A quick before and after!

I was attempting to clean our porch up. I really want to make it useable and to enjoy it out there. I want to put a table and chair out there to watch the sunset, read and do my nails out there. But while I was doing that I found a basket in a box. I used to have this basket in our pantry at our old house. And it's just been sitting in a box for over a year going unused. It's a nice basket! So I brought inside to use on top of our mini fridge. 

There's the basket and the area I wanted to clean up, here's a closer picture of the mess on top of the mini fridge. 

Some of that is garbage (plastic bottles and the receipt) and then the rest is food and food related items. 

Here's the after:

I still want to put a shelf above that area and also hang a paper towel holder up on the wall. The paper towels just keep getting moved around and sitting on valuable real estate. 

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