3rd Rainbow Honey order.

I think I have seriously only bought 3 brands of nail polish since September. I have bought a TOOOOOOON of RH, some bottles of Loreal's Masked and then 3 bottles of Sinful. It's crazy. 

Oh I bought Zoya in November and January? So 4 brands. 

There's my January order. At the bottom is the Fallen Snow set. It had two polishes (full size), the light blue is Fallen Snow and the glitter is called Icelandia. It has a Fallen Snow perfume oil and Fallen Snow scented top coat (mini). The set also had a mini All Your Base base coat too but it was sent separately. This was $25. 

The 5 full size polishes at the top are: 

-Heisenberg (new feature called the vault where fans submit retired polishes to be brought back and fans chose Heisenberg) $10
-Snow and Lights (same thing as Heisenberg but this was a part of a set of 3 that were LE's from January 2014 originally) $10
-Your Hand in Mine (same as the first 2 I mentioned and was part of the January 2014 trio) $10
-Icelandia (every order of $50 has a free limited edition polish, Fallen Snow was the automatic LE but you could switch it for Icelandia if you wanted and I choose it) $10 value but I got it free.
-Behemoth (this was the third in the Russian Literature theme and the other 2 were the polishes from the December mystery bag) $10

The 2 minis are:

-Diamond Dust $5
-Emerald Weapon $5 value but in January they had a promotion where you could get a free mini using a code

The two items with the heart stickers were gifts with my order. It's a full size Midori cooling gel and a mini Pomme rouge hand soap. Both were items from previous mystery bags. 

And then finally a mini mystery bag from January. $10 value but is free with orders over $65. 

My order was $70 I think and then I got over $25 worth of free items plus the Fallen Snow set was $25 but was worth over $30. It's stuff like that, that keep me going back over and over to Rainbow Honey.

I haven't taken any pictures of the new colors on my nails yet. I just have pictures of Diamind Dust and the January mystery bag colors which are previous posts. Here's a close up I took of the 6 full size colors I bought. Heisenberg, Fallen Snow, Your Hand in Mine, Icelandia, Snow and Lights and Behemoth. Apparently I like blue nail polishes. Okay who am I kidding, I LOVE blue nail polishes and when J proposed with a ring that had sapphires in it, I started having to buy all the blue polishes in the world. 

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