New top coat to try?

I might have to try that in the near future. I've been using seche vite for a year now. I'm on my 3rd bottle and while I love the drying time, it does shrink sometimes. I also don't think it works great for when you want to get a few days out of a manicure. Sometimes I don't want to paint my nails every other day. 

And while I'm thinking of ordering stuff, I don't know what I should do for our address change. I don't know how likely it is that we'd find a place to live in the next 5 days but after the 31st, I don't think I should be going to the old address and getting our mail. Maybe I'll change our addresses to J's parents anyways this week just so there won't be problems in the future of lost mail. I can change most stuff online but like my salliemae one I can't because I'm locked out of my account. Lol. 

I need to also go to the post office and mail my pony tail. I'll buy new stamps then too. I think I only bought stamps one time in 2013! And I don't have any that are actually from 2013. They all say 2012 or 2011. So I think I should be allowed to buy new stamps. Lol.

When we move, I want to do a "we moved" photo and make photo cards and mail them to family and friends. 

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