March's Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey.

April's mystery bag is almost here. Well it hasn't shipped yet but there's a shipping label created so now I can track it whenever it starts going places.

I got the March bag late because I canceled it because I didn't think I'd get my money in the bank on time. So when the store reopened in March they were having a birthday celebration for their third birthday. There was a 25% off with a code so I bought a lot of stuff of course. I'll post those full details another time. But the mystery bag was part of my order so the $25 went towards my goal of getting to $65 so I could get free shipping, free limited edition (which is gorgeous) and a free mini mystery bag from the current month (March...). So that made it easier to get to $65. 

Onto the pictures!

Here's a picture of both of the mini bags. Large is on the left (left looking at the picture) and the mini is on the right. Everything in this bag has different sizes for both bags this month. In the past the mini bag has received full size base coat and full size cuticle oil. The cuticle and lip balms are always the same size so that's a nice thing too about the mini bags. 

The colors are Kozmic Blues, Lemon Honey and Crystal Sword.
There's a scented top coat in Tea Biscuit scent. The rollerball perfum is Petit Four. The solid perfume is Rose Macaron. 

There's the letter that explains everything. 

I don't think I like the Petit Four scent but I haven't opened it yet and applied it. My small one leaked a little bit so I just smelled it that way. I cleaned everything up and it doesn't seem to leak now so maybe it was from the lab, like if another was leaking. 

I think I could like the Rose Macaron scent and I looooove the idea of solid perfumes in balm form. I used to have a perfume balm when I was like 11 years old and I loved that thing. I carried it around with me for years. I probably still have it to this day (20 years later, give or take a few). It was some teeny bopper type scent. Lol. I've always wanted more solid perfumes. Spray perfumes seem to bother me so much but the roller balls and solids don't seem to have that effect on my allergies. I opened the small one and kept the large one sealed. Maybe one day I'll put my extras on eBay. 

Tea Biscuit. Eh. This is very bland to me. I barely can smell anything with it. Both the top coat and the cuticle balm I have in that scent. I like Petit Four better than this. 

As for the colors? I think I'm going to love them. I'm using two of them in my manicure right now actually! Here's some random swatches I did. 

Kozmic Blues

Lemon Honey

Crystal Sword. 

Here's a link of a blog post where I showed my pictures of my nails from the day I tried them with an explanation of the base coats I used with Crystal Sword and how many coats I did. 

This bag was the large and mini. The large is $25 including shipping. The mini is $10 and shipping is $3. I normally have a subscription to the large but I ordered them both at the same time. Well I ordered the large and the mini was gift with purchase. 

Do you subscribe? What do you think of the March mystery bag? How do you like the perfume balm vs the solid perfume in a tin? I definitely think the balm is better!

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