Rainbow Manicure using almost all Rainbow Honey polishes and one SinfulColors polish.

I couldn't decide on what color I wanted to paint my nails so I came up with the idea of a rainbow. I started picking colors out of my stash and I know there's 7 colors in the true rainbow but I have 10 nails so some colors had to be duplicated. I painted them quickly and only used one coat of base coat and one coat of top coat. I normally do two of base and two or three of top. I think this was a huge mistake on my part. Details later on. 

Here's my right hand. Pinky is RH Crimson nebula (Feburary). Ring is RH Fire spring. Middle is RH Lemon Honey (March bag!!!). Index is RH Tayabak. Thumb is RH mint flavor. 

Left hand. Thumb is Sinful Colors savage. Index is RH Kozmic Blues (March bag!!!). Middle is RH zi (October bag). Ring is RH Tsukimi (February bag). Pinky is RH Apple kid.

My thoughts? I love how this looks. But having one coat caused some chipping so my plan was to redo them when I got home. BUT THEN THIS HAPPENED. 

I was freaking out because I thought for sure there was going to be blood like there was in October and I think in December. I thought the biotin was helping. And I've been using multiples coats of base and top but I was hurrying to go to bed that night. I didn't do that this time so I'm blaming it on that, lol. I thought about trying to save it but it was broke so far back I decided it would be safer to just cut it short. That way the rest of it couldn't have a chance to also break and possibly break the skin. It's going to grow back at different lengths but as soon as I can cut it to one length, I will. 

Surprise favorites for me are Tayabak and Zi. When I got Zi I loved the color in the bottle and I still do. I just never have liked purple polishes on me. I wore this color last year and didn't love it. But I love it right now in the rainbow nails. I think it works great as a violet shade. Tayabak. I bought this because I thought it was going to be more neon green and J loves neon green. I buy green polishes for him but then never wear them, I've never liked how they look on me. I love blues and pinks on me. So when I got the bottle, it wasn't what I expected. I was disappointed and never even tried it on the nail. I tried it out and love how it looks on me. I'll definitely try it out in future manicures. Still not sure about Zi though, lol. I might just save it for when I do rainbow nails again. 

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