My 4th Rainbow Honey order.

This order was placed in Feburary. I still have March and April before I'm caught up. And I haven't received my April order yet, it was just shipped Saturday. 

I can't find my order slip from this month so I'm going to look on the RH website. I ordered:

Summer Juice cuticle balm $4 (but then I found out that Pomme Rouge [my favorite scent] cuticle balms were still being sold and also for $4 so I emailed to switch it out)
Sweet Talk cuticle balm $5 (this was part of the Sweet Talk collection that was released in February)
Two Pomme Rouge cuticle balms $4 value (I had asked to just switch it but Carolyn sent me two of them as part of my gift with this order)
Tiny Ruby mini $5 (this was part of the Summer of 199x collection)
Sweet Talk mini $5 (Part of the Sweet Talk collection and the polishes were all rereleased whereas the body care products were new this year, this collection has 6 polishes)
XOXO mini $5 (Sweet Talk collection)
My Girl mini $5 (Sweet Talk collection)
Tessellate $7 (this was in the Last Call section but I don't remember what collection it was from)
My Love $10 (this was a LE from 2014? And was rereleased in a Hearts collection which consisted of 5 polishes, 2 rereleases, 2 from previous mystery bags and 1 new one)
Heartless $10 value (this is the new one for the Hearts collection and was the February LE one that was free with orders $50 or more)
Tessie $5 but this bottle is $10 value (this is also from The Summer of 199x collection and I already have a full size bottle but I love this color so I wanted a backup and ordered a mini but was gifted a FS)
Kawako $7 (this was from a collection called The Yokai and was part of the original 3 colors from 2012)
Fire spring $7 (part of The Summer of 199x collection I now have 7 of this collection and the 3 missing are Lanterns, Lumine Hall and Pink Cloud)

My order total was $65 so I also got the February mini mystery bag as a gift which is a $10 value. So with my $65 order I received $32 worth of free product, I'm counting the upgrade on Tessie. The mini bag value was $15 for polishes and $15 for the body care products I think. I'm including a picture of the FULL SIZE mystery bag because I don't have a picture of the mini. I just wanted to remind people which bag it was. 

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