I've been missing, I know, I'm sorry.

I've painted my nails many times, don't worry.. But last night and tonight I started searching for family histories of my family and the family of a lady who owned my grandparents old house. They owned it from 88-94. The lady who owned it was Helen Clyde Lewis Lato. Her parents, the Lewis's built it in 1912. In 1917 helen started keeping a daily diary. She wrote nearly every day from 1917-1954. There are SEVENTEEN diaries that were donated to the Palm beach historical society... And I can go and look at them for 20 dollars a day. I am so doing this. I would love to get to her views on everything on her house, her life, her dancing, her friends and family, maybe her future husband (Anthony j Lato), lake worth, hurricanes, major news events... I can't wait. Maybe over the summer.  

Here's links with a little history of my family;id=2A9293C3-48DC-4FD9-8B44-201110315853;type=301

Awesome. It's time for sleep.

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