Hodge podge of Rainbow Honey polishes.

I had tried to do some nail art last night but didn't really like how it looked so I stopped. So I had 8 unpainted nails and would need to remove the nail art before I could paint everything. Today I decided to try out some stuff.

Here's two of the March Mystery Bag colors. The third one appears later. 

That's a blurry picture of Lemon Honey. It's a one or two coater and isn't sheer! 

There's Kozmic Blues, it's going to be in the future Galaxy II set. It's a two or three coater. 

That's Magic Cake over Sinful Colors Snow Me White. Magic Cake is from the Summer of 199x collection. I love that collection and have almost all of the colors now. The 3 that I'm missing are Pink Cloud, Lumine Hall and I Miss You. I really want Pink Cloud and Lumine Hall but could skip I Miss You. It's a glitter topper but with larger shaped glitters in it whereas Pink Cloud and Lumine Hall are colors that can be worn alone. The colors I have in the collection are The Kraken (love and need a 2nd bottle), Mint Flavor (I also might need a 2nd of this one), Tessie (I have 2 full size bottles of this), Magic Cake, Fire spring, Apple Kid (might need a 2nd but I have lots of similar pinks so I could skip that lol) and Tiny Ruby (this is the only one I bought a mini of because I'm not a huge fan of red). Magic Cake is.... Idk. It's a neon metallic glitter topper. I thought that it was green glitter in a clear base but when I got my bottle, the green looked yellow and the base is tinted. I don't know if it's because the green/yellow glitter leaked... I can not think of what it's called when this happens. But when I put it on the white polish, it changed the white polish to a dirty looking off white base. But the yellow does look more green now. So I don't know if I like it or not. This was something I was really looking forward to but then wasn't excited when I got it. 

Here is the third March Mystery Bag color, Crystal Sword. The one in the middle. It's a pink base with lots of glitter. There's bar, hexes, squares and then butterflies in it. The ring finger is Crystal sword by itself and then I wanted to try it out on top of two different pinks. The pinky finger is the light pink from the Valentine's Mystery Bag called Lady In Pink and the middle finger is Apple Kid. 

Here is Crystal Sword over them. The ring finger was two coats, mainly to get more glitter on there and I dabbed the butterfly on there. The middle finger has one coat and I didn't dab the butterfly on then. The base of Crystal Sword is lost over Apple Kid which is nice because then you get the color of Apple Kid with the glitter from Crystal Sword. The pinky also has one coat of Crystal Sword and it changes the base color completely here and I like how this looks compared to Crystal Sword by itself. 

There's my attempt at nail art. Moving on. I put My Love over Lemon Honey and one of my nail art fingers. My Love has a golden shimmer and is perfect for Lemon Honey I think. I got 4 hearts on my brush with my first try. I went with 3 on the index finger and put the fourth one on my middle finger. Then I dipped the brush just to get some of the shimmer and glitter onto the nail. The colors I used was Tessie as a base then I used a fan brush dipped in Sinful Colors Pistache and Garden Party to try to recreate a look I had seen on another bloggers page but the colors didn't work I don't think. 

Buuuuuuuut then I put Deep Heart Sea over the ring finger and now it reminds me of an underwater scene with the green looking like seaweed. I don't have a picture of that yet because I didn't make that connection until now. Plus I was just trying to get lots of glitter on my nail and trying to get the base of Deep Heart Sea on the nail that most of the green polish seaweed is lost. Oops. 

I didn't put any top coat on these nails because I plan on removing it all so that gives me an opportunity to give an opinion on the smoothness factor of all the glitters I tried out. For the most part everything is smooth enough that it's not completely annoying and probably wouldn't snag on stuff. The hearts and butterflies aren't even sticking up anywhere that I can find. I would still use top coat on everything because I love the ultra smooth feel of top coat plus I'm super rough on my nails when I'm at work. 

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