April's Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey.

I just got my April mystery bag and I am so excited for it that I am already posting reveal pictures. I think Rainbow Honey knocked it out of the park this month. At least in my opinion since I actually love everything. 

Even the paper and sticker designs are super cute.

And it's the same design that is on the packaging for the lip scrub and lip balm. 

Blue color is called Delphine, purple is eidolon and the glitter is thistle tresses. The cuticle oil is called pomelo and it's citrus scented. It reminds me of grapefruit. 

I love the colors, I love the scent of the cuticle oil and I love the scent of the lip balm and lip scrub. I will definitely wear the blue and the glitter polish way more than once and might even wear the purple polish one or two times. I also think the glitter polish will go great over both colors.

I really need to get batteries for the camera. 

The colors and the cuticle oil descriptions don't say anything about when/if they'll be released in the future. But the melon fizz ones do. They say that it's a fruity taste of a new line, inspired by summer drinks coming soon. I think that January's Dirty Mintini will also be a part of this summer drinks line. I guess we'll see. 

The mystery bag featured in this post was their full size bag and it's $25 a month, including the shipping. There is also a mini size bag that is $10 a month plus $3 for shipping. Or the mini bag can be free with purchases of $65. 

And now?? I have to go and remove my rainbow manicure to try out April's polishes. 

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