The fifth Rainbow Honey order.

 My 5th order was in March and that was the month that I skipped the subscription. So I included the March mystery bag in my order.

The first group is the large mystery bag, the second group was my other part of what I ordered, the third group are the free items that come with every large order and the fourth group were my freebies just for ordering.

Here's a comparison photo of the March mystery bags. The nail polish colors were Kozmic Blue, Lemon Honey, Crystal Sword and the nail care/body care products were Tea Biscuit scented top coat, Rose Macaron solid perfume and Petit Four perfume oil. The 3 scented items were sneak peeks at the scents for the La Patissiere collection that was released on April 18th. Part of what I ordered in April included nail polishes from this collection but I wasn't a fan of the scents so I didn't order any of those. I sort of like Rose Macaron but I only opened the mini one and probably won't open the large. 

Konpeito! $10 value (but was the March LE color so it was free with my order. March is their birthday month and 2015 was their third birthday and every year they release a nail polish color for this and this was the color for 2015)
Kitsune $7 (part of the original The Yokai collection from 2012)
Bakeneko $7 (part of The Yokai collection but this was new to 2014, there were 3 new colors added to this collection in 2014)
Deep Heart Sea $10 (this was originally in a mystery bag from July 2014 and was released as part of the Hearts collection from February 2015)
Cutie Pie mini $5 (part of the Sweet Talk collection)
Lovebug mini $5 (part of the Sweet Talk collection)
Be Mine mini $5 (part of the Sweet Talk collection and I now have all 6!)

Keep Believing cuticle oil $8 or $12 value (this was free with my order and this scent is on sale for $8 but cuticle oils are generally $12)
Lemon Sorbet scented top coat $6 (this was released in a bliss set and I liked the scent in January so I ordered the top coat, I already have the lip balm, lip scrub, soap and the scented nail polish)

Here is a swatch of Konpeito! over Zoya... I can't remember the name of this black creme. But I love love LOVE Konpeito! It's similar to the polish they released March 2014 but I think this one is a thousand times better. It has mini baby stars versus bigger stars in 2014's All My Stars and it had a mix of bright and pastel stars and larger circles and squares whereas Konpeito! has all pastel stars, smaller squares and smaller hexes. I love it. I ordered a backup in my April order.
I have a Wet N Wild star polish that has the bigger star polish and is silver and it was a huge pain in the butt getting those stars on. I had to dab them all on there whereas with Konpeito! I always had stars on my brush. My first swipe had just one star but after that it was multiple stars. 

This is the Sweet Talk entire nail polish collection.

Lovebug, XOXO, Cutie Pie, Be Mine, My Girl and Sweet Talk.

Sweet Talk

My Girl 

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