Rainbow Honey Wednesday Manicure!

So Monday night I was painting my nails. There were so many stupid problems. I paint on a little TV table and I sit under the AC vent. Lately, the AC is almost always on. So the entire time I was painting my nails with Rainbow Honey's Delphine, I was messing up. It was getting stringy and it was clumpy. I finished the first coat. Got to the second and there were dog hairs in the first coat. Then there was marks, dips, nicks, dents, what have you, it happened. There were bugs flying everywhere, including into my face a few times. The table wasn't steady. I guess the legs were stuck in the grout line of the tile and so the table was wobbly when I did not need it to be. I flooded my cuticles a few times because of that. I finished the second coat, put top coat on and called it a day.

Oh!! I also stuck my hand into the brush handle, where it's covered in paint. Got it all over my finger. There's still a dog hair somewhere on a nail.

The next day I painted thistle tresses on it. I loooooove this look.

Both of these nail polishes were in the April mystery bag.

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