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I just realized I had two posts sitting there as drafts.

Ate my pizza and started watching a show on Hulu and then paused it to look at something on the iPad. And then like 2 hours later, the show is still paused and I've been all over the web! 

I finally painted my nails last night. Brown or neutral or tan or beige. Something like that. It has a shimmer to it. It's a nice enough neutral color but I'm way more into color, bright, happy and glitter. Lots of glitter. It's some random brand called Smootch and the name is Love Letter. 

But now I want to take it off and paint my nails some other color. 

I packed most of my books up last night. I have 9 boxes sitting here. There's some random paperbacks floating around the house that aren't boxed up and then there are 4 heavy hardcover books sitting on top of my bookcase that didn't fit into my boxes. I wouldn't normally put the heavy books into a box but I had so many and I figure that J would be like I can carry it. The last box that I packed is really super heavy. I think even J would say its heavy but I'm sure he'll still pick it up.
There's some of my boxes. Yup, I numbered the boxes. I would probably cry for a day if I lost a box of books. Depending on the box, I might cry for a week! Some of my books are from my moms house when I was a child. The books that were at my dad's house are still at his house all boxed up. Some of the books that were at my moms are really old. A bunch are from the 40s to the 60s and they're all kid books!

Here's a picture of some of the more current books... 

At my dad's I have probably 300 or more books. I have probably close to 300 here. I had 290 at last count but I'm sure I didn't count the ones that weren't on the bookcase at the time. And the majority of the books at my dad's are The Babysitters Club books which I had almost 200 of those and then I had 100 more of everything else. But that's counting all the books I had my entire childhood. I had a ton go golden books and all sorts of other kid books (including the Dr. Seuss books I got Mason!) and then there are the BSC books and other stuff that I read from about 8 years old to 13-15 and then whatever books I got in high school. 

I have to go to the bathroom. I better turn the water on so that I can potty (though there is water in the toilet so I should have 1 flush for each toilet!!!) and brush my teeth and go to bed. 

Here's some other random pictures. 
My rings from the (Coupon code FROGGC10 for 10% off.)

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