The day is over.

I'm in bed which is in Punta Gorda tonight. We've moved nearly everything we own onto J's parents property. Everything is either in the barn or the house. The only things left at the house are my computer chair, the black rugs, the carpet steam cleaner, the vacuum, broom and the garage fridge. Not sure what else is there. Oh the swifter. We'll need to sweep, mop and vacuum the floors. And clean the master bathroom. The yard still needs tending to. I think that's it. We changed the blinds out today. We also cleaned the front bathroom and kitchen and finished packing today. 

The toaster oven is still at the house. My subway cookies are in it. I kept wanting to eat them today but then I would forget about them and each time I thought about it I wasn't near the kitchen. Then at some point I was like oh we're bringing the toaster oven to the house and so I'll eat my cookies there. We all went to dinner, J and I went back to the house and I saw the toaster oven and saw my cookies in there but once again, I was at the moment doing something then I forgot. And now 3 hours later, I'm thinking about my cookies again and they're not here! 

Kreasy isn't happy. He keeps walking out on the porch and doing whatever then coming back inside and walking around. He jumps on the bed and I shoo him off. He'll lay down on the blanket on the floor then get up and walk in circles, lay back down, then get up and go back on the porch and then come back i side and jump on the bed and we repeat. 

He's probably anxious about being in a new place. 

I took my "falling asleep pill" and then I remembered I hadn't taken my "stay asleep pills" yet and I usually take them about 5 hours before I want to go to bed because it takes them that long to sort of make me sleepy... They may or may not make me sleepy but it's not immediate. Then they help me stay asleep for 8 hours (give or take) and can make me groggy when I get up. If I take them earlier then I'm not as groggy and I won't sleep in much. Buuuuuuut I forgot and so I took them around midnight and so I'll probably regret it tomorrow. Lol. I'm off work tomorrow so no big deal. I did take a lower dose than I normally take in the hopes that maybe I won't sleep until 3pm and/or not be groggy. 

I say 3pm because this just recently happened!! It was when J did his two overnights. I was off Saturday and so I stayed up late and I took my normal dose at midnight instead of my normal 6-7pm and then I woke up around 11am and was like blaaaaaaaaaaaaah, sooooo groggy zzzzzzzzzz and I promptly fall back to sleep til 315. !!! 315! 

And good night. 

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