Here's some pictures of our porch. First I'll show ones I took last year, then I'll show what it looked like today before and then I'll show my progress picture. I won't call it an after yet because there are still boxes I want to get rid of. And I want to sweep. 

June 2014:

April 25th 2015 before:

Then here is how the porch looks currently. 
April 25th 2015:

That stack of four boxes... Will be gone next weekend. Maybe I'll even deal with the big box by the sliding glass door. 

Things I want to do still?


-Get rid of the five boxes. 3 can go in the recycling bin next weekend. Then there are 2 that have stuff in them. I could probably put the smaller boxes content into the big one. 

-Put my computer chair out there and a table possibly. I want to be able to sit out there and read a book or paint my nails. I know my computer chair is easy to get to but I don't know if my old desk is easy to get to. The computer chair was a gift from my dad in 2001 and now it's dirty but I'm thinking I can get it clean enough to sit on. I probably won't bring it to our future new place (whenever that is). 

-Wash the blankets and put them in the closet and in the barn. There's 2 out there and I want the thinner one in the closet and the quilt in the barn. 

-Try to get rid of the duffel bag and yugioh cards. That's J's job though. 

-And finally I want to clean the plant table and the surrounding area. I want to get new soil and give my plants some fresh soil and some fertilizer. And maybe buy one or two more plants. I have that big purple planter available (the plant is just sitting in there in its own planter) and then I have 2 pink planters in the barn. I might put the palm tree into the bigger purple planter to see if it grows bigger. 

So those are my plans for the porch this spring! 

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