoping I would like the scent so that if something is released later on, I could buy it. But the scent is so weak, I can hardly smell anything so I can't tell if I like it or not. But I'm going to say I don't because something that weak shouldn't be scented then. 

I like Calama and Pomelo this month. 

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