My teeth hurt. I need some mouth wash. And I don't know where my little bottle is. Payday is Thursday. I'll be buying a bigger bottle then. 
I might need to schedule a visit to my dentist before my 6 month checkup and cleaning. Sigh. That'll cost me for that visit. 

I just finished reading Sandra Brown's Mean Streak. It's really good, just like the other two books I've read by her. (Kreasy is making cute sounds in his sleep right now!) But it's kind of annoying how the women are falling over themselves into bed with men who they don't know and that seem like they're bad guys in the beginning of the book. All 3 books have had that some loose story line. By the end of the book the men aren't actually bad guys but the women don't know the entire story when they sleep with them. According to J's mom her books are popular at the high school. I'm not sure if the books are popular in the library (she works at the school library) or if the students have just mentioned they like her books. I read stuff like this in high school, stuff even worse but it's still unnerving that high school girls are reading this. I just hope they realize that if they wake up in a strange man's cabin with a concussion and have no memory of how the concussion happened, then they shouldn't end up sleeping with that strange man two days later. Especially if after that two day period, they don't know the guy's name and don't know exactly how they ended up with the concussion and at his cabin. But it was still a good book.

I have to work tomorrow at 2 pm so I should probably go to sleep at some point. 

I don't know what book I want to read next. I still have 4 unread books in here. Along with 5 books I've read that I brought into the bedroom from the barn with the intention of rereading. I have a pile of I read books somewhere, I just don't know where. It's really annoying.

I put glitter on my nails! I am really loving April's mystery bag. Swoon!

I need to do another coat of glitter then top coat then I need to sleep. 

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