We're going to start a huge organization project over the summer and I am very excited for it. It'll take us a long time to finish it, if we ever do. BUT..... We have a plan and here it is.

We packed our stuff up in January 2014 in boxes and some are labeled and others are not. We packed everything up without knowing that it would all be packed into a barn and that we would need later access to everything. So now boxes are open and then boxes are on top of other boxes and so there's boxes that are caving in. I don't know if things are getting broken or not. I also know there's stuff I can throw away. Stuff I was going to throw away last year but it ended up getting moved with us. I found a box the other day that had bathroom items in it. Some of that stuff has expiration dates on it. I'm sure I could throw those away. Some of it I could be using right now and save money that way. 

So once we're a little caught up on bills (we're completely maxed out right now on credit cards, I paid our phones late last month and we have no money for food right now) so yeah.... J's first paycheck will be on the 19th and so it'll be about 6 weeks before we're a little caught up. Once that happens, we want to buy storage containers and repack our stuff. I don't know what color of tote (or size) I want for books but I want all my books to have the same color tote. I want each room to have its own color. Well at least kitchen stuff should have its own color. My holiday stuff are in totes right now. But they don't match. I have halloween in a Halloween tote (purple and black) but christmas is in two different color totes and they're not christmas colors either. I don't think. One of them could be I suppose? But I want the Christmas ones to match. I want J's stuff to have one color or two. He could do movies and video games in color and then collectible stuff in one color. He could even do Hulk items in green and the other stuff in a 4th type of tote. He has other collectible/decorative items. Like his golf balls and our collection of shot glasses. 

We also want to clean out a barn stall and start stacking the totes on one side of it. Maybe also we can rearrange our furniture. Well the furniture that we have left. Two of our couches were throw away last month. Huge sad face here. Our pool table is probably going to be too damaged to keep by the time we move. So yeah.... We might try to organize that too so that maybe furniture is all in one stall and then we can put the totes in there. If we run out of room, we can start putting totes into the other stall.

Of course I'll take pictures!! I'll also have a list of what's in the totes. Maybe in a separate post so that if you want to read my lists, you can. But if it bores you, you could skip it. I just want to create an online list so that I know what everything is. 

It's time for bed. I'm waking up at 7 am and I am not even effing tired. This is what happened Saturday night and I took a 2nd sleeping pill! I got 3 hours of sleep that night. I hate hate hate my body.

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