Sometimes I'm cold.

Most of the time my body is comfortable or cold. Comfortable is great, you know. Cold is fine too. I can just cover up and I'm great then too. But then sometimes I get painfully too cold or painfully too hot. I rarely am "comfortably warm or hot."

When I'm too hot, I get migraines and then I throw up. I do not like it when I get too overheated. I've been at work and stood in the walk in cooler to cool down because throwing up is bad. Like I can walk around outside in the heat and can be fine (most of the time). But if I'm in a hot house, my body just reacts badly. I guess when I'm outside in the heat, I'm usually active and my body temperature might not get as high, whereas if I'm sitting still and it's hot, my body temperature might get too high. 

Then sometimes my body is just so cold, I can feel it in the bones and it hurts. I'm like that tonight. Last night too. I was in the shower last night for about 30 minutes just standing under hot water and kept turning it up. I couldn't get myself to warm up. And tonight, same thing. The cold felt like it was in my bones. The house AC blows on me, on my side of the bed and it doesn't stop until about 9 or 10 pm so I got cold quickly and the AC wouldn't stop. The AC kicked off finally. But I never took the blanket off, I took my arms out from underneath the blanket. Then J got hot since the house AC wasn't on and the room AC wasn't on. So I turned it on and then realized it is also blowing right on me. I fixed that. I turned it to face him. Lol. 

I think the extremes bother me so much because of the fibromyalgia. 

I have my 6th RH (rainbow honey) order to blog about. I'll try to take better pictures tomorrow. I'm also going to take pictures of the stuff I want to sell or swap for. Like all the lotions, lip balms, lip scrubs, cuticle oils and balms and scented top coats. I have prices already in mind. And I just sold a polish to someone who I ordered two things from. I've got to print her shipping/tracking label. We'll see how bad I fail at this. 

I need sleep..

And now a cute baby goat! 

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